Brandon Meriweather Concussion Hits vs Bears

Here's a little interesting nugget martel was bennett absolutely red brandon meriweather course a safety for the washington football team and the reason never tell us bennett when after brandon meriweather is because brandon meriweather one after some love the bears players I was watching that game I actually got soul he did that i tweeted at roger goodell good you know he follows me no he doesn't and here's what I basically said dear at nfl commissioner hey an nfl commissioner if you want to clean a purely and not have players not have so many players have ct e later in their careers take brandon meriweather out of the week completely because all he does is launching he launched himself in the players doesn't know how to tackle at all however on the boards bernstein show on the frequent listener board members seen on cbs radio in chicago here's what martel's bennett said about him getting suspended two games here's what bennett said we don't get any of his money I love that already under weather joking that someone's gonna have to covers dinner bill cuz he got fined and suspended he said scumbag that this quickly briefly scumbag that said here's the last one that'll get you take these guys getting here legally have kids they've livelihoods you never want to see that happen to a guy and I don't think you want to be a I wanna be a guy that causes that have a

motional pain on his family his livelihood whether a guy can work to do things because a football's football the end of the day it's not who we are it's just what we do so I think my tellers bennett said that very very well very skillfully but I mean brandon meriweather a guy who has it with the patriots day with the bears with washington now is with a few other teams he has a track record doing this should he be fined and suspended for more than two games has recently produced the one but should he be find it suspended for more you know it it except if the it's kind it typical to decide one way or the other i mean a suspension is you know he's losing thousands and thousands of dollars in the six figures I think yes he should be suspended and he was suspended I think one game i is appropriate I do i'm really I do I am considering yes he you know will personally say i'd I like martellus bennett standing up for his teammates and and and I like what he said britt i think you have to consider that this is what near the kind with a signed up for and i think safeties in particular this is how they play and this is how their coach to play and its bad im you it is what it is though and I think pretty good mike shanahan team where he's coached john lynch before him these are the type safety she likes and frankly if you kick

me whether I league there are a hundred free agents right now will play the same way for cnn I don't know if they would cause I don't think a lot of the guys who are free agents have a track record the brandon meriweather does I mean he's been fine over and over and over again for hits targeting to the head leading with his head I mean he got knocked out of the game when trying to knock someone else on the game and many knocked out anyway see he put is the his head and james starks i think was like week 3 and then he got knocked out so here's the other thing the date when you say this is what they signed up for I don't think they signed up to get ct e later in their careers a I mean I mean let's look course not let's be real about that but I did anything if you want to limit the risk and a guy is known for doing this and is known for injuring players and targeting the head launching in his entire body head-first into another guy's head yeah why not take what why not take a a cautionary route and not you keep kicking my little league I mean that this isn't like doing steroids over and over and over again in baseball but if you wanna if the commissioner wants to say that i'm trying to take a stance on this suspended for half a season I mean i would be unprecedented move it would be if you were to happen I think it would probably meriwether would be the guy I don't think it's gonna happen no no it definitely won't happen and i'm saying speaking to your point you know this but they signed up for I don't

think they signed up to take a hit over and over and over to the head sure they know that they're going to take some hits the red but if you could limit a third of those hits from one guy knocking out a player game i'm all for it yeah I and ii you make a good point but the reality is this is at the safety position has been played for decades this is how these players are coached to play fast and ruthless and don't give up a hit said hit first ask questions later position arm so it's tough it's you know you're trying to domesticate a wild line if you're trying to reel em in and say listen buddy you need to calm down don't go for the area it's we have the luxury of being able to watch from a distance went from being able to watch you know with you instant replays and all that these guys don't iron these guys go out there and they do everything they can to prevent the other team from scoring and prevent wide receivers from coming across the middle of your safety and to strike the fear of god in these guys that's how they are took poached by so you guys obviously see where we stand we r certainly not agreeing at all at this point know okay we're leaving it up to you in the comments an offer please do

us a favor sport the indiegogo campaign by clicking the link in description below and let me clear my don't agree with the way he plays but i think the reality of the situation is that that is is that it's a fast game that the pass game that's how safeties are coached by okay so here's here's my very very last point that we're pulling a drink you're on this is a very very very last point they're fully teaching slowly teaching younger players how to tackle and they have put out these instructional videos I mean the nfl is trying to speak to the players many many times I was the brain tumor weather's not catching any hints that is not but I mean and if anything I understand that he somewhat of an older player but it's not too late to learn I mean we talk about you learning twitter I mean I get better other two separate things but the fact is if you want to learn how to do it yeah and not get fined and not get suspended then to learn how to do it and he has he has simply ignored that time went on and the grad think the next generation safeties will probably play differently I think call it look at you differently but I think the reality of today's game is that this is what safety czar this is what they gonna do on the same greg williams as your defensive coordinator yep ok

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