Puppets at a Theme Park! Cast of Bird Call the Musical enjoy a day at Fun Spot

(background music) alright! Here at fun spot! i need my friends! I'll just do a bird call! squaaaak! You called luckl? Ha ha! Kesmoe, francise and bingo! let's do this! Alright! (Background music) ugh! Alright guys! we're gonna need our humans! I'll watch! I thought will be doing this, this morning.

I'm scared! I'm scared! - you'll be fine kesmoe! You'll be fine! I'm scared! - you'll be fine! This is something. (Screams) what.

Was that? That wasn't so bad! (Background music) did you boys, had fun? Oh yeah! Was great! Let's do it again! Alright! What you guys wants to do next? Francise? What you want to do? The carousel! -The carousel? How high is this thing go? That's not to bad! francise? How you are doing back there? This is fine.

(Carousel music begins) oh! I love this song! -Woo! Come on seabiscuit! How you are doing kesmoe? What? - good? Doing good? I'm ok! - ok! Francise? -She's dead? - francise is loving it! Francise is asleep.

I can't tell if she blinks. Alright francise! this is more your speed. I don't know. Come on! It doesn't look that scary! Come on! - there's a baby on it? Ok! I can do that! Yeah! I'll do it! (Screams) we're coming down! I'm getting the hang of this. - no! No! I can fly! - oh! I didn't knew, I can fly! You are cute! Just hope it doesn't try to eat me.

Right? He's not gonna eat you. I didn't say it could bite. he won't eat you. You know, the little sticky thing around his mouth. Can I get that, for someone back home? Francise, what are you doing? I tried to be like britney spears.

I thought, I would emulate her. I think, the big point about this, is that you still listening, to britney spears. Oh! What? -Squeak! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Cock-a-doodle doo! Oh wow! This is nice! Nice breeze! I get it, why they call it " fun spot!" the spot is fun! - i'm having fun! This is like we fly south in the winter! Wait a minute? We are south! it is winter! Ha ha ha! Francise! Some art you are! Ok! Ok! i think, I got the hang of this! Alright! Some blow shots kesmoe? Is that.

Now is not! Whoa! You made it! Ahh! Alright guys! that was a fun day! Right? That was fun at this spot! - yeah! Oh! Here he comes! Guys! Come on! let's go! We have to go for rehearsal! " bird call, the musical!" let's go! I guess is time to go! back to rehearsals guys! Let's go! (Background music).

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