Football's Angriest Fans

When did we do that last season we didn't compete too late that much loss season but i'm just saying there's many a time we've conceded like five six goals over a lot but how can you how can you defend the manager today defender manager I always defend imagine what blindly they're just like so you're just gonna blindly defending manager he's a manager I love awesome thing guy but can you blindly just defend somebody if a performance that we've not won here for ages yeah I think we can cut just concentrate on the champions league now maybe if you know if you're not going to take the league seriously let's just go look I you might laugh but I think there's an omen this year cardiff is where the final is cardiff is a good ground for us in terms of cup finals we're gonna beat by munich easy melissa spoil all our eggs indian champions league here we come time is time is you know it's no good saying no but you want to keep two-year countries laughter days listen I can't defend the performance it

was very very bad by the fingers if we're in it together and we blame the manager we blame the team at all how can we blame the manager not blame team and i I have to you know keep going with the haters because I know it rustles them so you know but we've got to enjoy these burns when it comes and you know just to point out a few facts we are top of the premier league we would talk of our champions league group with the highest scorers in the premiership all of their fallout about striker over the sun right we've got the premier league's top goalscorer second we've also got the biggest in depth squads quality wise in premiership i've kept quiet on this with some respect forward I didn't want to bring it all up but ri ri p to the wob I want to hold a minute silence for their bring it out bouquet but I believe they are extinct there is no such thing as i bring it out person anymore even some of the biggest protagonists have come full circle some of the biggest lie the pit no banners no chance even the leaders of the bring it out brigade when they meet the great man himself they go weak at

the knees they would selfies within they were nice little chat again your birthday cards they love the man and do deal for the manager now view things but you know you know me are always new is shelter day they're saying well some people are saying that he he's lost address room it has all laid out today that can happen in one week then the reverse can certainly have we're not even halfway through the season yet i'm not waving the white flag or anything like that and to be honest right you know josiya we're only looking bad because chelsea have been on an amazing run 11 wins in a row but then slowly saw the managers walking it's all about the players though so he managed he he picks the players he buys the players he chooses the players so it doesn't you have to take a responsibility absolutely but they know everyone does the players had no manager but it can't be just a manager and no blame for the place national tournament after a summer I ability I actually did we've got the best squad in the premier league where you know whether we've got the best

eleven is debatable but even without getting any extra additions I still believe we have got the squad in debt who who wins is going to come down to find details but I was really upset with the fans that left and this is a long way to go just finally just trying to just finally I know you stand on it finally I know where you stand we ds then you still think we should persist if there's going to be change it's not gonna be now it's gonna be at end of season always back to manager I back the players about the club so I ain't good i'm not gonna stop everyone is tied to their pinion but i'm not gonna start slugging off the manager and slagging off the team because it so that shows that they've got an underlying respect for him and anyone that wouldn't bring it out now is deluded anyway in it i'm not being premature the real question to ask is not if we win the league this season or whatever to prove everyone the question is would we've been better off sucking austin being a last season getting him a new manager like everyone

the majority of austin fans were demanding at the time would we be in a better position now I he top of the league and top of the champions league group undoubtedly no how's he gonna tell win because our ticket price is lost you know i'm not just trying to present he has a plan the plays didn't implement you got to oh I did a fair enough you blame them and you playing the pes look I can't have blaming the manager and not blame the players I think people are blaming the players but they're saying that they're getting fed up of the person who's in charge okay fed up so so then so what what do they want they want it to be fired and there are somebody wanting fire never gonna happen so then so then so then he's legacy what is done means nothing

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