Four Court Sports Facility and Fitness Suite at Gordano School

We heard about collinson from a major national builder who we had on site building a large sixth form centre for us. They had used collinson, or they'd worked with collinson, on other projects around the country.

We looked at collinson's range of products when we first met with them and I was amazed at the different types of products they offer.

We decided very quickly that we wanted a more traditional build with a standard solid roof and we liked the evolution product range so we progressed further with them investigating how that would fit within our budget.

Before we appointed collinson myself and a senior colleague from school visited two reference sites, both schools very different to ours, however the product that was on show clearly demonstrated that the collinson evolution building was the building we wanted.

Again, the different finishes shows how flexible this building can be. When planning was granted, one of the conditions was that we had renewable energy. We sat down with collinson and they went through our options.

Solar panel was the most cost-effective and we're delighted that we went down that route. Throughout the project there was lots of negotiations with collinson's design team around how we could fit in all of the priorities for us.

We ended up with a fantastic facility with a fitness suite along with the sports hall, so that exceeded our expectations.

Well, as a school and a pe department it's been a fantastic addition to our facilities. We're a large school and it's given us so much more scope now for different opportunities and sports that we can teach within our curriculum.

Today, we should have been doing hockey, the astroturf is frozen but we've been able to come into this wonderful sports hall and do indoor hockey.

So we adapt slightly so the students can still get their full range of activities but not be put off by the cold and the weather. With a big emphasis now on health and fitness of young people and students, these days, the fitness suite has opened up a great facility for them.

It's sometimes difficult when students get to sort of 14, 15, 16, to encourage them to take part in sport but when you've got such a fantastic facility as the sports hall and the fitness suite that really sort of encourages them to take part and develop a positive attitude towards sport.

I like the new sports hall, it's really, like, a positive place, because it's so light and nice in here. Yeah, I think it's a really good environment, I just think it encourages everyone to come out of their house and just do a bit of exercise.

Especially with me having a knee injury, the new fitness suite is perfect for me to get my rehabilitation on. The first time I walked in I just thought that it's just incredible how this is for us to use, and it's almost as if it's not meant for us, it's meant for like a higher level, and the fact that we can come in here and use the facilities is just great.

This is an excellent sporting environment. It's fresh and bright, it's well ventilated, the acoustics are amazing, the lighting is fantastic, the spring floor is really good for the joints and and knees and everybody, every member of the club, is delighted with it.

We couldn't wait to move in to this sports hall. It's really important that this facility is available for the wider community to offer further opportunities to children that live here.

I think the facility does encourage a lot more people to try sport, we have parents now who drop their girls off for netball and go and play squash or badminton or they go and use the fitness suite, so many more people are using the sports facilities here now.

Having worked in a number of sports facilities in the south west and south wales and i've obviously played a lot of sport myself, I happily say that this is one of the best sports halls that i've ever been able to manage.

Especially as well the additional changing rooms, reception area and the fitness suite. The quality is fantastic and the community and the school are really pleased..

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