Lakers GO CRAZY Brandon Ingram Inbound Play, SLENDERMAN DEFENSE!

Night bagley 19 and 10 box with 18 jobs before he found out 14 perfect ohio would say hi exactly that one he definitely kicked that one lakers are making it really hard on

the game he hit the ball with the lakers ingram's led the way but lebron 18 the heart 17 the big numbers for zach annie kicked him three times in a row okay to save

it a beauty that things open in the bar but the exact amount of being good defensive that's dumb effort by brandon even that was something he was all over this out-of-bounds

play this time they use his right hand to free it up and then gets filed by gabriel now he'll shoot two free-throws see if he can put the lakers up by a triple here and

everybody on the bench seem to be enjoying brandon defending those inbound passes what was the overall vibe as he sent back one after another I can't really tell you

what we really was talking about so yeah i'm with you a story

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