LA Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights

Streets I kind of a shake-up in the starting lineup without chipping being in the starting five with mike in a matter of moments where the pella to protect the rim right that's why

he's starting of course to bill mcgee remains out that his entry who is an assistant coach which luther golden state team is bumping lonzo ready that's the deal risk of michigan on susan

rips it away from ad there comes lavon all the way just get going here staples center lakers have won nine out of ten here at hall must have been here in a while however get on the road and

there he is anthony davis his first bucket of the evening long leads all saheba what a throw blanket little bananas back to the basket that's not ladies and gentlemen the bodies of the back

of his habit is to burn right there the rebound nicely good double team to get the ball out of the hands of anthony davis that's the place soup pots three for three and three minutes six

points polident davis glide score those and dunks to say he leaves the team and ever just about lebron great apps again for kentucky wildcats on this roster is the ucla bruin

bouncing to one of the other wildcats in the throwdown lewis has a thirty seven point game on his resume this years nothing but natheless rajan welcome back he's gonna pull up the 17 he's

picked up by spilly with the number three pick they just took a long look at him hard something outside in josh spike dudley heating them up to stret no distance pass here is rondo a

victory in brooklyn people on board mavis will see some anywhere you know that it's more 12: 43 it's a tough matchup for okafor having tyson chandler wins the guts oh poor likes to

operating in the low post in tyson chandler's two teams this year and it's not christmas they all use the same because his uniforms bowling was oh londo i'm gonna give it to heart on

its way keep down let's pack it up rajon get a native accent it's not over a lump underneath pass the channel that's what his ministry was first report because the vows now it's

guardians anthony davis and anthony davis scores on it by chandler you know too much on every verse to the campus down the middle he's seven out of nine at seven rebounds two

assists cap shoot case three four three five this is where you got to send a secondary defendant at georgia's because it's not he's just going to operate there's no rule afford

but it went right back holidays gonna waltz right in and score with a little floater through holiday how did you get to career at-bats this year county because that's the motto firebox

the blahs with the offensive rebound wanted to give it to somebody from those two competing conversely pelley's have only shot three free-throws advantage not if it goes maybe

an ad one what's so well on the defensive end one to six steps off the board he's newly listed it's tapped up randle nearly lost it girls about my trip with his right hand is relevant so

they try to keep stash the best kind of motion on the defense isn't true is booked for three deep and down toward orleans gs-13 lebron directing traffic will be back to the basket is

guarded by holloway good for the studious all the power drew heavy jewel taken by rondo will survey the floor and direct traffic at the attacking 47 three minutes to go a nap go all

the way to the store the blood would be the double figures at the breaker here's why on a beach not the ocean this week span right there both the three holiday quiets when you talk

about as a defensive work yeah he's a real jerk this vince he's one of the best two-way players in the game he blonde gone on all of a sudden 15 not bitch three games under 500 all year

like this try to pull up their legs off beautiful hello rondo cats off its the deal to rebound by ain't growth holds on to it fine soup to put sweet needs of the year you might recall davis

ir get down reports on his way to possibly another triple-double 12 7 and 9 already lonzo keep it down isabelle else no bees either but everybody else don't why whose mom

beautiful james finds a garage on his comeback and switches it before hole three on the shot clock I feel brandon knows well now he knows it tt store zhenya coming down his new box is and

again late but short and if you holidays eat some friends to join the party all and randall was in perfect position and i'll throw it down with one it is villain big number lakers it's

four on four pounder trailer lies oh oh wait football politically smoothie king center all up nice lbj 14 what their what billy like to shoot let's beat to it by miller we'll see

why now engage the piano better for the lakers at the upper end it's anthony davis very well davis cleans up the bucket down though davis is racking up rebounds very nice play by

report indicates that only a five-point advantage now they got into it jc feelings into that one river allowing the thunder for opportunity you got three seconds here's wide over

there is wide open I do all my it's tough especially it's one ball fake and else no clock no holiday back to court the goes behind the back creates a little magic then visible dignity

sincerely too much standing for the lakers right now and then a loss bravo welcome back with the broken hand straight away through you rattled into vauban a little broad six to shoot

we're up against it the broncos it they'll turn follow a perfect love water bottle in 22 minutes seems wrong take it across like this party you look who's came around well wide open race

recognizes it likes all the time on the clock we've been trying to cheat over defensively the blonde starship see air ball anytime and there's the first point to the force bob davis

great defense by zoo finish the slide holding on to the salon all the way scores take that is lebron spinach all that's just ball out of bounds isn't it now you got a call on your ski to do

something rattles go to attack you know that the two-game losing streak is over the penalties have now lost three in a row and the lakers they win their 19th here on the 21st of

december they didn't win their 19th last year till the 26th of january and the two friends will chat briefly game is not officially over lakers wedding 1: 12 to 104 triple-double for

lebron and a great game by zhu bajie esra coos with 23 bravo at 8 points 9 assists 4 rebounds off the bench mercedes-benz peak performed well the man with

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