Cosas del Airsoft

Rhoads: believe it or not, we arrived on time rhoads: first we were stuck in an alcohol control on the road and then we got lost in the fog of this town txago: a lot of fog here kenny: keep this bandages handy in case you need them.

-Rhoads: ok thanks rhoads: there's a tank here. Now we respawn there grey: left 3 meters. -Rhoads: so cool player: we only need 2 men here rhoads: excuse me, you're out right.

-Player: yes, then I won't be here chilling player: moving to respawn rhoads: I think i'm hit! Rhoads: you don't have your teddy bear today.

-Kenny: no dude kenny: they told me to take it serious today, they want to use their new pants kenny: where are you wandering? Rhoads: brave grey: they can't see me right? Over the hay montaner: got 3 bandages.

-Rhoads: yes they gave me 3 but I can use 2 rhoads: I guess I must take this off, the bandages the medic uses when healing rhoads: you can take 2 bandages and then go to respawn on the next hit rhoads: 3 players respawn? Or single.

-Txago: 3. -Rhoads: fuck rhoads: shit, where is our respawn. -Player: there hangar bottom rhoads: I forgot to leave my backpack there. Fuck this shit rhoads: thank god we can play even without charging the batteries rhoads: I don't know how to get out of here without killing myself rhoads: wait don't get out, my gopro is down there (ladies and gopros first) rhoads: wait wait rhoads: omg my camera again rhoads: if I can do it they can do it rhoads: dudes i'm not good enough for this kenny: nice rhoads, leave your bag there, you won't be able to do it later kenny: what are you doing here? You're russian.

-Player: i'm not russian dude rhoads: he's batman, don't you see? Fran: i'm gonna shot you rhoads: dammit kenny, you ran like hell there.

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