“Tri Your Best” – Inanimate Insanity II

Yin: oh, i'm thirsty. Yang: don't complain to me! Yin: i'm not complaining, its just that there is a soda machine right there! Yang: ooh, I want dr fizz! Yin: freshwater is good to keep our body pure! Yang: no! Water is for losers! Like you! Yin: that isn't true! We need to keep our body pure! Yin: water! Yang: dr fizz! Oh no! What just happened! What! How did you find my secret labratory? Yin: you actually have a secret lab? Yang: of course she does! She's a stupid scientist! And proud! Well now that you're here, please just follow the science rules! Rule number one, don't touch anything, hey don't! Stop it! No! You'll contaminate the experiment! What will it take for you to stop acting like five year olds? Yin: if I was not attached to yang, I wouldn't do anything wrong! Yang: that's because you're a loser! Hmm fair point, I was actually working on an experiment.

I call it experiment 626! Yin: what does it do? Well our team would surely do better without your arguing, I was hoping I could split you into two different beings.

That way you wont be attached anymore. Yang: will it work? Test tube: how should I know! I haven't tested it yet, but lucky for you, you get to be my test dummy! Yang: yin is the real dummy, yin: no, you! Test tube: that's it! Yin: yes! Yang: no! Uh, I mean yes! Uh! It worked! Now you can just.

(Glass shatters) yang: mwahahaha! Hmmm, huh. (Intro music) hey knife, I dropped my protein milkshake. (Rolls eyes) that's fantastic. Go make me another one, slave. Slave? Who are you calling slave? I'm not doing. Grr. Chocolate or vanilla? Trophy: I want banana blast you idiot! Uhh! Grr! Bright lights, come with me to the elimination area! Knife, mind not blending that milkshake in our faces? (Knife: ) well, sorrryy! (Mephone: ) you should be! So lets start the elimination, hold on! Wheres test tube and yin yang? Here we are, (yin: ) hi guys! (Apple: ) hey something's different about you yin yang! Uh, did you get a new tie? (Yin: ) no! Test tube gave me a potion to split yang and I into different people (mepad: ) wow! Thats incredible! (Paintbrush: ) so wheres the darker half? (Yin: ) he ran away, we were trying to find him! (Mephone: ) eh, i'm sure we can let that wait a bit, but first we have to give out the prizes.

Sticks! We got a lot of votes so we decided to make it special marshmallow, test tube, and apple are safe. Here marshmallow! You can have my stick! (Marshmallow: ) aww, thanks apple! Uh, I guess. Paintbrush, lightbulb, and fan are also safe.

Here are your sticks. (Lightbulb: ) its not as good and spectacular as oatmeal raisin but i'll have to deal with it. " ackam nyim nyem" ok, thats really concerning. Its between cherries and yin yang.

While the cherries get along well with each other, we can't say the same for yin and yang. That's why i'm so glad we separated! (Cherries) yeah, maybe it wont be as annoying! (Mephone) mepad, show the votes! (Mepad) this should be good! Uh.

Who am I kidding? I deserve this. What do you mean, cherries? I thought you were pretty cool! Box would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you! Because.

*Sigh* I sent marshmallow to mars! *All gasp* what? Why would you do that? I was just. Mad they didn't like my jokes.

I was out of line; i'm sorry, guys. Will you forgive me, box? Well, thanks for accepting my apology. Ok, cherries. Just get into the portal! Well, before I go, I just wanna say. *Yang smacks cherries into the portal* cherries: (long live the maraschinos!) What is it? We aren't connected anymore! You can go now! I will! And I will kill everyone here! Including you! Mwahahaha! He sure seems okay to me! : ) Whatever.

On to the next challenge. It's a triathlon. Wait, what does " triathlon" mean? Well you ignoramus! It's basically a three part race: swimming, cycling, and running. And you gotta " tri" your best to win.

*Slap* *sigh* ok, cheesy, they got the joke. Yeah! Now they did! And because the team captains are so awesome, yeah? They will not be participating. Oh the humanity I can't compete oh nooooooo! Seems like my team is doomed nooooo! Eh, eh, they'll be fine.

They'll be alright. Well, without our captain, I guess i'm in charge now! So let's see. We need someone who hasn't done much to compete in the next challenge.

So, you've been rather useless. Oh, you say i'm useless now! And how would you like it if I stopped cleaning everything for you guys! Hmmmm! I'd like that quite a bit actually.

Who else? Maybe you, trophy! You're a jock! Eh. I dont feel like it. Knife, you should go! Well, i'm not sure if.

Picture! Okay! I'll do it. I think balloon should compete! I would, but i'm too slow! : ( *Gasp* mmm! Yes, you can go too.

(Muffled) yay! Lightbulb! You should pick 3 people! Yo, circular black and white bros, uhh. You mean ying yang? Ying yang? Where'd ya pull that one of? And then, test tube and. Hold on, don't tell me.

Paper? Are you serious? I knew you were goofy, but now you're just being dim-witted! But, what are you made of? Well, paper. Ohhhh! Who was right? Me thats who! Oh snap! *Smack* *fighting bell* *splash* go on soap, get in the pool! But, it can have germs! You'll be fine! It's clean.

Actually, science has proven that pools contain approx. 30 different types of bacteria. Due to introducing things to the pool like sunscreen, sweat, saliva, mucus and dioxin, ok! That's enough! Oh, just thought you'd like to know! God! Hurry up, soap! Mister phone, is there anything you'd like me to do? (Slow motion) doooo.

Dooooooo. *Zapping* it's mephone! *Kick* *splash* oh, sorry mister mephone. Oh! My toilet water's getting in the pool! *Screams* oi! Where ya going soapity soap? Toilet! That's disgusting! Get out now and get me some wires.

Ohh! Wite away, mister phone! *Screams* box is sinking! I'll save him! Oh come on! *Splash* *clap* yin: alright, yang! Lets do this together! Yang: you cant tell me what to do! I'm independent now! You cant tell me what to do! I'm doing this challenge my way! Yin: huh? *Gasp* *gasp* *clap* let's get this stupid thing over with.

Yin: hey! What are you doing! *Bang* ow! You idiot! *Screams in pain* my leg! I can't let this stop me! Box! Noooo! *Whistle* we got a sinker! *Splash* *throw* nickel: he's alive! Cheese: so wait! You just sit up there all day? Lifeguard: that's my job! Cheese: you deserve a round of applause! Get it? Because your round! Stupid leg.

Stupid trophy. It's all so stupid! Yang: come on fan! Move it! Fan: well, thanks for asking so politely. *Knife grunts* microphone: knife, what happened! Knife: grr. You broke my eardrums! That's what happened! Microphone: are you sure your ok? Not to be rude.

Well, actually, yes! I wanna be rude here! Go away and start running already! Oh no! Mic is catching up! I'll right that down on a blog post real quick! I'm the best of challenging.

With my secret weapon you have no chance! Gee, I don't think that was loud enough. Can you speak louder please? I said. With my secret weapon! Not today! Team bright lights finally wins! About time.

Mic, I think people have finally figured out your strategy. Screaming at people! And just a side note, its not working so please stop! I thought it was effective! What do you know anyway? Wow knife, I can't believe what this whole black mailing thing has caused.

Yeah. It really gave me a good beating. So can you please let me off the hook now? What! No! I was talking about how you made us lose the challenge! If I had half a brain, i'd show everyone the photo now.

Well, good grief bozo. Trophy: what? Knife: wait, what? Yin: I can't believe you threw me out to knife! You nearly killed us both! Yang: well, it doesn't matter what you think! I control my feelings now! And one by one, you all will die! Woah, yang! Take it easy! I think someone needs to sit in the calm down corner! Yang: shut up! Yin: no, yang will never calm down! Now I realise why we were put together.

So we could balance each other out! There's only one way to fix this. Test tube! You have to put us back together! Test tube: but yin, I thought you couldn't stand yang! Yin: I can't, but we need to be together! Somebody has to control his anger! Test tube: okay.

Luckily, I happened to have made an antidote! Drink up! Yang: huh? No way you losers! Knife: gimme that! Its payback time! Grrr! Kniferific! Ugh, this was way too much- ok, nobody is ever allowed in my laboratory, ever again! What laboratory? Umm.

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