In this sos riding tip we're going to give you five tips on how to master sand riding you wanna make sure you squeeze the bike with your feet and your knees and you are relaxed on your upper body the bikes constantly moving and wants to go left it wants to go right and you're not able to hold on to the bike the whole time so make sure you control the bike with your feet and your legs and we will show you in some of our clips how i'll do that and then kind of relax your upper body if the bikes moving around a little bit let it go and make sure you have it tight on the bottom so it's not gonna throw you off but don't freak out when you go to the left or the right a little bit it's important to keep your

front end light when you're coming into a sandy turn a little more rear break and less front break and then just drag the brake you can see that wheelie into the braking bumps I keep the bike tight with my legs and I don't shift down before I get to the turn you don't want to shift down too early keep the bike in a higher gear so the suspension can work you see my riding position on the bike my chest is forward my elbows are up i'm on top of the bike but my hips go backwards I flex my ankles my hips are further back on the bike putting pressure on my rear end so the bikes sticking to the ground and gets traction but i'm on the front of the bike controlling the front end steering the bike going where I want to go and that's really important you want

to control the bike like I said all of your legs with your hips further back but your upper body needs to stay in the front of the bike so you don't lose control of the bike and then eventually just lose the front end and crash as you can see this section it's really rough again i'm riding a higher gear standing up all the way and always try to put the front end on top of that next wave that way I can keep the bike on top it's not really sinking in I don't have to worry about going over the bars and I can carry some speed for a really rough section another really important part about riding sand is shifting up a gear you you can see it in my clips my bikes never really revving out really high I shift up i'm mostly ride third

and fourth gear to make sure that the bikes was running free. If I shift down the engine brake kicks in my suspension offsets and everything gets really nervous and shaky. A gear up the bikes nice and quiet and it's just moving through the bumps it's tracking I really just focus on my riding and my bike is not dancing around all over the place when turning into the sand make sure you stand up long into the corner you see i'm standing all the way into the apex of the turn and then once I sit down I still sit down in front of the bike and get on the gas immediately so the front ends not digging in and I can power out of the sand some long rough turns might require you to stand up all the way as you can see here my riding position on the bike upper body leaning forward and then I just stand up all the way and keep the

bike balanced and controlling it with my legs how to stand up and a fifth tip have fun make sure you enjoy the sand sometimes it can get a little bit frustrating especially when you're starting out so don't forget it's a day on the beach just enjoy it thank you very much for watching please subscribe to our channel leave us a like if you liked the video and we'll see you guys for our another tip next week

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