This Is Why You Should Never Let a Tragedy Define Your Life

I said I can't move I said there's a shot going through my whole body I can't feel anything man I still remember the day I was in the film room

watching film and I was watching the california bears him my defensive backs coach larry slade came in the room he said inky johnson I got some good news

for you and I dropped the clicker and I said coach what is it he said son you're a projected top 30 drive bear he said all you have to do is play these

next 10 football games your automatic multi-millionaire I ran out of the room I got on the phone I called my mother my grandmother I said listen I said

after this season our lives are about to change forever and little did I know our lives are really about to change first game we come out play against

california bears I get an interception we shut him down we get the victory second game we're playing against air force he gets late in the game found

ourselves in a dogfight not close to tackle like I approach any other tackle and the way i'm approaching it he done one knock you out are you gonna knock

me out of 165 pounds I can't play with anybody but at the point of contact when I hit this guy something different happen and never happened to me before

in my life I hit him and it seemed as if every breath in my body left my body would completely limp I fell to the ground I blacked out I looked at the

doctor because I couldn't feel my right on they had poked me with all type of needles you feel this can you feel like them full of thing they took me back

they ran the cat scans and they wrote me back into my room and i'll never forget it all in about a 15 second timeframe I was lying here in my bed my

father he went to take a step in he looked at me and said son I can't do it he walked out my mother she came in she was running she kissed me on my

forehead she said a prayer she said everything's gonna be okay and she ran out and as soon as my mother stepped outside of the room the doctor rushed

in from the opposite side and he said hey get in here we got rushed just got back to emergency surgery he's about to die I said what I said my mom just told

me everything's going to be okay he said so what happened you have busted up to play via an artery in your chest you're bleeding internally have to rush

your back and take the main vein out of your left leg and plug it into your chest in order to save your life and when I woke up from recovery the same

doctors standing over me say inky has some good news and some bad news for ya so you got some bad news for him after tell her I was about to die i'm still

alive how bad can he get him through here he said the good news is son we saved your life I said thank you sir he said the bad news is you have nerve

damage and your right shoulder you probably can never play the game of football again in your life I said no disrespect man but i'm i'm eight games

away i've been working for this ever since I was seven years old doc there's no way god not now like let me make it to the nfl so I can help my family

first like yeah we miss mills I said there's no way i've never cheated i've never seen it myself I gave everything I had to it and I respected it I never

cheated there's no way that we're going to be all about setting me up to the mayo clinic and after several visits i'll never forget this is one reality

set in it was me my mother my father in the room and the doctors came in they said inky johnson ears today he said something we hate to tell you but

you're on it would never be the same again your hand and would never be the same again son you can never play the game of football again it says son here

your surgery options we could take the muscle out of the back of your left leg plug it into you right on but there's a possibility that you'll be left with

the weak left leg of the weak right along the rest of your life oh we can take a nerve out of your left arm reroute it up to your chest down into

your right arm but there is a possibility that you'll be left with too weak comes to rest of your life or we can take a nerve out of your left

rib we rounded up your chest down into you right on but there's a possibility that you'll be left with a breathing problem and then weak right on the rest

of your life by the way tell us what you want to do in the morning and the next morning I walked into the doctor's office they said someone what option

did you choose I said no disrespect to you doctor i'm not choosing an option my situation is out of your hands I said no disrespect to you doc cut me

where you gotta cut me I said I know I will come out of this situation okay as I stand right here on this stage before you today they cut me six times down my

left thigh they cut me two times across my right rib they cut me two times across my right pec they cut me one time across the left side of my neck

one time across the right side of my neck they cut me from the bottom of my armpit all the way down to the bottom of my hand and that they got through

cutting on me they said son you're gonna be in this hospital for the next 40 days I walked out of the hospital on the third day they said you broke a

record how did you do it and I said first and foremost the thing I want y'all to understand I would never let a circumstance or a situation to find my

life but most importantly you know what I had invested I had to sweat equity I had been working my whole life and what I didn't understand by being determined

to chase something by being committed to it and what commitment is commitment is staying true to what you said you were going to do long after the mood

that you have said it in has left you see people think commitment is saying yes i'll do it on the days when it felt good but i've been committed to

everything that I ever started in my life and I never stopped and I never quit it and so by being committed to everything that I started I finished it

and built a certain type of spirit it built a certain type of mentality it built a certain type of individual and so now I couldn't quit even if I wanted

to I couldn't lay in the bed even if I wanted to I couldn't stop even if I wanted to I had too much sweat equity in my life and everything that I was

doing I understood the process is more important than the product it wasn't about the outcome for me what that made it to the nfl or not that was

inconsequential in god's plan for my life but I was going to fall in love with that process because I understood by falling in love with that process it

was going to turn me into a machine a lot of people need a little extra money to get motivated a lot of people need you know whatever the case may be a

little bonus to get motivated I don't need anything but rest of my body and life and every day I wake up I understand I got two children depending

on me understand I got a wife depending on me understand I got a world that needs me the reason I go out like with the passion and the zeal that I go at

it with it's because I understand every day of my life it's somebody in the world that is depending on me it may not be you and if it's just about you

you're in trouble because let me tell you you're gonna hit something in life that's a lot tougher than you and it's gonna test your will is gonna test your

heart if it's just about doing it just about the product it will crush you every day I get up I understand it's somebody in a free world that's looking

at me to see if i'm gonna keep going and so I can't quit and so I went back to school the next week after day I just saved my life I was back in class

I had to learn how to write all over again had to learn how to walk all over again i'd learn how to tie my shoe all over again had to learn how to bathe

all over again had to learn how to live life all over getting never one time did I say let me go home I need a break you see the thing we have to understand

about everything that we're a part of first and foremost it's a blessing by god and when it's a blessing you can't help but to give everything you got to

it my life got saved I got spared my life almost died the doctor came to me on the field it was all one name he grabbed my rest he said son you don't

have a post I don't even know how you're still living the thing about it my room like you could see this you can see my arm my wound is visible but it's

a lot of people in this room that are wounded and you can't see it and it's internal and show them the opportunities that we pass up to be a

blessing to other people we can save their life with just one encounter and my last doctor's visit they came to me they said sorry inky johnson you would

never be able to use this on my hand again in your life I said no disrespect to you doc but I will use this arm in his hand every day for the rest of my

life by the way that I live my life every day i'm gonna impact someone's life every day i'm going to empower someone every day i'm going to inspire

someone every day i'm gonna encourage them

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