Murderer! Ray Lewis Dissed by Anna Burns

Candiotti sports locked out here in culver city california refer only few wes welker his wife is while anna burns welker c was formally anna burns she is a former this voters international of two thousand five and well as we all know the patriots lost twenty two thirteen zero point for the highest scoring teen indian official uh.

In the second half now many of you guys know ray lewis is absolutely stolen the spotlight he may even overshadow the horrible probably not however you want to put the hardball harbo who will cause it's in nor once you probably can catch that whatever so after the game she took two social media to that her frustrations on what happened here we go proud of my husband in the past by the way if any was bored please go to ray lewis is wikipedia page six kids four wise acquitted for murder paid a family off yea what a hall of fame player a true role model uh.

Now she ended up the leading the polls that victory dot com which we can albright lion had a that screen grab that we just showed you persuaded them to be a larry brown sports dot com another fine website here's what she said they had done in an email i'm deeply sorry for my recent post on face book I let the competitiveness of the game and the comments people were making about a team I do love get the best in the my actions were mostly one irrational and I think silly about as the realist and anyone affected by my comment after yesterday's game it is such an accomplishment for anything to make it to the n_f_l_ playoffs in the momentary frustration hi bell should not overshadowed the accomplishments of balls of these amazing teams that is the lawyer written statement for anna burns so she outlined something interesting that even on my removes retirement video many people war or responding to and one b to mention is to the two people that were involved that he displays struck a plea deal for and not necessarily ratted out the testified against in gave information against uh.

I I believe their names were doin the collaborator reginald oakley and joseph sweetie he was cleared of the murder charges in two thousand if you are unaware of the story after the titans ram superbowl ray lewis is partying eight into the night in atlanta his entourage in another entourage gotten a fight and truman were stabbed they weighed dying in the streets the name of those that it was jeppesen fit baker twenty one years old and richard lawler twenty four years old again the two men were stabbed they laid dying in the streets within his entourage fled and a limousine and again ray lewis is lawyer struck a deal that he it would testify against these two anne and also get obstruction of justice a misdemeanor so waiting and oakley were acquitted while ray lewis reached a settlement the uh.

Loved ones families cities with a conclusion but this is that he was there something happened we don't know if he was involved we don't know exactly what he saw because he simply hasn't all the family now may be organising a still myrrh and we don't know that so you can't say that why did he tell the family's it's a p_r_ move that's the simplest way to put it he s executed p_r_ model perfectly absolutely perfectly since all this happened he's done charity work well he's one that's definitely helped and he is just he has mastered so do not call him in murder because we don't know that you're allowed to have your opinion that's fine i'm just gonna say it's stupid so I want to hear all your thoughts on this do you defend adam burns over that's stupid knee-jerk reaction I simply do not that there's something a video before expects that it's exactly the way bending courts argyle what cohost who is on a cruise right now with the cm uh.

Outline sending penis pics right when you get to hear youth you have to think share really hit send or that week should I really hit that button with what i'm saying the objective what he says ok don't have the stupid knee-jerk reactions shutdown facebook's water tumbler what have you please don't do it your goal this is going to happen the media like myself or to call you out it's going to happen there was a favor at the white button from a couple of minutes tragedy like this.

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