Now he's making it super dope we could find any that are down there oh oh yeah oh there's a softshell dude see him oh what is going on crows welcome back to another video here today we're getting

turtles for the pool pond some people may ask me why am I buying all these things if i'm moving to the new house soon and all this stuff is coming in the new house so whether I buy it here

alright at the new house and don't matter either place I buy these ponds right here that are in the ground or the ponds staying with koi fish goldfish things are easy to take care of so that

when i'm not here as much I will always be here my parents can take care of these fish very easily throw some peloton throw some flakes in and you're good this right here as you can see our

new turtle just went right into the water run right there we're gonna show you how we got that one in just a little bit enough of the turtle pool talk let's head to mark's ark and pick out some

turtles davus yeah easy on the transition I know this new teleportation I did something new anyway we're here at marks are take a quick pt left here clown I fish chillin in that plant tank

actually he was rehabilitating if that's the word that's the word right yeah okay alright he's all healed up now since the last time i've been here so it looks like he's doing just fine but this tank

this is the one I wanted to show you they only had cichlids in it last time now he's making it super dope we got jag cichlid jaguar cichlids benchley I do want one of those fish I want every fish

in that world though so that's not gonna work out oscar little tiger oscar they're also now by now over there and look at them I love that look at might as long yes love the look we came here

today for this reason right here you know we've done this multiple times there's one I can already see that I really want and it's him right there he can grow really fast in the backyard I

don't exactly know how much he is nor what kind of turtle he is cuz i'm not the biggest reptile guy I just like turtles there's also a snapping turtle right here which would be really cool

but nick already has one and once it outgrows this tank i'm gonna put it into my pool fun so I don't need one of those either I don't see any yellow bellies which is this fellow right here I don't

see any of them that are big enough to go into the pool pond without getting like stolen by a bird or like you know what I mean bottom line is there's not many bigger turtles besides this one

right here and if we could find any that are down there oh oh yeah oh there's a softshell dude that's sick yeah we're gonna get the softshell yeah we haven't got a softshell yet and in the new place

once we get this pool pond into the new place i'm actually putting sand in there which will then that have the turtles will be loving worth everything all inside dig inside so that's their main

goal I think i'd like steps inside my head davis look at these porcupine puffers right there are those like you can actually have one of those that sells for water though oh yeah you can

actually take a picture of one of those I can guarantee and make it look raw but uh that's a porcupine puffer and when they puff up is like they look like this alright he's going in there it is right

there right there jim oh yeah you got him and you got another turtle with them that's a perfect size though it's also the stuff showing too uh into small yeah can we please least acknowledge the

homie hanging on right here we're hanging on this out of the plastic bar one arm yeah savage my boys a savage we're just getting the one softshell today it's the only turtle that I think

is big enough to survive out there outside once we get inside like what I want to have them in at the new house we can get is I don't want to spoil anything dude let's just go we got a

softshell and it's perfect size he's like I want to bite the lens ya really want to get yourself some pets some fish whatever you want there you go screenshot real quick it is oh wow it's

beautiful I dude it is so nice out we got our little soft shell we are going to go home and put them into the pond such a pretty and his shell feels so weird it's like a soft smooth feel to it

but uh he's ready to go in the pond davis no transition this time listen hang it please okay all right slowly fade and we're back into the backyard with our bucket and our new softshell

turtle I mean the feeling on it like maybe put this bucket down it's unreal it is so soft and like smooth it's not even funny so like a normal turtle this shell is hard it's a reason why this is

called the soft shell look at you can literally like fold it see that don't fold it all the way but it's very bendable flexible moves a little bit see how squishy it's like a pancake exactly

like a pancake the edges feel like a pancake filled I did this the other side it's so sick you have a soft nose to his nose a soft look everything soft about yeah he's a liar though oh I get it we

are now ready to put our soft shell in the pond before we do so comment down below what should we name this turtle look at this he's very snippy we're gonna put them in be sure comment down

below there he is there he is and then the albano's right there so now they're just chillin next to each other doesn't look at the pancake with a neck so funny anyway so now we have painted turtle you

can see why it's called painted I mentioned this multiple times in the channel but it's a beautiful beautiful turtle right there so we got that guy in here we also got an albino ready your

slider which you just saw swimming with our new softshell so this is what we bought at mark stork last time as you know it was much smaller when we bought it at mark's arc they've grown a little

bit so that is a yellow bell you can see where they get their name such a cool-looking turtle right there very wide see how wide that turtle is and there's two of them in here one's a

little bit bigger than this I believe so i'm gonna put him back watch how fast he takes off he's not the fan of being on land there he goes now there's one more turtle and I gotta find it this is the

one we bought the other day anybody this is a side neck turtle his neck instead of going straight in like most turtles they pull it to the side and they push it sideways i'm getting turtles all at

about this size and a little bit smaller just so they grow in this han droid here I don't want to buy any huge turtles and I don't want to buy any too small i'm buying them all this about this size and

I have the footage of actually getting this exact turtle so roll the footage anything about a new pet i'm running off an hour of sleep right now so let's see oh where'd you saying other way hey

buddy eddie wong that always cute oh here we go upside neck put him on there little run off himself ready oh he's so cute I start naming them name down my daddy long neck daddy oh yeah come on

the new side neck we're gonna kind of keep our distance yeah he's a little shy lulu what are you doing outside his neck slowly coming up he's like what is this look how good the yard looks dude we

just flattened all the dirt out so now it's all flat pigs are loving it but as you can see it looks neat very clean clean clean backyard now oh look he's moving oh oh there he goes wow so long

fella we have more clips of you shortly but now back with outside nectar don I want to give you guys a cool look at the neck so i'm gonna put them down and watch as he gets out and goes into the

water his neck will extend we don't have a name form just yet who knows what hoping they met I have no idea start dropping names for this fella as well if we like your comment there's a lot of

likes on it if I enjoy the comment I like the name i'll put you and wanita coming videos on the screen you see them better good okay extend instead of that neck going like this it's going like

this look at them softshell now for those of you who don't know about how this was created just click up here and you can watch the video of us creating this they actually used to live in a

really small like little closed-in aquarium over there which has now turned into that but I moved him into this bigger enclosure not only so I can get more turtles but so they had a bigger

they've asked on this one in the morning because the sun actually comes off this corner here and they just sit on that corner right there and then this is on of course throughout the whole entire

day every day mostly at night though this is just a bunch of boulders left over from building these backyard ponds like that one oh wow that's bright like that one over there and the two more

that are over here just got some solar panel lily pads right here which turn on at night I put a bunch of artificial plans in there you can get those at any pet store just to make it more realistic

as you can tell the soft shell was just in them and they're just chilling right there on the rock makes it look really good and that'll be here is of course our pump this is just a uv filter and

then real live plant they love that thing you have to have some sort of live pins they could sit in as I speak you can see the painted hiding up in there right in there and then one just boulder

down there I just put that there just because why not but that right there is the turtle pool pond what they're in right now if you want to see it all go down once again just watch that video

i'll also have a link in description today is positive coming shout out goes out to erin cory love all your videos keep up the good work it's got four likes on it including myself if you want

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