Peyton Manning - Accuracy {Career Highlights}

The real news may be that somebody didn't vote for peyton manning for nfl mvp after sharing the award with steve mcnair last year manning has it all though himself this season

47 of 48 votes going to the colts qb the lone non peyton manning vote went to falcons quarterback michael vick indianapolis cord 35 first half points and dallas clark became

the first coach died dad was over 100 yards in a postseason game peyton manning drew for 457 yards the second-highest playoff total ever but no player was more impressive than

reggie wayne playing set a club playoff record with 221 receiving yards his next touchdown was a team effort to pee dumps it out to reggie wayne reggie hudson our hero so just

flatten champagne set up that one pass play through the entire first half of the football game he'd continue to throw a little short post he'd throw little hooks he kept

throwing him and throwing him and throwing him that's when he had the opportunity he wanted there's the pump and what a terrific throw now chris mcallister thinks he has a

shot at this and just this times his jump in marvin harrison doesn't you ever see a place go client 72,000 people shut up well i'll tell you what here they come again company

peyton manning in a tennessee they've had some great battle but this time tennessee's the youngest team in the league peyton start it off with reggie wayne where's the bitch

don't you worry folks are winning another way in their first few games they lead 10 three now and a little history manning harrison is hundred career touchdown reception

congratulations tied for fifth and back to work up 17 three they little dump to enter in james edie shakes a tackler and he's in haggar touchdown 24 3 the colts at tennessee

manning to harrison and this sets a couple of mark marvin just the third has more than a hundred touchdown catches manning and harrison 85 times nape hooked up with the score

14 3 samantha get picked off fight well this is if sorry that's peyton pressure by keith lewis on the safety blitz how does he do that just overcome manic stokeley burst down

on fourth and three and in annapolis isis with his 18 yard touchdown pass to troy walters manning 23: 31 to fit blue live niners did pick them off twice colts win 28 3 at the

indianapolis colts against the only winless team they used in texas peyton manning to dallas clark well you're in the state of texas once you throw dogen in dallas very

quickly it's 40 nothing and the routers going to be on ya troy evans is blitzing moreland greenwood can't get over to make the cover you see how far he has to run

across formation to get to that coverage can't get there at clark makes the catch and clark a little faster then take tony dungy could not have been pleased there's supposed

to be a suffocation game you're up 14 nothing struggle with losing records and it goes to work to marvin harris at 18 yard manning reggie wayne hopefully 2114

managed that people 2414 man both dallas clark and harrison are about the same point he's doing clark runs a quote that takes his safety out of there and opens up the

pose for the middle for marvin harrison manning as he's throwing to do boiling across the line a lot of do speculating now a quick now machine and harrison is able to make

the catch for the touchdown on one of the suckas annapolis strikes first as he was spinning around there peyton manning put it there perfectly watch him he

just puts that ball up there reggie wayne gets it spins around I don't know if he has complete control of it though she would think at a point in the game when the colts might

start to use the clock a little bit manages ha six yards touchdown seven of the colts seven three to the bengals ends with a field goal the colts answer with a touchdown

reggie wayne out of the batcave stately wayne manor touchdown 66 yards 14 to 3 in the applet 14 to 10 nicole boy why don't we answer with a touchdown brian fletcher that's what

you're christian but brian fletcher 21 check pegs answer 21: 17 why don't we have doing the touchdown gerald clark 56 yards out of the bengals six yard line which sets up

congrats same drive five possession to the first half five colt touchdown 35: 17 almost as good as the ball fake and if you don't know now you know yarn will be there I mean

this combination hooks up for the 91st time it's dawning on the college front would say show them your taillights and then I liked it a little taylor and harrison get you know

they get knotted up to me a little should be it for first penalty and it was the right call coach cowher not pleased because you don't want to let the colts run away and hide

from you which they can do in a hurry manning the harris is there and they put him in a bind and colts will capitalize on the ensuing colts drive manny rupert 245 yards 15

a 24-7 play manning to fletcher again touchdown so v the skycam play of the game 23 7 6 great game peyton manning 100-plus passer rating about the manning bowl peyton in the

colts taking our baby boomer I had the giants first-ever brother-to-brother matchup in nfl history how did they do this first quarter paint but what a strike to

dallas clark for a first down at gate of 23 yards a 37 yard game later in the second post leading six to nothing peyton manning to reggie wayne merrill you know it's amazing about

peyton is he can he does the plaques faked as good as anybody and full of eight in the history of the game but how he gets his head around so quick and locates defenders like

this move right here and as michael strahan on dallas clark he saw the mismatch a whore on one that was not good makes the pick dan murray would call that wide open that

is correct early fourth quarter colt still leading by two big that's a pretty throw to mark where is he good on a run peyton 25 of 41 to 76 colts won at 26 21 they shake hands after

the game the battle of the brothers relatively even from a statistical standpoint eli has better passer rating but peyton big brother and the colts get the wind with the

texans average margin of victory more than two touchdowns payton the colts franchise records 34 first downs 515 yards manning to joseph addai the rookie from lsu it's a

touchdown and manning patches johnny unitas is franchise record for all-time completions the third quarter colts and complete control manning lethal brian fletcher

colts up 27 three his seventh career 400 yard day three touchdowns and this is more history manning marvin harrison paul business he passes art month for fifth on the

all-time list with receptions 943 they were tied 7-7 if you dominate peyton if you use and abuse peyton and are only tied with peyton you sir are in trouble second half

jaws what happens when peyton has this kind of time in time that's what you kids do what that referee is doing right there those two heads up here touchdown the gold's

give you explosive offense would you ever call this for peyton manning take a good look at it because you saw you'll never see that again the rest of the year reggie wayne still

mourning the loss of his brother a week ago a tragic auto accident playing and making a big contribution to jets 3rd and 8th colts ensuing drive manning time to find

dallas clark 10 yards two and a half minutes to go now third and goal manning to brian fletcher that is being chased it's a beautiful play justin is off to the races on that

kickoff return so now minute and a half to go can peyton manning do it look for well the falls in the air jonathan vilma can't quite get it so back to the flintstone mobile

manic to marvin harrison for 19 yards with a minute and a half to go with the first down later in the drive manning to ritchie wade and he's out at the 1 yeah and going out at the

1 allowed them to use up a little bit more the clock so of the less time after they scored for the jets peyton manning now gonna he's gonna sneak in himself he hasn't had a

touchdown in four years running he's got two in two weeks watch peyton good all of a sudden he's running the ball tom scrambling painty scored touchdowns last two weeks

spikes the ball in frustration coulter trailing the titans in the third quarter 10 nothing give tennessee credit there the haynesworth thing to deal with and

everything else and here they come playing hard football marvin harris and his now caught a ball in 159th straight games to start his career break in the old record held by

mike cox connects up 158 marshall faulk now 13-yard touchdown harrison cole trail 10 7 fuel gold tennessee makes a 13-7 that manning to reggie wayne makes a diving catch

for 12 and then managed to number 87 looking for wayne again third and goal from the two in the stately wayne manor out of the batcave touchdown 1413 redskins secondary

quarterback to the colts there'd be mr. Peyton manning brother hasn't missed a start in his career but boy he got banged up in this game look at this hit in the

second quarter oh he just bent backwards merrill you talk about vicious when your body is not meant to go that way but the one thing we do not talk enough about is how tough

peyton manning is peyton manning came back in the game and then later on in this game one more time he gets hit here mark he's getting hit after hit oh hit after hit no wonder

you've got to protect your quarterback on that's gonna be one that the league is gonna review right there so he stayed in the game and he was so shaken up he can only do

this in the third quarter manning tomorr vanaras that's that touchdown colts go up 22 14 he was so shaken up after those his mark he could only do this to reggie wayne yeah

he's like the incredible hulk don't make him angry you wouldn't like him when he's angry he was on the money that third guy even a little grin there 51-yard touchdown 27 14

and then how did marvin harrison get this wide open merrill nine out of ten eight to the eight out of nine he posey backs west who's the hardest guy to cover in football wide

receiver eight out of nine said marvin harris that's lotteries why call for the first time this year not so fast quick strong manic to reggie wayne stately wayne manor out of the

batcave 12-yard touchdown 14: 31 runs a scene right between derrick williams and john lynch you can see right there it looks like darrin's looking for some help colts take over and

let's see guys hit the touchdown record for passes couple years ago yep think from eight yards out peyton manning might throw one you're right reggie wayne five yards

22: 14 indianapolis yeah I can't give this team the short field and take another look at it here gonna run kind of a scene post reggie wayne does you can see dear looks like

he's waiting for the flat route to come to him john lynch jumps it as well somebody again list of the coverage sack on top twenty eight twenty three hundred seven minutes to

go manning feeling it wayne 28 yards later in the drive manning consistently going to wayne williams the number one pick of a year ago that six yards then

manning way do they do it again you betcha 14 yards about five minutes to go more audibles on the line payton and denver different this year top well evil if you watch

smiled a terrific vanilla in a sense that they never moved there was never any disguised to it let the athletic athletes play and boy to peyton manning do his thing and on third and

to pump fake to ritchie waiting ahead of the earth williams again touchdown

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