Youth Fishing Event

> > for some youngsters, the thought of fishing for the first time can often be a little intimidating or scary. However, when they enjoy that feeling of instant success, it often leads to a lifetime of fishing fun.

That is exactly what organizers are hoping for at the grand isle fishing festival. ≫ > feisty fish. ≫ > for several years now, the second saturday in june has been free fishing day in vermont.

Anyone can try out the sport of angling without a license. ≫ > good, nice job. ≫ > at the ed weed fish hatchery, vermont fish and wildlife department hosted the grand isle fishing festival to educate, inspire, and hopefully hook both children and adults to the joys of angling.

≫ > this one is a rainbow. How about a brown trout? ≫ > there is 12 educational stations for them to choose. And we would like them to go to at least six of the stations and get checked off by the instructor working the station and then at this point they are able to go and fish the pond and hopefully catch a big brown trout or a rainbow trout.

≫ > keep your eye on the target. Follow through. Very good. All right. ≫ > casting lessons knot tying, fish identification, and even cooking demonstrations are covered at the 12 stations.

The focus is not just on catching fish, but understanding and protecting fish habitat as well. ≫ > today is just like a building block for them.

They're going to get a bunch of tools today. They're going to learn from it and take bits and pieces from each station that they went to.

The station that I had was the law digest, and just teaching them how to look up all of the different laws themselves. ≫ > getting kids hooked on fishing is the goal.

The let's go fishing program also re -- realizes these kids need someone to take them out and nurture their enthusiasm. ≫ > they need someone to take them out and keep them excited.

Educating their mom, dad, grandma, neighbors, anyone that can keep them participating. Let's go fishing tries to get them out to go fishing and teach them about the background and importance of fish habitat.

≫ > 85% of a fish's feeding is done under the water. Other 15% is done at mcdonald's. ≫ > so, after attending at least six of the education stations, folks can make their way to the pond and begin fishing.

The rules are simple. You can fish until you catch two trout. Regardless of whether you keep them or release them. ≫ > hooked into a nice big rainbow right now. Still trying for his second one today.

≫ > I hope I catch a brown. ≫ > a brown one, oh, to go with the rainbow? ≫ > uh-hmm. ≫ > for most kids, just reeling in one of these beauties is enough to make their day.

For many families, the experience is so enjoyable that they return every year. ≫ > that's a huge one! Okay. Pull it in! This is a family tradition that we started in 2002.

≫ > wow. ≫ > that's big. ≫ > yeah! ≫ > good job. ≫ > woo-hoo. ≫ > now we can eat tonight. ≫ > exciting. The adrenaline is still pumping.

I wanted to see it reeled in. ≫ > it's great. The kids love coming here. It is fun, they enjoy it and they're learning something, too.

≫ > I learned sometimes you don't have to use a bobber when you are fishing because sometimes if you do, then the fishes -- then the fish know that you're there. And then they won't come.

≫ > I caught this fish today. ≫ > what do you like about fishing? ≫ > that I can eat'em! ≫ > well, for me, it really has nothing to do with fishing.

It has everything to do with spending time with my kids. We're out there learning about the environment. Newcomers come here not knowing what they're out for and they walk away here learning how to tie a knot.

Learn how to cook fish. Some of these kids have never had a fishing pole in their hand. And to see the smile on the kid's face after they have actually casted a fishing rod for practice and then go to the pond and hook a fish, it's priceless.

≫ > vermont's free fishing day events in june are great ways to inspire kids and young families to get outside and explore. Getting young children excited about the outdoors, whether it is fishing, hunting, hiking, or snowshoeing, the more likely they are to care about the environment and conservation in the future.

≫ > good job. Yeah. ≫ > these are the forever bonds. Like you will never forget them. Experiences, a lot of the kids will never forget their experience here.

Especially this little girl that caught the big fish. She is going to remember this. For sure. ≫ > good job! ≫ > you've got to experience this. Really nothing like it.

It's -- it's just a great time, great family time and it's educational. And it's free. For one thing. Yeah, that is the other big thing.

≫ > I think it's just all around it is just a great experience for everybody in the family. ≫ > what's his name? ≫ > um, dinner.

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