The Black Diamond Ice Tool Family

Hi there i'm kolin powick, the climbing category director for black diamond equipment based out of salt lake city utah. Super psyched to be here in austria climbing some ice and introducing some of our new products, one of them being our new reactor ice tool.

With this tool we really round out the line of technical ice tools for our consumers to be able to choose the right tool for the job to really be able to do anything.

Our first tool, we've had this out for a few years, called the viper. This is a really nice, basic tool great for ice climbing, water ice climbing, alpine climbing. It comes in a hammer and an adze version.

This adjustable upper pommel can slide up to get out of the way or if you're gonna be doing a lot of daggering up to a route. lower pommel here, so everyone's climbing leashless nowadays so everything's coming leashless so a really comfortable really nice balanced basic but a really do everything tool.

This comes with our alpine pick which is a t rated really burly, a little bit thicker, really durable pick you can torque in rocks and and bash into ice and it's a really really tough pick, so this is our basic viper tool.

Now our cobra, this is the ferrari of the ice tool line. Carbon fiber, really a pure ice climbing tool, it comes with our natural ice pick, a really streamlined pick for climbing pure water ice.

This is a great pure ice tool, alpine climbing tool. It's got the upper and lower pommel of course, spike on the bottom if you wanted clip leashes in and it actually comes in a hammer or adze version as well.

This is a really nice pure ice tool. Way back in the day folks would climb mix climbing with this, but now the tools have changed a lot and usually these are just used for pure ice climbing and alpine climbing. speaking of mixed climbing the fuel.

This tool, not only is it great for vertical water ice and steep water ice, it's a really great mixed climbing tool. It comes with the pick that's a little bit more burly and a little bit more open pick angle to allow it to climb ice.

We sell a mix pick that you can attach to any of our tools. It's a little bit steeper and allows you to climb the really steep mixed and dry tooling terrain a little bit better, really cool.

The fuel, it's a one-piece hydroformed shaft all the way down here, which makes it really stiff. That's what the mixed climbers like if they're doing stein pulls or dry tooling and torquing the pics in cracks.

Pretty lightweight, adjustable handle down here, you can add some spacers, you can even take the spike all the way off if you're really dry tooling a mixed climbing, you probably don't want the spike on here at all.

You can take that off, adjust the grip to the size you want, dual grip, that's the fuel. And then our newest, called the reactor. What we wanted to do with this tool was create one tool that really did it all, from easy ice, to hard ice, to mix climbing.

This tool can really do it all. It's got a one-piece aluminum extruded shaft, a really cool, really comfortable handle that has this innovative adjustability right here with high volume and low volume, allows you to adjust the grip to two sizes there.

A really comfortable wide flange here, lower pommel so when you're really hanging on steep ice or mixed it's very very comfortable. You don't need to death grip, but it's a nice diameter, really balanced, balanced swing weight.

This has a steel head with an aluminum plate but you can also add the hammer and the adze from the viper tool will fit on this tool if you wanted to take this tool in the mountains or if you just wanted a little bit more head weight.

And this has our new natural ice pick which is a little shorter and thinner than our previous ice pick which really allows it to penetrate into the ice really really well. this is like the one stick wonder, just boom in and out awesome..

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