7 Minute HIIT Sexy Body Home Workout

This is the seven-minute workout for people like you and me who have very little time to work out yes spirit seven minutes three times a week and you're gonna see

a huge difference i'm ready that's hit it let's start with high knees get your knees up as high as possible while keeping your posture and back straight pump

your arms with your legs to get an extra cardio start getting the pumping and spit up the heart rate all right now we're gonna do but sit there your phone as tight as

you can and try to touch your button do this as fast as you can in the meantime you gonna keep your shoulders back in f height this won't work out for a while

wasn't enough for quad find them with alternating reaches sit up to the sky this is the great solution that works downward shoulders excellent guys this is my modified

version of mountain climbers which get a better oh police break out while still bringing out the front part of your ass you put crunch on your sites as you bring your leg

up to the elbow good job guys I know you're tired i'm tired to tell herself you can and you will let's retire to the site as tight as you can keep your core stable

and slack this helps you tone on your butt and older thighs keep your back nice and flat the entire workout can be done in you don't need to go to my gym all you need

is seven minutes away ten seconds to go four three two one now switch to the right come on how is your summer going so far I deceived away from new york the

weather it's incredible before night i'm so excited for this summer hurry away can't wait to put on my shorts and bikinis and hit the beach all right i'm gonna

give you more spots breakouts bring both legs in and lift off each time two of the sky great job guys just 30 seconds think about it you're gonna have to crank it

but this summer yes your hard work will pay off ten more seconds and then we're gonna switch to the right now i'll switch to the right yes you can do it nice I love it

kick connor 20 seconds left I know it's burning I know it I know it push their limits yes you can do it and more seconds left keep it going guys are you ready for my

favourite upper half way don't forget to keep your elbows out in don't pull on the neck five four three next one is bicycle crunch pick it up traffic full-range ass

breakout touch your elbow to the opposite need in the steady pace feel your upper and lower abs flex straighten the other leg slowly as to not put too much pressure on

your lower back once again don't pull on the neck we are gonna do place to wrap up the breakout make sure your tummy's like them and buggy in the straight line don't

drop your head you got the keeps fighting with me not give up 10 more seconds nine eight seven six five four three two one whoa just let it go guys I hope you're as

tired as me okay I am still sweating like crazy please leave a comment below and let me know what out there work out your interests of it in make sure you subscribe

to my channel and follow me on instagram and facebook I hope to see you soon bye

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