The 10 BEST Super Bowl 53 Commercials

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well that was a very hard-fought defensive battle wasn't it now I know you guys may have all hated that game but it was good if you like defense plus you guys

had the commercials maybe they were fun this year and we're gonna go through the 10 best superbowl commercials from superbowl 53 coke is a coke is a coke

it's the same for everyone you can get one if you want it no matter where you're from tea drinks coke and she drinks coke even though they disagree and while the

bottles look alike you aren't the same as me stars drinking shots drinketh farmers want one when it's hot there's a coke here if you're thirsty but that's

cool if you're not we all have different hearts and hands heads holding various views and together is beautiful too first things first I love that coca-cola

went for the positive diversity message we need more of that nowadays together is beautiful guys and at the end of every day after we tweet and spread

our angry messages on the internet between each other we all sit down and enjoy some coke i'm a close talker so I was excited about all new colgate total its

breakthrough formula does more wonderful sensitivity strengthens teeth it kills germs through my whole mouth I like your confidence thanks mr. Lee now there's

no such thing as too close yes there is don't there's not yes there is no there's not all new colgate total do more for your whole mouth close talker hits all too

close to home I don't know if I got friends that would tell me if my breath smell bad like not only one of those boy and your breath stank type of things where

it's all loud and everybody called you young mouth I mean like pull me to the side and tell you about their dentist who specializes in our ptosis

i'm bonnie i'm vivian and we're the makers of bond and viv spike seltzer it's sparkling water and alcohol it comes in two fruit botanicals like pear

elderflower but zero grams of sugar yeah it seems too good to be true the lettuce the myth is real what do you think sharks I mean I want into i'll double their I

love this commercial I was trying to think of some good gadgets if I ever went on shark tank like wrentham spoons or something check this we serve you soup for

free random spoons what sorry heat pasta we eating pasta it's cool right yeah I didn't know you guys put a lexer in a microwave yeah we're putting her a lot of

stuff now but trust me there are a lot of fails like what all right next I play my podcast we need analects a dog collar for dogs ordering ordering dog you can park

all you want i'm not paying for any more dog food ordering gravy that border eat sausages okay you better cancel that order likes a hot tub a sucked like that

my music okay and then there was the incident wait that was you guys I don't know was it how harina powering down she says she's doing it but I don't see anything to

you holy i'm not talking about here did you know that alexa is listening to all your conversations the government is watching alexa play watching me by rockwell

what's happening it's the future michael oh i'm not michael I don't worry he calls everyone michael so i'm a big nostalgic guy so seeing all these throwback

cars and slimer and everything it makes me happy your kids don't know about good pop-culture references your means and gifs or guess it's gif it's not jiff jiff

is a peanut butter I like to make my life easy roma mode good luck with that one yes so I wear sketcher slip-ons they're effortless you can just slip them on and off

and they're incredibly comfortable skechers air-cooled memory foam sketch your slip-ons for those who like things easily thanks every tray slipping

to easy comfort with sketches slip ons try them in relaxed and wide fit it's good to see romo at the super bowl finally you kind of appreciate his career a

lot more now and he called a good game last night and that's how you brewin my king this corn syrup was just delivered that's not ours we don't prove bud

light with corn syrup like is this corn syrup let us take it to them at once but if something did happen we need the wizard first right yes sir by mistake that's

not our corn syrup we received our shipment this morning you joking try the coors light castle they also use corn syrup can you smoke outside oh brewers of coors

light is this corn syrup yours well well well looks like the corn syrup has come home to be brewed to be clear we brew coors light with corn syrup ah bud light

brewed with no corn syrup dilly dilly it's a beautiful day for a chowster indeed sun's out got my lucky loincloth cold bud light comfy throne I don't have

the plague anymore oh my dear you over there it's alright let's tap this kick I actually got a confession to make I never actually watched game of thrones so I

got a few months to catch up before the final season I think i'm finally finally got a k to do it i'll take a coke pepsi okay is pepsi okay is pepsi okay oh our

puppies okay he's a shooting star okay it's the laughter of a small child okay are you with me you seem confused what's role play now okay i'm steve i'm an

actor no just order something uh uh have a nice cold glass or the best thing you ever tasted okay okay I think you might be just saying it wrong you gotta

say it with pride okay okay oh yeah kind of pepsi's more than okay it's okay what have we learned today you want a pepsi I want a pepsi she wants a pepsi there you

go like a little john oh i've gotta come up with my own catchphrase okay brook cardi b folk-art welcome to the hundred season of the national football league

tonight i'm not about to leave did you it's about football it's about the players the fans the moment and everything else to makes you say oh boy let's go so

no can do cowboy come on tg no I have more yards than they do you still got it hurt this is party good after old man obese he's open I got you want this

come & get it I can't believe something with roger goodell didn't completely implode on itself commercial was great though seeing primetime high-step again

and seeing barry sanders rush the ball for the first time in 20 years made me feel slightly less depressed about being a lions fan we had a good back in the day

what other commercials did you enjoy or what other commercials belong on this list join us in the comment section below if you liked this video and learned a

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