Cowboys vs. Eagles Week 10 Highlights

Can I pick up the first down as we go along here they start from deep in their own territory at the 9 yard line prescott in the pocket for the moment avoided the sack but not as brandon graham is

able to get in there brusca hanging in the pocket fires to the sidelines and reaching up for it but out of bounds is michael gallant and him out to the left empty shed here at first now from

the 44 yard line is over the middle nets picked off at the 37 yard line by van der edge dallas rookie with the interception and a good run back still going all the way down to the 38 yard line

they're number one at a boise state play bandura sh right over the middle packer in the middle of the field and he just never saw it you know whence this year has had seven interceptions

dropped to me he's gonna wanna use to pull back play-action fire to the outside court 23 yard line that's amari cooper for the moment put the dallas cowboys it's third down and seven from

the 20 and here comes the blitz and the passes got away to the 10 yard line cooper makes the catch first malcolm jenkins get out there honor oh scott looking the rows and the pass is incomplete

chris jones to put it down to try to get that us the lead which he barely does the first two games this season and I went to play very well over the last six weeks the jordan matthews the nine

tennessee converted 11 of 14 here is not taught in complete good coverage from its own 8 yard line breasts on to the outside and as lucky that one wasn't picked off third down and six prescott under

pressure is able to complete it and then cooper is able to get the first man with at second effort look at that six defensive backs all aligned fifteen yards downfield he got the pants to rod

smith and he almost gets the first down why it opened john adams big run forum smallwood in the game right now when stroh's and completes it at the 29 or gussied this he does spread it

out with five why spiders and that's incomplete so once again good coverage worth thousand to twenty if it adams know jaymund spent having a terrific season so one motor damer stops the other

is linda day in tampa they're 63 rolls in the passes and complete trying to get it the beasley tate is back to run the kickback and is a short snap and they're gonna run the ball up to the 34-yard

line and it should be enough for a first that jeff eat to the left side in the past is taken in by beasley prescott's of seven different receivers balance but he gets inside the 10 for a first

and gold but right over tree sullivan I bet you he's dying that he ended up look at this I mean can you imagine very go ruska under pressure sac at the 15-yard line that's michael

bennett longtime seattle seahawk coming to philadelphia big sack accounted for the only points in the game to this point barrel and he just barely made and this time much more true with 341 gotta

keep them on the field for a period of time check it's a combo platter they toss the atoms and the pass is caught into traffic and trying to play off before the 200 warning and they do masha's

caught at the 45 yard line hurts again bake the heavens lynch hangs in the pocket hittin up and down the sideline and at the last moment knocked away from 56 to put kick good we thought he was

going to go for it go to commercial and he sent out the field goal group the masses caught in the third cooper's gonna take it to the morning and they really needed somebody like

them now and again prescott's going to go down you got brandon graham and chris long it's great to have a great defense we got a you got a score that screen here michael get lip is going to pick

up the first down filly thought they'd get the ball back that lesson control here that's their suppliers and that is beasley have been inside the 20 yard line prescott fires caught just shy of

the goal line by hearns he's in bands clock keeps rolling first and goal does he sneak it or spike it he's gonna sneak it and sneaks it into the end zone what a turn of events here filly got

the big sag down up on a third and 15 for 25 yards set up the rest of the drop start here look at slammed into the bennet with the sack he's been around long enough to spell that one out that

was it in the outside this most of last season with an injury that's coming contacted his once but he gets it away for an 11 yard game 1118 the minute for 116 yards backs their to the 11 yard

line goes urged extending reaching for lined up in the backfield here on the second and 13 and the best quitman her to laterals the ball to tape and take take it out of bounds at the

cowboys have excelled third and seven play clock at one they just get it off wentz fires over the middle and it is broken up at the goal line third down one more time the nemesis of this offense

and a six yard attempt by elliott is good military folks in attendance tonight here in philadelphia skycam here start with a 14 yard run by sheikh elliot for a first there we go

that's a pretty good start races again inside the 30 and then jenkins is able to dislodge the ball but out of bounds so zeke elliott first time barely avoids the sack loses the ball that's

loose and then he's able to recover it and throw it out about and slow it away for jones we'll set it down morrow mission by a lot he was the number one draft choice last april second and

seven as fires and that I can do it again here on third and long need 11 protection is good that's caught and they can't stop him here is jordan matthews banks to catch pain of 18 under five

minutes to play in the quarter note that's caught over the middle will started after the mystery there's pork touchdown beautifully executed drive 68 yards 10 plays and five and a

half minutes and an extra point away from tying the game this is the first time i've seen a mistake third and two I snap tosh's back to elliot he'll turn it upfield picks up the first

down or the 47 yard line that michael count bottom of the screen eliot pranks are tackled wouldn't he's having I think to smith he wants to throw one to mario koopa 101 and sullivan the

rookie is on cooper meal on the pasha's clock by le so see elegant doing the bulk of the work on the ground five of the four-man rush here wants fires and that's whence go eat there

feel that it's caught on the room behind he and sets up a first down and goal they were tied and set here and makes the catch winston hertz for the touchdown that didn't take long 74 yards

and an extra point away from tying the game another snapshot here we go quarterback it but she's just going to use the leverage the guy guarding him is outside so he goes into them and

then jets hard back inside just gets that body position the rebound position we don't know if the ball ever hit the ground that led to the touchdown and that is caught by shoots canden sullivan

at some point prescott fires over the middle wide open at the 40-yard line is a mantra cooper this year third down and eight is caught first sets up the first down and goal in the second half

first and goal from the 9 like pocket one making elliot with the give it to man he's able to get into the end zone not to clean the stand on but it gets it in there anyway and dallas has the

lead again but jeffries they're turning around side night while third down and two year victor's and play coming up here the blitz is on on the outside analyst mainland clement by bandura sh

what a play by the rookie or is going to be two blockers out here on this that's incredible this is the play of the game right here this saves the game for the dallas cowboys if they win it

fourth and seven is somehow but short of the first down yeah but later spread was a little late getting out there he had to cut underneath the other receiver and there's where it is they gave him

really the max that I thought that they could have facial sticks are on the far side so he catches it over the first down marker but it's not where he came down no jeff heath is the guy who

makes the tackle and you can argue he didn't make have control the ball until almost third and 15 hill next to the lower door man rush these fires over the middle clock that'll be a first

the outside then it'll be taught or work the boundary trying to get out about city bus here looking left trying to get out of bounds and it does when it's pressure and that's worth taking

it to the seven-year ladder he laterals the ball to gold and tape but he's going to get swarmed in the clock will expire so they work the middle but not deep enough over the middle 14th

catch of the night for the tight end trying to get it over to tate but the cowboys were equal to the task and the dallas cowboys win a game they had to win

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