How The Rajon Rondo-Chris Paul Fight EXPOSED Chris Paul in The NBA

Yeah this happened speak a the fight whatever you say this was wild between rondell and paul but it might have just uncovered the truth about chris paul and who he is what is up dudes do that spoilers players

richie boy mj rajon rondo chris paul and brandon ingram all got suspended in a weird and son fight you know it's bad when lance stephenson is a peacemaker rajon rondo after fight came out and called chris paul a

horrible teammate and said that paul is not the good boy everyone believes him to be and so I decide to look into that I seriously want to thank all of y'all for 100k a special 100k video is coming out on

friday so be ready for that hit that like button for the amount of punches thrown in this fight 2420 sounds good not seriously i'll throw hands if you don't now that i'm done promoting the fight let's get into

it so yeah rajon rondo came out and called chris paul horrible teammate and a horrible person that doesn't come as a surprise because they have a ten year beep yeah a ten year beep talking about holding grudges or is

there some truth to that first let's look at the history between rondo and paul chris paul edged out rondo for the team usa olympic team in 2008 the year rajon rondo and the boston celtics won the nba

championship so you know ronda was pissed in 2009 paul and rondo with exchanged words on an on-court skirmish and rondo would tell paul that i've got a ring and you're never gonna win one damn rondo you

savage and you're right chris paul doesn't having your rings yeah paul tried to go to the celtics locker room after the game to confront rondo that's interesting rondo said words all keyman with actions after

this rondo said that he'd wanna hear about paul talk about paul or anything about pauling the press conference so fast for now and this whole situation happens first of all I just want to say brandon ingram

why did you have to throw the extra point okay just what all right now focusing on the wrongdoing paul interaction while this slow motion does show that there is spit coming up around this mouth rondo has a

mouth guard it's hard to intentionally spit with the mouth guard in your mouth without spring the whole mouth guard out so for ronda to not just only intentionally spit on paul with the mouth guard

but also sneakily do it would be crazy unless it was just unintentional would never happen next was a reaction of both players the situation at hand I do agree from don this that if ronda was to

spit on chris paul ronda would probably be more ready for a fight rather than having his hands at the side of his waist this fight language is indicative of a more stiff but non protective attitude he

even takes his eyes off chris paul and looks away you can see rondo only reacted when chris paul dug his fingernails into rondo's skin carmelo and aragorn didn't even react to ronda supposed to spit

still I understand why chris paul did that because he felt like he was spit on paul then ran with the story that rondo intentionally spit on him telling the commentators first then telling his teammates almost as if

he want to justify his actions because chris paul has a pretty good image in the public eye so what this is all me rondo said that the nba side with paul over him and then rondo began to tag paul's image

saying that he's been a horrible teammate and just not the best of guys the crazy thing is that x teammates of both rondo and paul had stuff to say big baby glen davis man I haven't heard that name in a while

said that cp3 is a very bad teammate but you might not want to take it from the guy who's famous for this but then ryan hollins also chimed in and said that paul has some growing to do and that everything that

glitters ain't gold that's pretty deep considering that's coming from ryan hollins who has in transition to the best analyst that got me really thinking is chris paul not a good teammate and do we not have the

right image of chris paul so I decided to take a look back into the history of chris paul and men are there a lot of incidents remember last season when chris paul led a raid of rockets teammates to the

clippers locker room through secret passageways so he could confront them and i'm not making this stuff up but okay let's just forget about that one chris paul also was known to butt heads with doc rivers and

the clippers and add to toxic culture jj ray came out and said that the clippers had a petty culture chris paul definitely did not help with that and was demanding teammate many cooper's teammates

have come out and said the same exact thing and there's nothing wrong with that I just think that paul has in handle situations correctly with his teammates has led to turmoil and resentment it's why

other teammates haven't come to the defense of cp3 it's why the andre jordan was leaving for the mavs the first time he tried until the house arrest situation man the stuff I get to say when i'm talking about

basketball secret passageways house arrest wow chris paul has been involved in some crazy stuff throughout his career like tell me which player was involved in laying his team through secret passageways

to confront on their team and who's literally been involved in a house arrest like we say people like lance and rhonda are troublemakers which is true but then we ignore cp3 we also got go back to 2009 instant

when rhonda and paul because paul did try to go to the celtics locker room afterwards and oh yeah chris paul is one of the dirtiest players in the league you know how everyone gets on draymond green for the kick

well cp3 has been attack and growing since college he got one game suspension in college for literally hitting a man in the growing intentionally he's been doing that throughout his whole career and most

recently he did this to kd paul was named one of the nine dirtiest players in the nba by complex so why does he get away with all of that state farm and and no i'm not joking chris paul has built up his image in

such a way that we kind of gloss over these things those state farm commercials have done wonders in portraying chris paul as a lovable guy all done reality at least on his own teams he's been anything but

that and I mean who did like cliff paul couple a highly successful ad campaign with great nba talent and that's all that a lot of people see I can't say what type of person chris paul is outside the nba I mean

he is the players association president and there haven't been non-nba off the court incidents but rondo spit some truth get it spit some all right i'm gonna move on there was some truth to rhonda's

words though chris paul ain't the angel that a lot of people think he is he's a troublemaker and probably a bad teammate and we should be passing over all that he's done but what do you think did rondo

intentionally spit is chris paul a bad teammate I want to hear what y'all say about this topic so comment down below drop a like if you actually liked the video if you low-key enjoyed watching the fight

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