NBA Worst Injuries of 2017-2018 Season

Got the probably hit the biggest shot cav's history going up oh my goodness hayward came down so hard okay, hayward broke his leg. Hayward has broken his leg.

Hayward has broken his leg to gordon hayward see the back cut and not a whole lot of contact really just felt awkward if anything it was just brush contact by crowder and in any sport you never want to see anything like this in the reaction that you see from both sides both players did at the end of the day these guys are brothers in arms there might be competition between the lines but we all know how hard it took for us to get here to get to this level oh, beautiful pass to carnivale.

What a gorgeous book that was by bella. Let's hold the applause all right? He is oh boy? Just this this warriors team is snakepit right now, and you can see the reaction from steeper brian the right ankle oh gosh, oh my goodness oh my goodness I mean he's holding on to his awkward landing don't look the left leg aw man that is unfortunate the way canon went down that time oh man just hate to see this wow man did a couple of teammates around isaiah can and obviously devin booker you see his reaction j triano ty corbin one of the assistants over there trying to console isaiah canon teammates how form the entire bench coming over to dine encouraging here comes brown smart on one side this concussed have that look and the athletic trainers out there quickly and let's just hope that is it because that fall it looked like it could have been his neck he could have broke his neck on that fall or his back we were here in game one what a move here by brown and the finish totally defensive and then you can see when the arms tighten in the naza met and his eyes his eyes of everybody glazed over that is that is the look by davis korea in the area of his achilles when he missed the foul shot he went down in there and was able to go up in the air and hit the ball they'll be interesting to see what happened after he came down he's holding the back of his left leg near his ankle let's take a closer look at it people look to the left side right there he's going to be assisted to the locker room and not putting anyone on that left leg the lower leg area his teammates assisting him and cousins night.

You would have to say right now is over enzo cominius lee live shots credit the milwaukee defense inside would say guess but he goes down hard and he's hurt oh my goodness you just you just don't ever want to see a guy fall and hold his knee it's always hoped it's not as bad as it looks but he can often look at their face and just see what they're feeling and you can tell he's it's not felt this before such a fragile game.

You know you do things that you've done a million times well for a dump you slide on defense and then one time out of a million just happens to be an intern says it's okay get up they'll help them get off the floor, let's just hope that he's okay just a wonderful young talent in the national basketball association here's the play back after this looks like their engagements is personal the first meatball wow didn't look like it was even in the plate no it's um from stone teammate oh yeah, okay, that'll be a hurt area is still down we'll take a break leaving the court with our home southeast trainer used to have a serious bloody nose gets up with the arm on the ground they did trying to really talk to him and and don's got a freebie the kago used a timeout as chris done is hurt cut his lip result cut his lower lip he can see that the game none goes down with play didn't seem he got taken from the side, but no one done did this oh, and oh my goodness? Oh, man how to protect himself and if you wonder why you don't put your arms out try to break your fall, it's still precarious 252 left's and done is up you gotta think you've got a tim roy set it come out of the game the warriors have a tendency to take the foot off the pedal well after the twenty seven point lead in toronto went down to one I don't know what tim would be talking about well it's one of the most famous high schools in our country but boy is in just a catholic college in ohio sheelane was tending to or don't tell me that is it the right one? Yes, it is.

He'll add almond now the tongue. He heard it closing out a teat tuan more in step though me i've seen that before but it's been years son of a gun he didn't clear out the way and there it is javale that's that's the same plate you were talking about where you can tear your acl.

Oh man oh my gosh father it's makes it away from a couple of rockets and gibson brother butler well and the knave blames it on his legs play in the all-star game on sunday.

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