NBA "TrashTalking & Heated" Moments

Like a battle myself here comes luca and luca will fire it this weekend combination 5856 fabrics over the clippers at halftime very entertaining first half by both teams did you have

half a bounce egg so we're gonna get a ruling on that at halftime from dayton said here on fox sports southwest let's write parent beat comes in on harden the matter for russell westbrook returns

home we left the other day between westbrook and and bead and now harden reaches down obvious shoving everybody coming over as lopez got really ticked off watch this here much pain right he

starts that dirt the foul but on the other side this is what and all of a sudden she starts to something else done shot russ and then in you got that going on and it lopez just basically starts

walking into grant we'll be walking cowardly feel feel to go with those 20 points pounding rows at midcourt groans applause right gets a fans attention so let me get this straight round derrick

rose isn't allowed to be guarded closely I mean it's not the problem like you're not allowed to like get up into a guy you got your foul why are you are you jaw down because he's trying hard oh

there goes the still buddies is supposed to let you dribble I don't understand they're the emotion walked away no problem an arrow came right up like a net knockdown love that about harrell

sticking up first team mate outstanding job only a second year out of gonzaga klay thompson call for the offensive foul shuttle and clay join with collins right now people taxed all booing didn't

like direct all and where he was trying to do listen but their bullets too strong clear out by missed opportunity for philadelphia nice hands there by maury brewers look at the hip check down

low two guys having words i'm saying that was a flop so good cell demarcus cousins luckily I like it this place so easily these got a little testy there in the fourth quarter what was that all

about he's trying to be tough they're just now with the ball puts us yeah right this way yeah you can't do that no call to see if the ball is knocked away smith the rebound and default of joe

hall good hustle by jason smith as these guys get tangled up but now derrick jones jr. Came into the fray and this will be interesting to see whether the officials go over and take a look at

this which they can do laurie's supposed to be on the bench hit do that after we're michael jordan airport are the basketballs got good food good distraction here jeff burt checked in

for the man as native potato there's magic in orlando tonight jeff turner good job by the coach with the defensive substitutions at west london does a nice job of contesting jason stated coming

across and wes does a good job of staying connected fouling I see coming up with a big rebound for the fourth time in five jealous very interesting to see the decision but to see them clearly

to contact but he hits the arm first which to me should not be a flagrant it's just a good hard foul so you get into it with clay by the way i'm here nothing has changed it is a flagrant

foul a necessary physical contact against draymond green steve kerr is going nuts holy just slam down the board's beep it's a technical he might get brown and you rarely see he's still

going the all-star break starts earlier there was anticipated to me the question is is that at all bait because of the history of tremont green and who he is they must've felt it wasn't a basketball

play and that's all the necessary physical contact so you got two free-throws wrinkles two free-throws for the flagrant and possession cousins maddox might academy as he was trying to

get position cooked up a little bit see like that akshay crowder picks up his fifth foul 115 the handshake for class jae crowder conversation let me check it know that they can't to see each other

and charlotte having a very friendly conversation bye 3 get it in greenville time phenomenal brooklyn next pull off a stunner in houston this is one of the best games that i've seen all year long

I am the protector of the tear aquaman 10 feet tall over 260 pounds a lot of guys take exception to the extracurriculars on plays a patrick beverley but you're right he ain't

afraid to anybody and that's part of the reason why he gets under players skin man oh man he wouldn't win bead was out of punch or just a push problem it decides it six then cameron payne almost

led the path I didn't right there only complex and i'm doing the most

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