Kenny Omega SHOOTS On Roman Reigns! Top Backstage Writer JOINS WWE!

Support follow us on twitter hello and welcome to the wrestle talk news I am luke owen following on from their epic encounter at wrestle kingdom 12

last week iwgp united states champion kenny omega appeared on chris jericho's talk is jericho podcast to talk about the match if you haven't checked it out yet

I highly recommend doing so while it is a bit self-aggrandizing at times the two talked very openly about their relationships with new japan wwe and the wrestling

business as a whole there's also a great anecdote about new japan nearly hiring lance storm to commentate instead of don callus and omega shoots on his employer

for not doing the entrance he'd originally planned at the show which would have seen kenny play up on his new god of wrestling gimmick by having people in

egyptian clothing praying to him as he walked to the ring in a costume inspired by x-men character apocalypse however new japan told him that there was no

time for this and instead he just walked to the ring with a destiny slash overwatch slash stargate inspired cosplay which he thought was pretty goofy jericho followed

up his encounter with kenny omega by attempting to attack tetsuo knight o at new years the day after wrestle kingdom the angle saw jericho run into surprise

knight oh but he ended up being dragged away by security as naito sat on a chair with his back to him playing up on this on twitter and my toe posted a picture of a

teddy bear from behind writing in spanish hello friend behind where is it quickly please hahaha jericho responded hello knight oh you speak español very good do

you understand this i'm going to kick your ass now now chris tranquil oh man the rumors were that jericho's wrestle kingdom man twas a one and done however

jericho and nato are set to clash at new japan's long beach show in march and a new rumor suggests he might stick around with the company after that according to

justin barrasso of extra mustard jericho chose to work with omega and nato as they're considered workhorses in the company and he has set his sights on another big

name while in new japan the only other opponent I have heard discussed down the line from those close to njpw operations is a dream match against iwgp

heavyweight champion kazu chika ekkada jericho has already been a big draw finn japan who saw a big increase in new subscribers leading in to wrestle kingdom and

a main event against their champion could be another big marquee match for the company the other half of that wrestle kingdom match wasn't just

interviewed by chris jericho as kenny omega also spoke with bleacher report about the fights during that interview a comment made by roman reigns on wwe

network show straight to the source was brought up during an episode that aired in december raines told host corey graves that he was the best performer in

ring in the world right now a comment which predictably caught the ire of wrestling fans around the world especially as the comment was seemingly said to

target one wrestler in particular kenny omega I don't know if roman was put up to say a comment like that from a social media team or it was something he consciously

thought of himself but I thought it was pretty smart of him to do to say that because it became instantaneously a topic that people were talking about and

just because it sounds so ridiculous by no means do I actually think he believes in those words there's no possible way and kenny omegas 2016 match

with casino will be discussed in the upcoming wrestle ramble extra with our patreon backers voting for wrestle kingdom 10 as this month's show $5 backers will get

this to our podcast review at the end of the month it was a tight battle in the end but wrestle kingdom 10 beat out royal rumble 2009 year's revolution 2006 and

nxt takeover san antonio speaking of nxt and former roh booker and paul heyman protege gabe sapolsky will officially be signing with wwe according to pw insider

sapolsky has been working on a handshake deal with the company for the last few months specifically working at nxt tapings in the lead-up to nxt

takeover wargames sapolsky was behind the scenes in ecw up until its closure in 2001 before becoming the first book her for ring of honor in its formative

years since then he's been working with evolve which includes the working relationship between them and wwe cw insider added that although sapolsky will

be working for wwe he will continue his responsibilities with evolve and wwn smackdown live continued its solid streak of ratings since aj styles won

the championship down just 4% on last week but up year on year but more importantly are your ratings I thought the show was smack bang in the middle and 52% of you

agreed with 36% thinking the show was slightly better at smack tastic over on the russell randall poll it was a very close race but 51% felt raw was the

better show this week is daniel bryan becoming unstable on smackdown live click the videos on screen right now for more awesome wrestling content

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