March Madness Stereotypes

*phone ringing* *phone ringing* g: sup, man. C: hey, man. You wanna come watch the games? I got two tvs and a frozen pizza. *Chucklng* *laughing* g: no, i'm good. G: oh, what a shot! C: guys, last second shot! Last second shot! All: oh! Wow! T: the beginning, but then you pin it, rebound trying to prop the building.

T's wife: barrett (ty's son), who do you think would win in a fight, a wild cat or a musketeer? T: I would probably pick them.

T's wife: I can't pick the blue devils, my dad works at a church. T's wife: oh, baylor bears, that's chicken jojo's team, right? T: are you looking at the numbers? T's wife: no.

I'm looking at pinterest. New mexico state. I've got a customer whose son was there place-kick. Oh, that's football, but i'll still pick 'em. Texas tech and stephen f. Austin. Well, I had an uncle who went to the tech, never did like him.

Go, stephen f. Austin. Miami, I just got back from there so. Yeah. Auburn in charleston. Oh, I still feel bad their tree got poisoned. I'll pick auburn. C: did you guys see the north central kentucky baptist school got the win last night? C: I don't know if I picked them in the bracket.

C: whoa, they're not in your bracket. They're in the nit. *All laughing* t: the n.I.T! C: you know that stands for not in tounament, right? G: how are we losing to rhode island right now? T: if this was football, we would be killing them! G: dude, basketball is so dumb.

When was the last time you even watched the game? T: I don't know, how long ago did blake griffin play? G: on a side note, a & m is looking pretty good this year.

G: I applied, didn't get in. T: didn't we all? G: boomer! T: boomer! C: hey, sweet start to the tourney. 0 for 1 in your picks.

C: what? Dude, someone must've changed my bracket! C: wow, *unintelligible* lost me that one. C: he makes his free throws, we win the game. My bracket is perfect.

C: no, I picked them in my bracket that actually counts. This one's just kind of a practice bracket. C: there's so many good games on thursday, c: I know I cannot believe we have to go to work.

T: oh, the games start this thursday? T: yeah, I was gonna see if you guys had any available surgeries on thursday? T: one to two week recovery time would be fantastic.

You have anything other than a hip replacement? Lehigh shocks the world taking out duke in the first round. And that is back-to-back early exits for the duke blue devils. Your national champion, duke blue devils.

C: you guys have brought me back! And south carolina coming out on top, sending duke home early. C: nooooooo! G: dude, can we speed this up, there's some great games on right now.

T: yeah, as soon as I can find something for my grandma that's under five grand, we can get out of here. T: oh, man.

There's some good stuff in there. Guess, they're renovating. T: dude, would you pay attention? If you break it, you buy it. G: hey, didn't you have michigan state going all the way this year? Yeah, in the championship.

They just lost the first round. Your bracket is toasted, man. *Overlaying speech* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaerrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhh! C: yes! C: I just saved you guys a fortune! C: you have no idea what was going to happen here.

C: and women's bracket? All: uconn. G: seriously, no one's taking mississippi state this year? All: nah. C: no, I gotta get that deal done today.

Hey, did you fill your bracket? What? C: it takes five minutes. I don't have five minutes. I have only one minute. You just wasted it. C: sandra, I need tom in osha on the line yesterday! *Sings* t: for one shining moment.

G: are you seriously crying right now? T: what, no! What, you're crying. T: all those poor kids, I always feel so bad for the losing team. C: kentucky blue I see.

T: it is, I got my boys winning it all this year. C: oh, I didn't know you went there too. T: basically, my brother went there.

T: my brother went there on a campus tour. T: we're not related t: and it's one of those friendships where you're really close like a brother.

C: right, so you're a wildcat because your almost brother almost went to kentucky. T: go cats! C: hey man, forgot to tell ya. Thanks for the lunch today.

No problem. C: i'm pretty much a shoe-in in our office bracket, so cash ain't really an issue right now. C: where did you get that? C: what, these new shades? C: no, the car! C: oh, this didn't even dip my billion.

C: you don't have a billion dollars. C: oh, dude, i've got a perfect bracket going through day one. C: tell me, you're not talking about warren buffett's c: billion dollar perfect bracket never-gonna-happen-in-the-history-of-the-world challenge.

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