Michael Vick - The Greatest Running Quarterback!!!!!

Michael vick came into this series in the second quarter and scripted to replace chris chandler hits tony martin for 18 yards that's his first nfl completion and

then you know he can run it and then he understands what the nfl is right here at every flips over to brian harper 23 yards rushing settle for a field goal call

by dan reeves and his bass and then with the balls the tube it goes in for this play cooked he can do that touchdown so his first completion in his first nfl

mike vick pretty darn excited deep ends this year top but then vick he could just do it well this is what he's capable of this is the natural athleticism a gain

of 20 down to the four vick do you think he's gonna be fun to watch down but what a showy by mike vick today this is third start in the nfl he's dangerous pulls it

down and runs it makes it blocks things on his feet out to the 34 yard line a first down for the falcons on the 14 yard run that's a design running play he puts

up another first down at the 22 yard line design run for mike vick he'll just fake a little handoff here work done and then just follow him up in the hole look uses

that vision makes cuts and look at him glide to the four to forty at virginia tech on second and goal dick with placards in front of him towards the corner he

talked about having some design runs and this is it he just takes off and turns and runs and you're going to see him dive for the pylon and that is a new rule this

year a pickup of twenty nine yards in a first down for atlanta what an absolute strike take a look at willie jackson just run a skinny post right in between right

in the zone in between hardy nickerson and darren sharper he's logging to speeds of knowing that he's going to be the quarterback we're gonna put any arrows here be

amelia and joe johnson covered from the other side of the street they look like they have his box they're michaels except through makes a positive play out of

a negative play that's what he's going to be able to do for the atlanta falcons here down the middle atrazine ball gets there in a hurry nice balance on his throat

jump in bob christian 55 yards down the middle of the football field off sister christian the night ranger and then lit it when he rolled the defense response

to it comes up to the line of scrimmage he hits his tight in crumpler in the back of the end zone and he's 10 for 10 at this stage michael vick what an

impressive debut pass they got again almost to the 46 of green bay that sets up across the field first down atlanta this will definitely display the arm strength of

mike pick 28 yards across the field he's rolling to his right now if he's gonna get flushed this is the way they want him to flush because he's got to throw

against his body but he sets his feet bam gets rid of it and then just an outstanding catch antoinette or sonny could catch up here a terrific catch by sean

jefferson preserving the nostalgia and the tradition of straight michael vick going up top he's got brian my biggest unsex is slow okay four minutes to go big

now watch this play by mick he made the same guy twice a clock hands up your cousin will eject i'm back her as you'll see in this league and then last chance two

minutes ago vic quarterback drop that to slow himself nineteen he's run twice for 21 just apart they put a lot of time now he scramble complete dinner this is what

michael vick is capable of doing he's capable of being able to keep a defense off guard because they can't attack liquid all day she does a nice job of working

and that folks is just a fastball michael vick back in action after missing a week for atlanta they're playing carolina with julius peppers and a very fierce

front seven watch peppers batted and then todd reiner has it and out of his hands back to big this is gonna go is it 228 yards reception eventually of his own past I

can do everything this one made it chat nothing and that can we describe this song just watch julius peppers he's bearing down on michael vick takes the angle

vick reverses field and look what happens when he turns on the jets protect the football at the end he is just faster and quicker than everybody else on the field

oh you think you've watched that now watch it again here's another place scrambling pump fake and what could've hit the corner and looking to make a move

come on we're pains gone oh my god he's a quarterback 44 yards touchdown dog and rick cousin michael vick saint says is there watch that out to a lead ted nothing until

michael vick can he make the corner no way oh my god he's in the end zone his 10-7 complete done had 142 yards you came in with only 160 and now michael vick 32

yards 34 25 wow look at michael vick how does he get this spinner in delivering at the goal line where michael hickeys got star written all over him down

the world you prepare for michael vick you know I don't know if we we're watching tape to get a pair of or more this is joy in his room he was trying to

set up this boy you just gotta hope he doesn't he doesn't beat you too bad the last time just locking we felt like this and we had to play a team that's watching

barry sadness when we had prepare for him since last november the steelers have chased athletic quarterback such as aaron brooks dante culpepper and steve mcnair

but they have yet to chase anyone like michael vick this guy a little bit different cuz he's just he's much faster he is he's really he's really fast we

need a good dom we like to get a good rain storm come in here and that can just sit over heinz field for about the 24 hours prior to kickoff vick is the fourth

highest rated quarterback in the nfc and is the falcons leading rusher to prepare the steelers have been analyzing videotape of the falcons week five loss to

tampa in which the bucs tell vic to 4 of 12 passing and just one rushing yard vick was knocked out of that game in the third quarter with a sprained shoulder tampa bay

did a great job they just everybody pinch-hit for guys you know they didn't give him any lanes and if they did mullane they closed it up quick did they were very

responsive to him you try to fill other lanes potentially at times with blitzes would give him less lanes to look at in your occupy more space not even with those blitzes

you maybe more under control then you would normally be occupying lanes gives vic little room to and forces him to be a pocket quarterback when he does

scramble the steelers hope to confuse vick with something they call plaster a mid play adjustment that instantly turns their zone defense into man once he

starts scrambling the guys in the backend need to cover their receivers and let on linebackers in I don't know if a defensive line may have him on catching but try to

catch him but the steelers do have an x-factor they may be the only team in the league with a backup quarterback athletic enough to be vic all week during

practice michael vick runs like a 4-2 so I got to get my hamstrings and everything a real belt before I actually go out there and then try to mimic the little

things that he does it helps but you know michael vick is he's about to take his game to another level you know above your kordell's and above your donna big knives

he's still even in the best of plans is one and sometimes break a tackle or outrun someone and then you gotta stay back and again you know just live with that

and understand that's gonna be the case and not get frustrated by it quarterbacks washing totals the first two years in league well donovan mcnabb

the clear leader here but eight games left to go and michael vick's would be moving up the roster but by that time the ball was in the air and his hand roe new

jersey that's where the pass interference the 42 yard touchdown to pointing is this outcome this is very very very disappointing you know we should have left I

would win to beat season 3 right now and it's just tough to disappoint and i've never been here before I told the team I don't know what to tell him i've never

had a time I know we didn't lose i'll say that we did not lose today at the end he wanted because he came back he's got a time when he's down 17 so I give him that

i'm not happy with time they would celebrate happy with the time that's the loss for us I mean I never tied that football game either you mental wounds and then lose

like we did to let them come back from 17 bottled up all day it's suing dr vic bobbing weaving amazing that third and seven you have to have that first down and

then touch to out the coupler in the corner of the endzone and a falcons open you actually has a composure to leave the pocket see him and wave him the girls goes

to feel that's incredible yeah i'm just thinking my son being faced tonight in college I did a time and famine again and you know we were able to make big plays

off over there and I knew one day one of these days one new sundays is gonna come around and he's gonna make the big play and

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