Barcelona vs Celta Vigo 5-0 - All Goals & Highlights ● 11/01/2018 HD

Vos had a world class goal against real madrid beautiful chip from outside the box he's one of those midfielders that loves making those forward runs you should get

that second wave of runs that so the players know that they're always looking to find them at the edge of the box tomato in for busquets mashindano stepping

forward now live for alba i'm interested in three in the back with the fullbacks sliding over infirm se acid slaps it home off the fingertips of sergio a

brilliant volley and parses in front we want a hit but what a mistake from the celta defense so surprised that ball was allowed to squirt through the edge of the box

and a force of the most dangerous man in world football he's had a goal again this season with pitino watching from the stands the ball sent in no defender was able to

get a touch on to it it's such a narrow corridor suarez are the presence of mind and the awareness to light that ball slide through he could have taken it touch the

uruguayan his eyes on the back of his head knowing that messi's trusted by and with no celta players around him plenty of separation there between messi and

the late arriving left back johnny who is struggling to get into position talked about jordi every time they're playing it pass they did the first touch of any one of

these celta players are instantly swarmed but to barcelona kids this could work off the ball from the home side thought about those far side simply world class but it can

rewind the tape the first tux from messi to get by the defender it's the slightest hesitation with his body dose of the outside create space from his marker that is

absolutely brilliant the give-and-go but take a look as the ball comes in to masse that first touch to distance himself from the defender it's maybe not the thing

you notice cuz the finish was again wonderful you don't see it there but the weight gets away from that cluster of celta bodies is absolutely genius the return

ball from alba first time this mess he's coming towards the ball getting away from the marker poor defending again from selatan but how do you stop that sort of

genius some masterclass in 15 minutes my work what can you do said master class in 15 minutes the two goals crammed into two minutes stretch messi from alba

and barcelona in glorious form spotting the one and taking yourself to assists and out of goal it's three nothing barsa in its jordi alba z-- world just

leaves you speechless this sort of football the ball into alba is out of this world finally getting repaid for the constant work he's done up and down that left-hand

side creating goals always making himself an option but this time he's the recipient of this moment of pure magic messi from this position that ball that just loops

into the box math alba's completely onside he's about a yard or two on no question about that but the way that messi gets this ball to dip and curl around

the entire salta defense splits that line how about doesn't even not catch this too cleanly looks like he's slipping it's just able to catch it he's he's going to

ground and he looks right away messi that ball was millimeter another chance here battling ford messi swat as just not enough to find gomes deflected back with the

deflection right in the path that'll be stiletto who next support it's getting out of hand now for salta we expected a close game new barcelona was favored but

not quite like this they've turned it on in a way that no what do you watch it you know you're seeing something very very special the pressure the ability and link up

in the final third this is the expression we've seen for this poor goalkeeper search he'll throughout the game I don't think he even knows where he is anymore

to settle from messi originally the strength is well to hold off the defender johnny and see so here's gotta think quicker he can't go that way that's the wrong

direction to go well your awareness ville trying to find sergio is his pass actually hits john

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