Box Office for Fifty Shades of Grey, Kingsman The Secret Service

Welcome to this week’s movie math where yeah, a heck of a lotta money was made this weekend, but the real question is how many careers were made.

Records were broken by new talent, talent new to the mainstream and talent trying new things so now that all this newness has been thrown at the wall and stuck, everyone will be watching to see how far down it slides, if at all.

So first, let’s take a look at the talent involved in the weekend’s mega hit, fifty shades of grey, which seriously overperformed. Now everyone has been expecting 2015 to be a big year for movies, but did anyone ever expect it to be so controversial? We’re only a month and a half in, yet we already have two movies american sniper and now fifty shades of grey that are actually upsetting people with their success! And interestingly, the two films opened pretty much on par, their behemoth debuts underscoring the fact that there are still some big demographics out there not being properly serviced by hollywood.

Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on the positive? That hollywood is trying new things and expanding its horizons, which is enticing scores of new people to come out to the multiplex and not stay home and watch television? Or maybe these heated discussions are actually fueling these movies to record breaking numbers? What records? Well fifty shades of grey surpassed the passion of the christ another controversial film to become the biggest opening of all time for a february release.

It’s also the biggest valentine’s day and president’s day movie of all time, and the fourth biggest opening ever for an r-rated film.

Internationally, it’s the biggest opening ever for an r rated or r rated equivalent film in the uk, russia, italy, spain, brazil, mexico, australia, the philippines and new zealand. In argentina? It’s the biggest opening of all time period.

Although, some of you overseas have told me you simply went out of curiosity to see what we americans consider a “dirty movie”.

But here’s another really interesting record, it’s the biggest opening ever for a female director. That puts sam taylor-johnson out ahead of kathryn bigelow, angelina jolie, ava duvernay and previous record holder catherine hardwicke.

So if marvel’s looking for a captain marvel director, why not call taylor-johnson? She is married to their quicksilver. Plus one has to wonder what will happen with stars dakota johnson and jamie dornan some savvy studio should’ve snapped them up while they were still cheap hires! Then again, we know they’ll be busy for the next two years filming and promoting greenlit sequels fifty shades darker and fifty shades freed.

Speaking of getting talent on the cheap, how dumb must a ton of producers feel right now for not signing taron egerton before this weekend? He was rumored to be up for the role of cyclops in x-men apocalypse, another fox movie like kingsman, but as we all know he didn’t get it.

Now someone’s going to have pay a lot more for the star of the other movie that overperformed this weekend. Kingsman was supposed to open in the high twenties, but instead found itself in the mid-to-high thirties for the three day weekend, with a little over forty for the entire holiday weekend.

Kingsman also did solid business overseas, and is closing in one hundred million worldwide in its first weekend. Much better than the first matthew vaughn and mark millar pairing, and even better for an action film starring colin firth! One has to wonder if he’ll be able to continue on this path in other action movies, or if it was a one-time outing.

Surely many fans hope it’s the former, as surely does his agent since this is the biggest box office debut of firth’s career.

As for samuel l jackson? We all know he’s doing just fine. As for the rest of the box office, fifty shades and kingsman didn’t leave a lot on the floor.

Spongebob sponge out of water fell around forty percent in its second weekend, ten percent more than the lego movie last year which actually held onto the top spot in its second weekend thanks to weak competition.

Jupiter ascending and seventh son also suffered drops in the fortieth percentile for their second weekends, but of course didn’t have the benefit of opening at number one like spongebob. It wasn’t all bad news though, as american sniper passed the three hundred million mark stateside and almost has reached four hundred million worldwide.

And once again, paddington and the imitation game enjoyed the strongest holds in the top ten around just twenty-five percent each. Finally, it’s worth noting that the hobbit the battle of the five armies is getting awfully close to the billion dollar club.

As for this coming weekend, fifty shades and kingsman will try to hold onto the top two spots and are likely to do so as the other studios not only give them some breathing room, but avoid oscar weekend as well.

Speaking of the oscars, three things! One be sure to check out beyond the trailer’s coverage all week long over on the main channel. Two i’ll be live tweeting the oscars for the first time this year, so I hope you’ll join me! My twitter handle is super easy @gracerandolph.

And three movie math will run on tuesday next week as well so that I can cover the oscar winners monday morning. And that’s the weekend box office! I’m grace randolph and we just did some movie math as always, thanks for watching, and I hope you’ll go beyond the trailer for these other top movies..

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