Michael Vick - The Greatest Running Quarterback!!!!!

Check it down to 12 the gallivan shotgun take the hand off to dylan this is the college option the only team I watch it finish shotgun he's

reading this it breaks fires again great fires keeps eyes on them running back he takes off this is what since you poli get to supplement pick up first

down picked up for left tackle his return is questionable from the title 49 34 yard run dennis green said no it's still kurt warner

meanwhile michael vick struggled monday night but in this one to ashley ashley lily answer to ashley's coach ashley ambrose second is for

we'll keep going with giants and falcons running jump what spring michael vick will not save great vision by michael vick ii saw the late and no one

can take the lane like michael vick and he had a little bit of help from his running back i'm laura dunn this is a beautiful thing this is helping out

your buddy what a great level and he does not tell his coaches how to run the game at one point the thousands went 23 minutes without a first down big

got drilled late on the top and sideline and then somebody sample on somebody's mama you know how it is big what about this game what does it

mean to you it blows hurts worse than any loss you know I could think of in my career had a lot of but this was the game that we felt and we knew we can

win michael vick and the falcons lose it 27 to fight contest here we go michael vick showing signs of developing into a passer in the puck good on

the move first quarter there is no score vick standing tall looking for a tall guy algernon darius crumpler fold into the end zone trouble reading huge

day second quarter falcon trailing 17 to 7 michael michael michael dumps it off to algernon darius crumple that's a first down and then why not the

taser shot thousand on darius crumpler son of car lester coupler sockets cut the lead to 1714 second quarter watch this vick recognizes absolutely

one-on-one with troy polamalu open and that is a first down then vick again he's getting the lead here over two defenders mark it's great

job by absolutely but a great read by michael vick and a nice throw and what about this one the michael jensen michael jenkins martin not well you know

what again he sees him he understands where he's going to corner up and that beautiful touch what a great catch by michael jenkins vick 18 to 30 232

yards the first four touchdown game of his career also the first three touchdown game looks career they go charlie that's the way to go hines

now back to vick we're not done with algernon terry's crumpled I mentioned son of car lester crumpler brother of car lester grumper jr. So you can't

stop me crumpler third touchdown of the game this fourth quarter tied at 38 falcons looking for the winning score vick now how does he do this how to be

diligence the justin griffin mark that's it you know what that's awareness he understands where his outlet is and that over time 39 who's he going to

go to who else but algernon darius crumpler again for the first down make 18 a 3232 yards crumpler six catches a buck seven three of the

top and it's caught by ashley lily who has four receptions a week ago they bring ahmad brooks up the middle did they get good protection up front from

the offensive line as you see michael vick has nobody was able to snap it off and michael vick throws a perfect pass lily looks like he fits in with

his club the former bronco receiver first down on the 43 of the bengals going out to norwood down the sideline darius core would sit down you want a seat

getting close to the 10 yard line for 18 yards and then his favorite receiver the big 10 and algae crumpler vick standing has a hard throw but but

certainly handleable and crumpler could do it all 16 yards is 1413 now 1713 out there a field goal by the bengals ram vick we know we can do this tom

for the play-action little fake and then what to the outside 10 yards and you know what that works what are we trying to fix it there he goes at nobody

opened i'm going to beat the first man and 12 yards now on third and eight this is a play that if you weeks ago know we're sure that you could make the

wait pumps buys time and then look at the punch so michael jenkins 26 yards atlanta with the lead 20 to 70 that's a great play I said that thing he's got

the late hit here I guess get some foolishness bengals get a people to tie to 20 all and now victor algie crumpler crumples out of the 35

yard line take another look ahmad brooks flag burrell a hit time vic you know you get you get the pop on the quarterback and he goes down and he's

headed he will kick in the head as he goes by him as well gets the personal foul call nick justin griffith out in the flat eight yard touchdown and

missed the extra point so it's twenty six twenty but nothing detroit exact but I play this game algie crumpler he can catch those bullets bieber come

across he picked four dre later on in the second big drops back and watching wet and then sting with those defenders there oh they buoys in the water 33

yards and a falcon okay we'll still get this thing going same score vic goes to michael jenkins who finally sneaks it into the end zone and take another

look vic's past fortunes jenkins to reach but he still makes a nice catch a good job of reading back to the field if you let him and what about out of

bounds and jake's a good job catching that ball and getting it up hold the enzym stalkers come believe the 14 to 10 late in the 4th atlanta

trailing by four vic's rose and deep bomb the rowdy wide great catch of 55 yard game delaney oh jim mora happy that it was missed michael vick takes

the pitch and see you too michael jenkins so here's the good vick coming back 7 nothing atlanta on the road big hurting his hand on the play ice it would

return into atlantic grab the lead hey mike legs aboard yunior up everything's fine it's thanksgiving we had turkey we had the drumsticks into

something we had the cranberry and we've got speed michael vick wow that's one of them what faceted what pass another one are you kidding me 51

yards inside the template only get a field goal morten andersen third quarter second quarter third and nine vick scrambling right and in

the shadow of his own goalpost humming he's gone if the speed is amazing now I tell people you need to see it from field level sometimes just that's

himself he's got by the end of the year he might leapfrog himself again and a lot of time left to get to a thousand yards so it's interesting we're

talking about the a 13-yard gain now the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single game vick today 127 and his career-high 173 to

lead the parade he's going to he's going to own probably every rushing record in the nfl by a quarter no question about it the frustration at the

one-yard line is housing crumpler so they finally get the big tight end enacted in a gain of 43 this is the play i've been waiting to get back in it

is often visit throwback route look at the route by algae crumpler when michael vick boots to his right you expect that pie out falcon scored make it

2113 vick dropping back and guess what he's going to do he saw what you're not gonna catch in there by the time he slows down at 38 more yards 12

carries for 166 for vic but when they tried to patch it rally riding for what is ronnie weis to lose it in the moon coach teammates quarterback

everybody upset as in the end the saints go marchin in their number one in the division as they win coming into the game 31 drop passes by the falcons

according to head coach jim mora and six of them on passes that would have been touchdown so here's the deal last week for mike vick and their big

drop so here and everybody chastised them it might can't get it done and all this stuff manna didn't just leaving the field look it's in that game

last week my god there's in that game last week those receivers make double plays form i'll bet she's in at the offensive players boring open at the

washington 44 yard line trained a second to none in pro football the speeding helmet none of that and they hand off inside bank way japan's

perfect throw by mike the brain tribe record 29th touchdown the most quiet tight end is falcons history I played inside leverage he just went and

ran away from them and mike beg put the right where it needs to be and a quick grab like ruffling gone rock there and wait for that will do come in

without for the split outline a lot more it's not in the backfield with michael then he goes to the buckle kick in what a throw by mike later in the

second quarter same score falcons ball third and four vick is going to find roddy white what a first half he had 52 yards down to the five and from there

it would be surgical same possession second goal now from the nine vick is going to find michael jackson for it's for 1413 and it's not up spades but

more on that later hopkins ball late second quarter third and 10 vick going to find roddy white again a remarkable catch 43 yards down to the one take

another look three catches on the night for 140 yards none prettier than that if the falcons back into scores that's the second and goal now from the 8

nixed going to check down look at all the time he's going to use it find a qui lui for the score 21 all at the half what a game we have in the atl third

quarter now thousands of all first and goal from the five and more vicks he's got touch look at that the pump fake everybody buys at justin

griffith all alone his second on the night 28 fourth quarter now same score falcons have the ball first and ten vick once again all the time in

the world this time is going to use the legs something he's done this season better than any nfl quarterback in history breaks bobby douglass's

record of 968 yards what an athlete what a quarter panthers definitely switch the falcons the fifth time in the last seven seasons you know michael vick as

that nagging injury it's pretty good did he started anyway bic becomes the first quarterback in nfl history with a thousand rushing yards in a single


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