Michael Vick - The Greatest Running Quarterback!!!!!

Playing for wade phillips and offensive coordinator of the atlanta box and michael big people try to force him to his right but he's so quick that he goes where he wants to

go and then he has great delivery of the football on the run as you see right here to ward dark look at that between vick and gun is there some excitement on that play meanwhile

when he wound up in atlanta having their way with the hapless banjo vick genesis begin again 42 yards dad x-play bic looks for a favorite night ranger bob sister christian setting

up a ducted touchdown around it's on 28-nothing i'm lana watch what he's capable of doing on his own when he needs to take over this first run this is 40 yards he had to make three

great move to get out of the pocket but once he gets down in played better for lake at home second quarter nick brian figurative we're tied at 40 as people talk about his

ability to run and improvise on this rest minnesota leaf now here comes nick okay almost close what he's almost going to break this on the rollout but he does break this and I

want to watch the viking defenders you watch the crime nicki's already pants calm every 6x today for atlanta they get the ball and then michael vick is if seeing is believing that

just check this out 30 25 and then two more defenders hit these 46-yard touchdown and he's gone 51 left atlanta down stand convicted get it done looking for algae crumpler

rousey brown north carolina got to get my tar heels of love 19 yards proper also caught a touchdown pass in this game 118 left in the 42 victim brian kenner to the pro bowl

the trainer in their business maybe not fake movie he was 21 to 38 240 yards under 30 seconds left tommy we know he can run i'm out there are mixed drugs backs down bad trevor

gaylor you know we're gonna take a look at your slow motion but you can still see the dip on the football you have no time to react to it it is lethal in the red zone both with arms

and legs vic touching touchdown fastest we go to overtime with 20 second overtime this here that's a new nfl record and in the 22nd overtime vic together researching

yards gator for grabs 60 yards that's a first down 31 to 33 michael vick runs to the 12 and 1 a road game since bobby lane was quarterback actually it's two years jay feely the

kicker warming up aboard the game he would be busy michael victor quentin report it's a big game three nothing in atlanta vic flick of the vick the reggie kelly I mean it is the lions

on the road tom after all but still it's fun to watch replays later vick mccord well I want to gary mccord you're the masters put the let's book court go right down the middle of the

planet just up the road setting up a needed five field goals a career-high victim accord 24 yards striking the right foot port 30 nothing atlanta now 22 nothing atlanta son of the

field goal would have turnover down to do this 27 7 the atlanta falcons are moving on it's great you know only in my first year to be 22 years old to come out and get a get a win

against a tough green bay team you know I really have to take my hats off to the guys around me and and give glory to god because you know I was keeps it whole thing well michael

vick the fourth youngest to start a playoff game in quarterback since emerge lee's the youngest now to win 122 years 192 days old shaun king was just a bit older when he won with the

box of 2000 and you'd be the league mvp and start early for games and who's more valuable the sunday conversation with michael vick former mvp steve young he asked the

questions before you hurt it's mike vick now it's michael that was part of my mom's decision see uh see her what everybody called you mike mike mike big might think this might get

there and she like something I am you like it and so why isn't everybody calling you michael so it seems like I want you to go to immediate change your name get us mr. Ground and get

it correctly I want everybody call you why camilla not allowed okay why whatever you want do it for vicky and vicky for right now that is the last thing daily everyone in atlanta

wanted to see listening to the trainers and tandem say was gonna be four to six week for two songs in six weeks four weeks my back seven weeks went back ten weeks one guy knows

like you know anything we're starting going a different direction the mediastinum dragging my injury out you know they're dogging me about that i'm like man you know I mean

this is wrong i'm hurt you know and nobody can feel when i'm feeling only me how frustrated did you get I was upset because in last year they knew I had sore shoulders and I was banged

up all his I took last in you know they know about all my everything some weeks I didn't even practice so put on the dog we're standing i'm dragging my injury autumn like come

on I mean you know I did everything in my power last year I could you know what I mean I showed your toughness you know it showed the wheel and it's still going this is my

angle you this my this is what I use in my tool yeah this is my life this is one of my vain and reused it and it was like man I mean I could even say too damn reno said early in the

week way well he need to understand injury and pain and when you hurt and when you're not hurt i've been through that I played actually with to nearly separated soldiers and the

anti sore thumb so I know it I know it pain is you know the injuries and injuries when it was when you can't play when you don't do anything with your handicap and you know think

about it you know I was just scared to go out there and maybe do something that was even more severe than what it was at the time your team their anticipation to got a

little bit out of control like you did you feel alone there the last few weeks here the last thing I want is my teammates to turn on me and and think that i'm dragging this injury

out you know which i'm really not you know I was just hoping that if the guys were you know believing in me and in trusting me that I was doing the right banking and I think for the

most part they were they were very supportive couple weeks of dan reeves said which mic would come out you know and I get a sense when I watched I was like ooh you know I don't know

about this is this is getting hairy for everybody was there any kind of tiff between you guys over that no not really I think you know cause we just wanted to see me out there he

was another guy who felt as if I was ready no you want me to take my time at the same time you want me to you know kind of go out and push it a little bit just to see where i'm at

there's a lot of speculation about coach reeves being back whether he will or what they want do you feel pressure to play for that for greece you know selecting me number one

overall and you know if i'm going to do that I think you really believed in me a lot you know I regardless of the situation of what's going to happen in the future you know i'm out

here to help him win you looking back on the way everyone handled it all one one for all here you know i'm happy food everybody's glad to see me back you know no hospitals towards

the media or towards anybody who said anything negative about me you know mike isn't here to play football mike is here to have played football I half plan love the return of michael

vick here we go and all thank you tom for the props and wow that drive was going on vick started warming up into serious later late third area and top subjective leg to justin griffin nine

yards falcons go to a few go on the drive 1710 game here is vick smelling the rush oh he gets outside thanks 28 yards same drive vick god it's 11 yard fine finally we saw mike vick

for the first time since the preseason I think they thought once I came into the game that I really came running I wasn't going to run I was gonna try to just sit back then pick

him apart and you know I not ino and you know i'm coming at you i'm a run against you i'm gonna do whatever it takes to win and no from here or not that's portunity hard to do pat for

told I wasn't gonna come back and play scared okay welcome back to the huddle michael vick first start of the year landed two and nine in his absence what my physic is working

again a lot of pressure on defensive ends to keep contain another short set bitch in trouble this time rose look at my time and this is just a flicker look at the accuracy with

which he froze as brian's veteran using his height going up high over ricky control the ball that's just unbelievable third and five the falcons have had the worst third down

offense but that's been without my deon grant left part of your screen he's gonna break on this fall he sees my big throw it and he big straight back to throw pressure here a lot of

noise being talked later in the first we're tied at 7 michael vick the boys are said hi this is michael vick being special which is what he did it led to a field goal which he missed

in 34 yards then in the fourth quarter 14-7 panthers vick again this time he's extra special munching up the turf just running everywhere follow the defense they're going to

be winded now everybody the nfl especially on the defensive side is just crazy because this guy is back in these fantastic same drive second and goal both play-action fake vick

i'll take that thanks 141 rushing yards house tie game at 14 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter vick up top now besides the ground 179 passing yards that's a total of 320

the other team had sueded taking over for dan reeves is gone 1 and 1 and this blackness the toss back from tj duncan to mike vick he just flicks it to peerless price this way was

supposed to be all year with big playing for the falcons and they leave it last half minute before the half vick drops back top and brian finneran begin again catches it at

the floor leads to a touchdown 21 7 twice they play fake we see her just impressive one of the things we saw early the game was michael vick with the ball in his hands just doing

things creating play nothing making positives out of nothing throwing the ball quickly out of the backfield then getting creative and throwing the ball for the touchdown on the

flea-flicker pass and this is peerless price pitching that throw put in his second half we've seen entirely too much of hailing off the ball that's our jennifer of it firing

right on time ago jimmy ferris don't start the niners defense played well sack them four times then vic one of the great games in all the football algae crumpler who crumples is just

go calling played san francisco a little bit more imagination now with this offense doing a few more things with vic peerless prize the algae crumpler that was price now here's

crumpler 15-yard touchdown seven up to leave the game ken dorsey from the university of miami would come in seven of the falcons second quarter vick

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