Tips and Tactics: The Zeiss Conquest HD5 with Rapid Z Reticle

Nice shooting guy. Yeah, nice shooting guy. I'm pretty sure you hit him on every single shot. Get it john? well this hunt is now concluded fellas. Hey guys, guy eastman here today on this week's video we're going to talk a little bit about rifle scopes before we get started I just want to say make sure you forward this on your facebook or to someone that one of your hunting buddies we're trying to get over 10,000 views on this video so if you know anyone who would be interested in this kind of information make sure you share it or forward it on to somebody.

Anyway we're going to talk about rifle scopes today, the zeiss hd 5 in particular I use this scope exclusively last year I was able to kill really nice antelope, elk and deer with it so it worked very very well.

Very very lethal weapon when you put it on on your your rifle, i'm just going to talk a little bit today about scopes in general and also this scope in particular and how it works.

This scope is a one-inch diameter the conquest. This is a zeiss conquest hd 5 it's a 3 to 15 by 42, what that means is it's a super zoom which means that the multiplier on the zoom is multiplied by 5 and the old days they only had multiplied by 3 so if the lower power was 3 it would go to 9 power so be adjustable from 3 to 9.

These super zooms now go to 5 so if it's a the lowest power this goes is 3 but it goes clear up to 15 so that's kind of a new technology that's 3 or 4 years old in the industry.

So this is a super zoom 3 to 15 power by 42. It's a very compact scope it's less than 14 inches long it has a 1 inch tube, so that's very common in america the conquest is ziess' kind of middle-of-the-road line, this scope retails for under $1000 so it's pretty economical not the most economical but pretty economical.

They do have a version or a model that's above this that'll be much more expensive and it has a 30 millimeter tube which is a little more metric than than what we use here in america which is pretty standard 1 inch tube.

So that's that's how that works it has a rapid z reticle in it, they make a rapid z 600 and a rapid z 800. The rapid z is in my opinion the most lethal reticles you can put in a scope.

A lot other companies have them as well but zeiss calls theirs the rapid z. How it works is inside the reticle on the scope it has distance holdover hash marks and you can adjust your scope because you're the reticles in the second focal plane you can adjust your scope and maximize it so that the hash marks hit certain distances.

We'll talk a little bit more about that here in a minute, here's the packaging it comes in. Very nice, of coarse european style packaging, nice bull elk there, this scope was developed by zeiss for the western trophy hunter in mind.

So it's, it's right in the wheelhouse of what we look for out west as far as the scope is concerned. We talked about the one inch tube, it's less than fourteen inches long it adjusts from three all the way to 15 power, but the real power inside the scope is the reticle, rapid z 600.

Basically what you do is you program going to when you want you to get the scope of course you mount it onto your gun, go onto zeiss' website zeiss.

Com, I think it's actually zeisssportsoptics. Com and there's a ballistic reticle software web based program in there where you basically go in, tell the program, the software what scope you have and then you program in the stats from your rifle.

This is a 270 short mag right here I shoot a hornady 150 grain inter bond, so I program in what what caliber, what grain bullet, I can even program in what elevation I shoot at I usually sight my guns in for 5280, which is mile high, 58 to 59 degrees, and you program all that in and it will tell you what, what magnification to put your scope at to maximize those hash marks so this one it tells me to put my scope at 14.5 power so I don't shoot it at 15 power, I shoot it a 14.5 power, which is almost 15 but it makes every one of those hashes perfectly almost perfectly in line with the distance.

So the four hash is 397 yards the five hash is 504 yards the six hash is 609 yards you can see they're less than 10 yards, less than 10 yards away from what they what they say so, it makes it perfect so now when I look through the scope and I have a 14.5 power the 3 hash is 300 yards before hashes is 397 yards which is basically 400 the 5 hash is 504 and the 6 hash is 609 yards so that means that this scope is completely dialed in out to 600 yards.

Of course like I mentioned they have a rapid z 800 which takes it out to 800 yards if you want to shoot even even further but for me 600 yards is plenty so it's very very accurate very, very fool proof.

One thing you want to do is I take a little silver pen and mark on my scope where that hash mark is because I have multiple guns and say on a 300 it might be 13 half-power 14 so once I get my scope all paired down to the right ammo exactly and the gun dialed into what I want I put a little hash mark on the scope so when i'm in the field I know exactly where to put that.

The way that works though is the center crosshair because it's in the second focal plane the center crosshair is always dead-on. so if you're in the brush or in some thicker cover and you turn your scope down and say 4 power the hash marks underneath the crosshair do not work anymore for power the distances will be way off but the standard crosshair is always right on the money so you don't have to worry about that if you're turning your scope down on a whitetail hunter or in the brush, or up close shot the center cross hairs still dialed in right on the money but if you're going to shoot distance you want to make sure that that's up to 14 half-power then all the holdover reticles are exactly the right distances.

The scope is very lightweight very compact like I said this is built for the western hunter in mind conquest hd 5 scope has a loaded tec coating on it which is for water so if it gets water on there it just beads up and runs off so it doesn't fog tends not to fog your scope i'm not going to say it's non fog able, so to speak but if you do get water or snow that melts on there and it will beat up and roll off the the lens it will not stick on the lens.

So that's another plus to the scope if you're having out in tough weather conditions which we all know out west you can you can definitely, definitely have that kind of situation going on on your hunts.

The last thing is is pretty economical like I said this is zeiss' mid range scope it's not their high end it's not their their economy version this is the mid range and this scope retails for less than $1,000 so it's a very very powerful tool.

I used it last year got a 87 inch antelope with it a 180 deer and a 360 bull elk in montana so it, it worked well on all the species deer, elk and antelope it would work great for for sheep or anything you might hunt out west.

So it's a probably the best suited western scope that zeiss has in their product line in my opinion and it's a very very well built european product for less than a thousand dollars. this is a scope you can put on your gun and keep it there for a lifetime pass it on to your kids so it's a great product if you're interested in needing a new scope to put on your gun it's definitely one to check out so make sure you go online check it out I hope you enjoyed the video and we'll see you next week..

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