Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Dodgers Highlights

Youtube tv it's game four of this world series the boston red sox the los angeles dodgers with boston leading two games to one you know about him then andrew been intending the

number 2 hitter and steve pearce is the third-place sitter jd martinez in right field tonight he started in left field last night xander bogaerts eduardo nunez was a

key player final last night at the end of seven hours twenty minutes and a dodger win on a max muncey homerun so here is rich hill the 38 year old he starts his night with a

strikeout that is in the air to left the 18 3 2 pitch is down and in a two-out walk struck him out and the first half inning is history in game four good start for rich hill david

freese hitting the leadoff spot he did it during the nlcs max muncie the hero last night and justin turner in the middle it's manny machado cody bellinger and yasiel puig

against a talented left-hander i'm excited to hear you talk about eduardo rodriguez it is his first start here's the one two strikeout starts the night 95 miles-per-hour from

rodriguez hard hit right side backhanded by pierce to the bag with two outs in the first did and now his 3-2 pitch to turner a two-out walk here's more on rodriguez from ken rosenthal

the 2-2 flied into right center it's martinez to his right difficult to do much with it struck him out 91 from hill and strikeout number three three one high and tight ball four

and another two-out walk issued by rich hill he did this in the first high fly ball into left field back is taylor the truck to mdna easy to give direction to try right side and cody

bellinger on one pitch is the first out ii didn't walk hardly anybody all year here's taylor on in a two-out hit she pitched with a runner at first two out that's down the middle for

strike three in the second strikeout for rodriguez and after two in game four no score oh rodriguez gets hit by the pitch and will have to go to the replay to see where that

war is the furball here's a slow roll earning definitely broke his back for the second with rodriguez not running and turner gets the out instance help was great here's a high

fly ball into left to the play for taylor rich hill hits the pitcher to lead off the inning and lives to get his first time here's he'll one easy fly ball to right martinez went back and

then able to recover to up in the left been intending to his right has it here's a one to a strikeout of jd martinez couldn't lay off the high fastball that's four strikeouts

for rich in on the leg and then this arm come ready breaking ball curveball rounded muncie low struck him out and rich hill is dealing tonight here's a little topper right for a

base hit and the leadoff man is on for the first time for the badgers tonight struck him out the follow-through caught the catcher got hit by turner foul tip hung on to by vasquez and a

strike out two down we pops it up on the first pitch and game number four is scoreless through four have been hard that one is hooked it on the line just foul and almost on

cue vasquez one out nobody on and a breaking ball base hit into left another good at-bat by christian vasquez he's locked in breaking ball gets him working and that was almost

unfair for mookie betts who flies one into center back his ballinger and a couple of steps onto the track he has in the final out of the top of the fifth taylor takes strike three

over the inside corner one away try to punch it over backhanded stop by nunez 2 up hill coming up with bullpens are quiet at the moment to to pitch pendant nd hits one back to hill

slipped a bit underhand third base side of the rubber here's one into left good pitch in on the hands of peers two out in the sixth then it all but he could just tell the soft liner

to end the inning last night faced only one batter and he hits david freese to start the inning on the leg and he's trying to shake it off and is strike three on the inside

corner one away and we'll see if that's it get preferred turner in the second with a during the sex i'm gonna walk them put it in the hands of rodriguez against bellinger

from the window ground ball the first pitch to the plate down behind turner to the plate to score and strike first going to card michiko safe we're nothing lol when the bro home goes hi

to a shorter capture watch what happens he's gotta gather and drill it in one motion but that speed of behringer played itself out he knows he's got to get down the line he runs

inside the line no fear won the trip down the first base line and then this at third base with machado able to keep his hand on the bag that's clear for nothing dodgers in the

sixth he just got a left-hander suppose the right-handed pitching that'll be the reason why three two upstairs the ball floor to keep this spot of the sixth inning going in the

eighth man to bat match of game one ceylan kershaw there goes taylor and there's a swing and a miss at the plate 2 nd breaking ball misses inside a leadoff walk in the seventh

here's the oh two strikeout for out number one is he muscled up with a 91 mile an hour fastball and here comes dave roberts he walks away on a strikeout will take his at-bat here in the

seventh there are the numbers during the regular season work last night there's a 3o from the lefty that is outside to put two on with one out sox's ryan madson takes over and

there are his numbers this postseason worked last night for the tough situation I fly ball to right long run hernandez is up there for the out and equipped play by the

second baseman tk hernandez to pinch it three forlán and the red sox I would enter on it's for three two outs more two out damage here's one back to matson knocks it down and the

inning is over you know the weirdest part about today's game the freshest guys were the starters everybody else is backs everyone else has pitched a ton in the game good breaking

ball is striking out one down in the seventh the other way for bishop flied into center easy for bets game number four is into the well here he go put your seat belts on we got two

innings one run game he won the top four spots these two games is a flyball into left center steve pearce for for we age a strikeout for out number two the last two innings here's a

1-1 bogaerts pops it up yasiel puig and again and this game is tied the boston during the year as machado starts the eighth inning with a base hit into right-center field the pierce

has tied this game kenley jansen and on two and two strikes out I just have this mental picture of a teeter-totter to the left of bogaerts want to play for the

first safe finch is telling alex cora to take a look at that what an effort by holt on the turn and let's take another look good start of it by polled arts left side a sec we will

turn in the second first and third two out struck him out and game number four is going to go into the ninth inning in the ninth inning trying to keep it tied going into the bottom

half against janssen it's a four-four game left side got a piece of hitting by holtz and he digs into second base with a double that's up the middle the wet socks i'm gonna take the

lead cook scores boston on top five four runner goes ground bone on the right south hernandez gets the outed person by starting the runner devers they avoided on the play walk

them more than likely bring in wood against been attending alex wood is waiting for yasiel puig to get back into position out and right with two on and two hours you shot over the

favorite safe every bases are loaded then intended beat it see if they want to challenge that call that's up to kenta my ada and steve pierce steve now an intentional walk to jd

martinez to bring bogaerts up but the runner is going here's its my ated and nunez in a high flyball into left scenter back near the is bellinger and it's a five-run ninth inning big hit

by pierce and kimbrel does indeed take over they had grazer getting loose when the game was oh he's off the hook as dozier takes a leadoff walk hernandez makes it a three-run

game ground ball right into the shift good plan by bogaerts to stay down on it one out the next two turner tonight is justin turner and the dodgers don't go quietly already at 20

pitches is a fair ball why for out number two that's the kit dimers and he comes up firing and machado was out as he steps on the heel of pierce at first 3 2 pitch flyball into shallow

left-center should end it the red sox are up three games to one 9 to 6 the final celebrate they roberts heads in to face questions about his usage of the bullpen

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