Skip and Shannon was SHOCKED Patriots def. Dolphins 38-7; Brady:274 Yds,3 TD

The patriots avoided their worst starts in 2001 by blowing out the dolphins 38 to 7 yesterday tom brady threw three touchdown passes to

three different receivers and josh gordon was active for the first time as a patriot he is too conscious 32 yards a new england is now 2 & 2

shannon how surprising was the patriots performance wasn't surprised at all we know what they do against the dolphins we know what

they do against division opponents at home in the tom brady era he's only lost five games against division opponents when you count playoffs in

regular seasons so when you factor that in you shouldn't be surprised now maybe the 38 nothing but I think I had to score skip I thought they

wouldn't buy 10 points with me a case of do they did i'm gonna talk about that talk about I just told everybody I want me a case of duke but do I

get to talk so now I get it why you always sit over here it was no rhetorical question I did not ask you I did not ask you a question all I said

is I wanna be okay dude that's all I had to say you could have nodded but you interjected yourself now I don't meet your talk no continue you had

to be impressed 38 nothing I mean in today's game where everybody's throwing for three and four hundred yards four or five six touchdowns

for the defense to hold this like this team out considering they were three and oh but that's that's ryan tannehill that is the dolphins you

know don't at me but anyway skill I think tom brady don't read them yeah I got a read because I like respond someone but anyway tom tom tom

tom wasn't sharp skill he threw one making the last interception if minka didn't pick it off the safety was gonna pick it off the other one i'm not

gonna blame tom ports because they cut the defender made a heck of a place they run to see I saw it just spun and came straight back it was

beautiful I don't talk there's no way there's a quarterback that throws the overall is gonna throw that play because he just knows the guys

gonna clear his just straight guess right that's okay blue yeah the game plan today said look when he runs the theme just peel back I never

see anything like that before we just wheeled the last second the balls are yes all here to be the chair and so there's nothing time to do with

about that one that was a heck of a difference of play but tom is not as sharp as i'm using on so that this no no no he's feel he's still great and

whether you get the defense playing like it played yesterday and we knew normally early in the season the defense it takes them a while for

them to get on the same page tom I believe tom will pick his play up gronk did get nikki left in the third quarter skilled in and so but

front leaves don't know if he's gonna be able to available this week but they get edelman back so I think once tom get that guy back because that's

that's how I scale gronk is the guy that can that does the most damage but he feels most comfortable throwing the ball to julian edelman they have

a great wavelength together finished yet thank you my turn so I did lose a rare case of diet mountain dew to shannon sharpe now he

owes me ten only ten is down from eleven but it was the most satisfying bet I have ever lost in my life because I was so concerned for the team I

picked to win it all this year you didn't pick the patriots even to make it to the super bowl and I did not love the fact that that defense got

torched in the super bowl bill belichick the geniuses defense got torched in the super bowl got torched by blake bortles although he had

another good game yesterday you knew you don't like him um I respect also we go do this every week what about the week before

when he got only scored six points but obviously bail checks defense got torched by matt stafford in detroit and i'm thinking wait a second

there's no edelman until next thursday night when they play indy and i'm thinking this is not good because ryan tannehill has now won ten of his

last 11 starts dating back to last year and again I don't like grant ryan tannehill I was on the record ahead of that draft I didn't say he'd

be a bus but I said he's he's not a first-round pick to me and I learned two lessons yesterday do not bet against tom brady and do not bet on ryan

tannehill who had a qb our yesterday of three point five think about that it was the second lowest of the year so far three point five of you

in college that's a nice great point no but on a scale of 0 to 100 it is no good and ryan tannehill is flat-out no good because his offense

totalled a hundred and seventy two yards the defense came to life with trey flowers and patrick hung back and I thought tom brady through it

really well yesterday I silly me and here's the if i'd known this I would not have bet you the case the diet mountain dew if you notice who was a new

secret weapon for tom brady yesterday did you happen to notice that guy number 10 did you see what happened on 3rd and 6 on the opening drive

did you see what happened down near the doughnut down near the goal oh wait a minute josh gordon was in the game and tom brady threw him a pass

and he caught it for 13 yards they gave him first and goal down at the three yard line and i'm like where did he come from because I didn't see

him being in the lineup yet not like that and he threw him he played 22 snaps yesterday tom brady threw josh gordon four balls yesterday three of

them on third down that's a lot that's paying him a lot of respect for a guy who just got there what two weeks ago right let's kill the talent it's

undeniable okay the question is get up could he but harassment are you trusting him law that's always been the question not his ability so tom

brady trusts him in 3rd and 6 on 3rd and 7 and on 3rd and 3 and then the second two targets he got they had penalties on positive for him he got

the penalties and then on the the third and three caught one for 19 yards so all of a sudden when you've got a nuclear weapon on the field and

he is nuclear man everybody knows uh-oh tens on the field I don't like him in 10 I don't like a will oh you under get 12 no ok while then

he wore 12 for a while in cleveland I don't think I don't think he's ever gonna get 12 and knew anything about that but yeah I just looked weird

tens a weird number to be wearing but whatever so the point is with josh gordon in there it changes everything because all of a sudden

you have to be conscious of that guy and they're not conscious of chris hogan that they don't care about anybody else that there's no wideout

they don't care cordarrelle patterson they don't care in fact they left him all alone on one play yesterday and he was off to the race

they think the thing you'll skip you call plays and josh gordon can go get open in the other situation you have to diagram plays you got to

run pick played to try to get those guys open but what did I tell you about sunny michelle he's don't I toss a skip in the levin personnel he needs

face he said he's not an eye back you put him in space and let him do he's a bigger dion lewis he james like I said they're gonna go back to james

white they will lean heavily all helps get ya know but when you we're never running the ball look you're not gonna beat the patriots if you

allow them to run the ball for 175 yards that's not gonna happen you're not gonna beat them doing that skip hmm so you better force tom brady to

try to throw the football and then try to get home on him because if you let them 40 attempts I mean they had 75 plays hmm well you give them 75

plays you're probably gonna lose get how about 10 or 15 on third down yeah you gonna lose yeah yeah you lose mmm so the doll 30 were early

fraudulent as I feared they wouldn't be but they they just walked in and laid the biggest egg and they said we are still the miami dolphins team

it's time will position you know england ama native there you go yeah you like that huh I liked everything I saw because new england and tom brady

are back in business you see that instagram last night he's just never with you to begin I keep doubting coach belichick is greatness he lost one

time what is he like 15 and 1 against miami and the one that he lost he well those certain issues yeah didn't matter right yeah ok ok but but you

think you thought I was gonna pick the dolphin thank you see what was happening to the point spread but for this game they opened the new

england at 9.5 and it got that all the way down to six and a half and you were so nervous you wanted the six and a half after you'd already given

me the 7 that's how nervous you were about the game you should have just said I don't care i'll take 10 12 I picked this 20 I said 24 14 huh

but no I should have known better the ryan tannehill cuz I know what he is you know I know what he is I know what he's gonna be he'll win

these games kit they don't really do anything but when the rubber needs to meet the road and you know what they're probably it'll be late

well I think they probably played december they'll play in miami no they're playing tight get it tight no but but ryan hannah you're not going

anywhere all right anna he'll yeah wherever you going with it ryan tannehill can take you anywhere you probably don't want to go yeah

yeah if you driving you said nah i'm a widow dauber maybe josh gordon's gonna take the patriots all the way back home to atlanta right

yeah that's my huh I know huh let's get white like that I told you he's got randy moss potential I had no ego versus new england great things hal

eleven two guys troubled guys in 11 games in five years okay he looked good yesterday at you and he caught a big touchdown pass against pittsburgh

in the open and remember that yeah look good in cleveland my team's got this my team's back in business here we go thank you very much for this

and by the way tom brady threw a touchdown to his seventieth different receiver in his career yesterday which ties vinny testaverde for the

all-time record in that category so he just keeps on keepin on or that a record they keep stands like that now have any different rosicky they

keep dead like that I don't know that was a spanky well I think that's an incredible stat 70 different human beings have got touchdown passes

from tom brady and maybe six or eight of them from dorchester he just went up and got him out of the stands before the game keep your mom's but your

mom's a pledget right kenny well you even know if you're a flight attendant and you fly for say 25 years there's a great chance you've been

to a lot of different cities huh yes tom brady's played all these years you would think he didn't have the same receivers for all 18

years and yet baby so stop making like this was like oh my god but half of them you've never heard of yes happened receiver that joe montana

had you never heard of there was joe smith and bill scott and richard reed tom is great well will you stop will you please here we go well

you bring up josh gordon it's interesting right baker mayfield may a mr. Mizer day I think he did miss him yes I tweeted that I know deserve the

blame for that loss a lot of people follow you nothing we have deangelo hall next joining us

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