Welcome to finding football when courtyard by marriott wanted to find the true meaning of football they sent an award winning football obsessed comedian and a

legendary world cup winning captain across europe in search of the beautiful game and this is what they found for the final stop on their football finding adventure

penning and lota traveled to moscow which in the summer will be hosting the 2018 world cup final well the thing about lauch emmys is really encouraging in all walks of

life they says oh you look lovely today laura oh he dress up today it was crazy for me it's so much I think it's so much yes we don't go to skiing henning go back and rest and

so the boys set off into the freezing city on the hunt for football first stop the luzhniki stadium the largest football stadium in russia I don't know maybe wait let me

move it maybe all would be reversed finding football in the middle of a russian winter wasn't going to be easy and it's not for fun you sir right architecture hey a man in his

dog yes no football in paris we found street football here you can find only snow and what are we going to do I know somebody you can help us to find football in moscow yes I

know you yes and learn to connect yes you know let's go thank you very much for your time we didn't find a place where somebody's playing football you can help us it's

winter time where I should know play football I smoke you only what helps have you got for russia hosting the world cup good for them google players israel for the fans

some people have come to the roach and she what's real russian people you know just in the sea and they change mind before we make your round in the museum of the russian

football federation yeah yeah everybody please one question you think the russian football federation can find a place when you win the world cup in this summer yes yes we wish

you good luck thank you thank you thank you after perusing some of russia's footballing history painting and lotar arranged to join the training session at a women's football

school called girl power we were looking for football right left and center couldn't find any no men's football going on there was the women's game going on and well oh dear

he was over the moon however what the guys didn't realize was that the training session was outdoors in -7° who are we seeing here it's the women's football team called

girl power girl power girl power in the beginning was just a joke because we initially started as a kids football academy and then you've grown up quick hall so

can we join in absolutely early okay luta we can join in yes false then you have to run then you have to run well outer is competitive I played a concerning but he is a fan

he was never standing maybe on the field he was never playing football oh always a competition between henning and me yeah I was a winner I mean you have bit off the edge

having played for germany's I could always beat for meself I would absolutely love to go and find more football ways the captain booth inning you can find everywhere football

because henning I thought it's a great football fan we can say after these days we are really friends and so henning in lota ended their journey bound tighter together than a

world cup winning football team any if they learned anything from this journey it was that football has the ability to bring people together no matter who they

are where they're from or what they do wrong and most importantly this can all be done well within the reach of a courtyard by marriott hotel and isn't that just fantastic

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