Tom Brady Chemistry with Brandon Lloyd, Patriots 2012 Preview

Kickoff coverage is continuing in the head out to do in the territory d_n_a_ of the boston herald and boston herald dot com so let's talk about your patriots day one thirteen and three last year a prolific offenses long is it going to have bill bella check and tom brady around there are a lot of headlines outside of the star quarterback let's start with wide receiver first wes welker he uh.

At least from what i've seen as the patriots and buccaneers have a joint practice that we've they've had to wear them he did not participate today can you give us the latest on his injury well of course at the patriot don't you live akka tell you right shot him haggard he recognized crackers he worked there were no throwing extreme to be moving okay ac I don't think it's a at uh. significant huge injury I mean he was out in the field and you can walk around with their name and try it big it probably in my view saying that their nursing I left you the newcomers branded oily dante stalwarts we can even talk about the tight ends even more tight ends for bill dollar check with jake ballard on the sock a shake us start with a wide receivers though how they look nice armed camp well ait you know uh.

Predatory characters think that if people the most it right about that because again at what the fuck what people act except for departure randy masses uh.

Present turnout site threat and like you wouldn't call lori that real feedburner cucumber the uh. That you know will go up and get the ball the sideline he's easily we seem to make these incredible at poetic an acrobatic catchers uh.

It can be brady a little bit get use to him and the fact that hip brady creek havoc season pass syrian in brady you know how he had to do is kind of throw the ball out that this guy will go get it the never really uh.

Reversing or but the possible exception randy marx uh. But that but the true as connected cream pretty much right away out like let say last with him in shadow to speak of never checked johnson and for some of the other new receivers dot please stalwart depart gap the at captain kirk right now but uh.

He had a terrific camp prior to getting hurt uh. Indian brady have this great chemistry uh. With a e they just click the basics of twenty seven five billion their last two seasons combined but something that has been puzzling to even a lot of patriots fans an n_f_l_ fans is their defense now their role in defense was not that they were middle the pact last year but last season their past the fed's two hundred and thirty-nine yards per game that rain for thirty-first second worst in the league a passing yards per attempt how they possibly improved on dinner past defense well actor it's it not by going out getting the cornerback recruit dan approach it that way uh.

Wetpaint actually did was uh. Try to help uh. By with their pass rush i've been went out there they drafted uh. Tractor trailer children syracuse they actually moved up in the trade never moved up at the ballot ecology the move down from where it is but the actually moved up uh.

To the twenty first spot kit shamik jones uh. Who some people were actually character cases here probably you know we'll see if it does jumping the gun a little bit but yet that same kind of body frame along I was a long body uh.

Creek up the uh. But they're gonna try count on g_m_ uh. Fruit friction pass rush uh. They also attracted dot p hightower the linebacker who picked me up a lot of back positions uh.

Date even in everything from free agents uh. Kusum watch the pastor they drafted take beckett he also had some birth stuff ph you know a lot of their problems website quarterback said at half an hour bacteria pro football hall of and I don't care who you are in the secondary if the quarterback has all the time in the world there's only so much you can do the to defend last season mark the third time in five seasons that the patriots offense went over five hundred points they also signed olympic sprinter jeff dance who was a silver medalist at the london games how was he looked the spark camp well wait we've only tina mak couple days uh.

Anti sheet you know he's not quite yet football shape defense sprinter shape and uh. You know he took away dot uh. To be able to karan that or after and there's no question that gang is is blazing fast and I think the biggest thing they're looking for him to improve its gonna kick return game which was methodically awful uh.

I think there are rank like twenty ninth in the league and and then we can say what you have a great offense what you need to know position for but when you've got ballot check field position if it is silky incident so vital if he can get himself uh.

Into shape to and he's also provides one more weapons for brady in the off chance because he can catch the ball out of the backfield and you know they can do a variety with things with him with screen passes and so on and so forth they're not last question for you to the patriots are obviously one of the best teams in the league sportsbook in vegas has certainly taken advantage of it there over under for the patriots this season is twelve games what do you say to that well and if you look at it as a work in and look at because they're going up again they've been sequestration uh. attitude that striated isn't it trying at the end of city and uh.

The patriot place uh. Basically reloaded if you want to say that he didn't loose that many people it just and on and anyone he set on almost won the purple uh.

After like their chances again especially n and a_f_d_c_ there really doesn't have that anywhere powerhouse teams are teams that uh.

Acker legitimate trek through the patriot in their sixteen games scheduled to be truthful lee face three teams that were over five hundred from last season granted they're playing a new and improved denver broncos with paid manning at quarterback again just three teams over five hundred from the previous season curiae in of the boston herald thank you very very much for the time and we'll talk to you soon thanks a lot.

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