Andy Kennedy Post-Troy Press Conference

I agree, I thought honestly we were a little concerned, I thought we started the game well, got out of the gate good, we're up seven to nine, and then just gave it to them two or three times, thank you.

Gave it to them two or three times in a row, off pressure, one time the ball just goes right through newby's hands. Then we throw it to them for a layup, and all of a sudden it kinda gave them life.

Struggled with our shooting in the first half, I thought we were standing on the perimeter way too much, which is the whole intent of that match-up zone. To try to keep you on the perimeter where they have matched up with you.

Second half, I thought we did a much better job of attacking. Putting pressure on the rim. We would have finished a little higher percentage, which is unusual, moody usually finishes all of those.

And I couldn't tell if there was contact or not, i'll see that on film. But I thought the position in which we were getting shots in the second half was much better and ultimately, we were able to get just enough stops.

They shoot 54% in the second half, totally ridiculous. We were having trouble with the ball screen d, when we were getting them to miss, they were hurting us on the offensive glass.

We've really been a solid rebounding team the last couple of games, it slipped, some of it, I think was what it happened to seavus at the end of the game, and as a result, we didn't even know if he was gonna, end of the memphis game, we didn't know if he was gonna be available today until shoot around.

And so I tried to ease him into the rotation and usually, with him in there, we're a little more solid on the glass.

But listen, at the end of the day, they don't say " how, " they say " how many". So we'll take our seventh in a row and i'm just glad that we were able to close out to add on a right note.

Still have this question, but it's the last game with tad smith, I know that we've made fun of it a lot, but when you look back, will you miss something? Well, I miss the fact that we've won 80% of our games in here, I will miss that.

I hope that transfers over. It's not a bad number. We have made fun of the building for obvious reasons, it's easy to poke fun. But it has been very good home to rebel basketball over the years, there's a lot of great moments that have come through this building, a lot of emotions spent, a lot of stress from this guy over the last 10 years, but it's hard for me to believe that the dream is now a reality, and we're really excited about taking the next step as a program.

What will that be like for you, to walk into that new building? Not only to see it, but to coach in it? You know, everybody likes new things. When we walked into the fedex forum we went over the night before so we could get shots, and we walked in the front.

And you walk in that and you just get a feeling of pride, of, you know it puts a little pep in your step because it's a first-class facility.

Ours obviously won't be at that scale, but I think you're gonna get the same feel when you come in, there's gonna be pride, there's gonna be pride of ownership, which is really what i've always wanted.

I'm really appreciative of the fans coming out today and giving us support, giving us energy, without which i'm not sure we could have got to number 10 at this point in the season.

And my hope is that that energy will carry over into the new place. For the first time, we've created a game day experience that we've never been able to provide before in basketball.

We have it in football, we have it in baseball, we have it in the other sports. But now we have it in basketball, and I know rebel nation is going to take ownership of that.

When you were leaving charleston, did you think that this team would be 10 and two? You know, I try just to stay in the moment. I preach that, and so i try to live it with the team, honestly.

It's just day in and day out of trying to get better, and I think we have gotten better. We've certainly now solidified stefan moody as our point guard. This is not some temporary fix.

He's what we're going to do. Our rotations are starting to become more solid. Dante fitzpatrick, I was able to play him a little bit early, he's a guy that's going to help us in a number of ways.

It was good to see terry brutus moving without limping, being athletic, which gives us another body on the front line. These guys will take a much-needed break for the next three or four days.

We'll come back on the night of the 26th and start preparing for fcc play. Tomasz gielo took 18 shots, would you say his confidence is building again? I hope so, man. I want him to take those, because those are the ones that the game gives you.

I think there's times that we say, " okay, i'm going to do this or do that, " you have to take what the game gives you, and when we put him in actions with moody, the entire team's going to go with moody, so the play is to counter back, I thought he had clean looks, I was proud of the last one he made, more so than any.

He struggled, he made some early, he was three for three early. And then let me do my math, he was three for three and then he made his last one so he missed about six in a row.

Therefore, it would have been easy for him just to pass up that shot. But he didn't, he knocked down a huge three which I think, from that point forward, we got momentum.

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