The argument about Formula 1 vs Formula E

Today we're going to look at the difference between formula 1 and formula e depending on your viewpoint you probably already have an idea of a difference along the lines of third one is

amazing and the other is a boring embarrassment that you struggle to watch it's just a case of which way round you see that in a sense the difference between formula 1 & formulary is

quite simple one is a nearly septuagenarian grand prix series which grew from european racing with the aim of using the most cutting-edge cars of the day to create the most spectacular races

the other is barely approaching its first half decade of life using temporary street circuits and held its inaugural race in china another sticking point here is that it also uses the most

cutting-edge technology of the day and this is where you get a conflict and an endless endless debate more circular than if you bring indycar into it in reality though it's very hard to compare

formula 1 and formula e racing the strategic calls in both are completely different and skills aren't it's the be transferable between the two for teams or their drivers in formula 1 large

teams model huge amounts of data to build an optimum strategy highly customizable cars get their every element tweaks and teams decide some elements like tire choices weeks in advance

this means that it's highly technologically refined but there are a lot of the action that goes into producing an f1 race goes on behind the scenes formulary is personnel and cost limited with a

condensed race weekend that means a lot less tinkering by the time you get to lights out strategic course might still be being made on the fly with drivers doing maths about energy targets in

their heads as they race even more so now it moves to a pit stop this generation to race so in reality the difference between formula 1 and formula is almost everything which is why it gets

people so frustrated compare the two are there is one question and i've got to get it out there for the fans of racing in particular when people ask me so what's the difference between formula one

and formulary so why does this keep coming up well it basically comes down to a debate about what the bleeding edge of automotive technology actually is there is a fair argument for saying that for

now at least they both are but formulary has over twice as many manufacturers involved as f1 because the race the develop electric vehicles is key to selling cars in the near future

for an ever-increasing number of places around the world but racing fans don't necessarily want to let go of combustion just yet and whether f1 stays on the cutting edge of tech or stays

racing with petrol engines is one of the biggest questions about its future right now and the smallest one for formula e two very different series their common ground is the history and

future of the automotive industry a bit like fighting over a fortune-telling scrapyard which is why people can't stop comparing them even if they're not at all alike sorry so this

episode was written by hazel southwell a motorsports journalist with a particular specialty in formulary and electric vehicles you can find her on twitter reporting from the

former dairy paddock or in a number of motorsports outlets and you will not be disappointed with her brilliant articles check her out this video is also the first of an increasing number of

formula e videos on this channel and don't worry though they'll still be the usual amount of f1 content and this channel will be focused mainly on formula one but for me larry is incredibly

interesting from a technological point of view but also in the way the sport is constructed from its rules to how it's trying to position itself with his audience so there's plenty of interesting

things there to have a look at and a brand new season starts in just over a week so what better time to have a look

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