One of the biggest things with us was just taking that leap of faith to come out here. " I will be making my commitment to the university of alabama." " roll tide it is! The defending national champions.

Congratulations." it was something that we had to pray on. That we talked about as a family. You know, it wasn't something that you know, we just woke up and said, 'hey we're going'.

Diane: we both come from big families and our kids are very much involved in both of our families' lives. And not only that. Was just, um, the distance from hawaii was always the big thing.

But, you have to fly off the island to get anywhere. " what was it about alabama that led you to this decision?" " the hospitality is kind of like hawaii, you know." " I feel like i'm home over there.

Everybody on sunday goes to church." " and that's something big in my life." " coach nick saban is a really good guy." " he's a really humble man.

Soft-spoken, but you know, the words hit." " the words hit." " I couldn't ask for anything better." (eli gold radio calls) I was just overwhelmed, you know? I just looked at my wife and I was like, it's done.

You know, it's--it's over. And people are going crazy. " you know for, for us kids back home making our state proud is the biggest thing. You know, and to be able to do this on a national level, um, and a big stage is just a great opportunity.

You know, and just to confine it with that moment. And just to seal it with that touchdown. And for the team to win the title. It's everything that we've talked about, that we've worked towards.

Diane: yeah, what a difference a year makes. Welcome to hawaii. Tua: " aloha kakahiaka. Welcome to hawaii." " hi, mom." " sup." taulia: " say hi, sampson." " hiiiiii." " hi." taulia: " missed my boys." " kiss." diane: so, the island is very.

They're just very proud, very supportive of the island boys no matter where they go. Tua: " thank you, auntie." announcer: " let's give it up for the one and only tua tagovailoa. His best is still yet to come." tua: I want to thank each and every single one of you for being here to support me.

And I would like to thank my friends. We got alex leatherwood. We got joshua casher. Diane: throughout the season. Casher approached me, and he says: " hey, you know, during our break in may." " I was wanting to come to hawaii.

But, I want to come to hawaii when you folks are there." you know. And then najee, of course. Wherever tua goes, najee goes. Wherever najee goes, tua goes. Tua: naj, if you could stand up.

Najee harris. And we got his beautiful mother next to him. If you can stand up, ms. Tianna, please. Diane: and, um, najee's mom.

It's always been a dream of hers hers to go to hawaii. So, I said, " why don't you come to hawaii?" and she's like, " that's right. Why don't I come to hawaii too!" I said, " let's go!" I think it's amazing, the bond that he has with his teammates.

To fly across all this way. I mean, it's just so humbling and it's an honor for us to have tua's friends here. Tua: i'd say it's a.

It's a greater experience for my friends to kinda see what i've been raised with, and raised by. Being able to share that opportunity, you know, with them. I think is something cool.

The culture here is. It's diverse, you know. Announcer: " make it rain, make it rain!" tua: just seeing how the kids back home have grown, you know, since i've been gone.

It's just a good opportunity to have my teammates down here, and even to celebrate with me and my family. I love it already with these guys.

I mean, they're already family. (Clapping and singing) knowing our culture, things that we do back home in samoa. It's uh. The hospitality. the hospitality is a.

We love to host people. Pastor sai: there is a saying that once you come to, you know, our family. Is, you also become family.

Pastor tuli: it's very simple. So, it's not even a biggie. So if, you know. I mean, if the whole alabama team wants to come down, we would love to host you.

(Singing) just for us to share a little bit of that with the world. I mean. Means a lot. And we hope that they can see why families are so close here, you know and.

And, why family is everything. And why our kids play for more than just themselves. They represent, not only their families, but their communities, and their churches you know. And just the entire polynesian culture..

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