CHez Ryan: A tour of Ryan Poehling's house

Hey guys, this is ryan from st. Cloud state hockey, welcome to the chum bucket. It's. Kind of the same layout that the upstairs and the downstairs has, but.

I'd say if it's just our house hanging out, it's. Up there, but if we have people over, like after a game saturday night, we'll. We'll be down here, I mean. We've got xbox, we play it.

We used to play a lot of fifa, not so much anymore. I mean, we kind of transitioned over to the rory game. If you've ever played that, golf, it's a lot of fun.

This is usually where I make. I make eggs in the morning a lot. And then i'll. I'll make chicken out by the grill outside. Now we're going to take a look inside my fridge. i mean.

Upstairs is kind of where we. Where we usually do it, but I mean, it's nothing special right now. We actually have to go grocery shopping, too.

They were supposed to today, but. I mean, i'm a big gatorade guy. It's nice when my parents come and they can. they can bring us food and stuff. I mean, they only live 90 minutes away, so. they do that a lot.

This is a bathroom with a washer and dryer that me and my buddy. I mean nick, there's three guys who live down here. One room back there, and then two right there.

Nick's room actually has his own. His own bathroom, but this is the one me and jake share. I mean, it's just simple, washer and dryer, you've got the bathroom, and then. This is just like a little pullout thing that you can use, so.

It's pretty nice. If we go this way, this is the appliance room. Sometimes we'll put a. Like a little bed down there, and the people that are staying there, sleeping there, they.

They get a good night's sleep, so. It's. It's really dark. But yeah, and then, I mean, all that's left really is my room. Obviously I cleaned it, but, this is usually what it looks like.

I mean, my tv is pretty big, and. I'm a big netflix guy, so, I actually have like a bunch of posters that I bought.

I bought a dexter one. " power saw to the people, " I thought that was pretty funny. And then, i'm actually watching breaking bad right now, so. Walter white, jesse pinkman, I mean.

I mean, I think it's a pretty good show. I wanted to find a prison break one, but they didn't have one. That's. That's my favorite show, and then. I mean, my tv, my closet.

Here's actually my. Jack's. His. His uncle was at the draft and he took this picture of. Me when I was getting drafted and he framed it and sent it to me, so.

I thought it was pretty cool. something special. I actually have a couple more too, of. of the draft, in my. In my closet, so.

I mean, my closet, I like to keep it neat. I'm. Pretty ornery about that, so. I mean, I have the ties, and then there's my draft picture on draft day.

I've got a lot of hats there as well, that i. i keep a hat collection. I enjoy that. I go to lids. So here's my oldest brother nick, and then my other.

Other one jack. They're both twins. jack. Nick's actually eight minutes older, so. yeah. I mean, we all live down here, or. Nick lives right next to me, and then jack lives on the upstairs floor, but we all live in this house together, so.

It's. It's a lot of fun, we enjoy it. Yeah. One day we were watching spongebob, and. The chum bucket, sort of plankton was just there or whatever, and we were like let's call our house the chum bucket, so.

And it's stuck. It's. It's becoming a thing now, so. Yeah, everyone loves it, so. Now we're going to check out the main fridge. I still don't think there's much in there, but.

It should be better than what the other one's got. I mean there's. We keep giving wally crap for having this bag of peas. It's soup. it's actually pretty good, it doesn't look the best.

And there's some leftovers from the rink that we have, and. I mean, that's basically it. and we got jack over here making mac. Is that mac and cheese? We haven't done that in awhile, but.

That's good. So yeah, this is where we. This is kind of where we hang out. These are my roommates. I mean, this is what we do. We basically just do our online homework and watch.

Watch tv. It's nothing special. Thanks for stopping by the chum bucket, habstv. But i've got a big test now for b law that i've got to go study for.

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