Bowling ball vs trampoline equals, boing hahahaha bowling ball vs trampoline, I mean that is a big question, but what will be the answer well said derek.

Look. I think 45 meters up bowling ball comes down trampolines fine bowling ball goes back up a long way 100 percent brett's wrong bowling ball is going straight through this thing there's so much, there's so much force and power get stuffed there is division, I mean, I know this thing's round.

What do you think scott? Oh. I'm with derek, bret sorry, but i.I no I don't want to hear anything more but it's not the best trampoline it's not brand spanking new mm we got it from gumtree and the contest contest this week is how many aussie dollars did we spend to get this thing yeah, any other currency will get we don't want to hear about it if you're correct.

We'll pin ya now, we're not gonna go straight to the top of the tower. We're gonna do it in 4 or 5 levels we'll see how we go -small steps yeah, but I think it'll just survive every level, so i'm not really that worried i'm definitely sure, definitely sure it'll survive the first couple, but I think from the top game over it's gonna really bounce so I think we stop talking and and we just get on with it.

Lets get out of here people say that we need to stop talking and start doing some people say we waffle too much. But I like waffles thumbs up for waffles! Righto, so just for some clarification that's number one that's number two.

Oh no it's not righto, here comes drop number one four and a half meters they tell me that ain't very high for stanford missus this is gonna be the old time laugh *throws bowling ball* ohhh, mate easy peasy! I've gotta go get that so we're now up to 15 meters he needs to just easily do this surely you're shaking in your boots about your theory.

It does feel heavier the higher I go three two and one *throws bowling ball* yeah, boy safe as houses on that level and didn't look at all in danger.

Dude. It wasn't that bad cop the hit pretty well *replay* do you guys want to change your thoughts no, i'm pretty happy but that's it's already exceeding what I thought it would tell you I sure walk up these steps a lot and there is a flippin ton of them 2 at a time for the quads scotty's a long way down already away even halfway up the tower.

Yeah, you are halfway dance the dual-wielding bowling ball and spark controller, but can you see the paint on this ball? It's actually from when we dropped all of them onto a car if you haven't seen that it's a 1 million subscriber celebration vid go watch it very good time very good stuff alright we're 22 and a half meters up here keeping the faith we're half way up, but we're a long way from finished, so here we go coming whoa dude.

It's gone quite the distance too that's a good bounce handling it. He's like boys. Give me a challenge. I tell you what my faith in the tramp is growing.

That's not bad that's not bad now. I want to give you a close-up on the tramp there is actually not one spring out of place the mats in perfect condition all of a sudden the 45 meter drop from the top at my cleavage I wrap 31 and a half meters look if you enjoying this content, and the trampoline stuff make sure you give it a like and if you haven't subscribed yet do it now i'm out of breath.

I just won't got the ball it's not too late to change what you think here? Ah? Still for the top. I'm holding out. How you think it'll load on this one then i'm losing faith yeah, you're slowly coming over as if they alright here.

We go look at i'm ready fire in the hole! Oh that is a big bounce wet line here and next stop 45 meters, it's happening this is surprising very surprising.

I can't see any wear and tear on the mat nothing literally nothing so could be looking good from the full hog here so to the very top of the place there here we go I saw the darts video if we've got 200,000 likes that we head back to switzerland or diets drop from there well ladies and gentlemen it's nice that mark also, sometimes will do a trampling a bowling ball there, too.

I reckon so 200,000 thousand likes on this video we'll do bowling ball vs trampling off 180 meters down. Oh, yeah all right, we're up 45 meters the time has come if this goes well and it doesn't destroy the trembling what we're going to do is we're going to put a lot like hundreds of golf balls on the trampoline and then hit it with the bowling ball film it in slow motion should be cool so make sure you hang around for that if this works which I think it will it's the final throw from the very top 45 meters who knows? Stanford I hate it when you're right, but I think you are alright here we go three two one go yes, I was right I love it when i'm right.

It face down close the ray game. Are we gonna kick off about 1: 45 mate wow there you go, no damage or nothing, this thing's good, it's strong as an ox mate said before 200,000 likes then we'll do it from flipping swiss down, and I said I already go in there yeah, that's not bad.

I like that that's good for me right-o, so the trampoline and um bit of a bad ass just uhh you can handle the hits a no worries at all what we're gonna do now is we're gonna actually put like a lot of golf balls on here put a bit of sand on the map just to hold him in position, otherwise they're going off cheeky little bosses.

How's the 44 club match looking good? I'm gonna say brett its the ripper want to get some of your own link in the description if you don't know what the 44 club is there's also a write-up about what it is in the description go check it out? It's amazing what you can find in the description names of the song links to our social medias.

There's a lot of questions people put in the comment. What's the 44 club? Alright, so They go kaleb's helping me out here. Let's see how we go it's looking alright yep, david coming that's looking very good wow great idea check this out I don't know how I feel about this! You drop this one back to me dropping things.

Yeah, i'm just gonna enjoy the fact that I was right and you can drop are you do those exciting one? Thanks bret looking a free hair dry um I got a guy oh, there's one thing van up here.

Yeah, hey guys flipping everywhere. You tell me when you're good. I'm good three two 1 *boom* looks like a giant cotton ah yeah, it's exactly what home with symptoms ah, or really nasty egg *boom* when the golf ball sort of went everywhere but you can't deny one of them said on the mat didn't actually stand as many as I thought off *boom* we've got another bowling ball, so we just go again *boom* really went up full I don't think any left the tramp sweet easy cleanup I have no idea about the size behind that but that went flippin so much higher have no idea.

Why let me know in the comments. I want to hear you I want to hear all you people out there that know a lot. No don't that would be good ah cleanup is not the most fun, but it's important right done and dusted here boy.

I also could be wrapped up we kicked stephanie out sure because he was right, and he's just a bit cocky about it I know i'm there, but he stay out of here, so anyway, all the usual stuff call me though your best ideas for the trampoline because it's a survive it's it's so who get another video out of it will be good subscribe if you haven't because week leave it's a good thoughts in your five yeah, he's my five get it on get it on 45 we know you guys still here, so thanks for watching every second every video every week, and we'll see you guys next week.

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