Inter 1-1 Juventus

And good evening to you from san siro in miller and what are the blue-ribbon occasions of any italian football kalin that means maybe less this season that it has done in the

past but the rivalry remains very strong between lombardi and pyrmont this is a game they are both desperate to win and in tears still need the points let's hope it's

worth the way and now tony dirigo can tell us we buy bonucci miss polly tana hit by nigel and with a screamer a thrilling start for inter to the derby d'italia how to form in

recent weeks by inform tonight roger my gullet what a goal incredible and you can't say he's been a huge success since he's come to inter however that could kickstart his

career his brasov itch great awareness there to find vecino now it's akari save by suggesting good save and strike as well wonderings didn't hit hard and low across the

key for try and go for that near post top corner corner taken quickly de fry with the header and vecino couldn't force it home such as he makes a good save and then a good

gather has to react very quickly couldn't quite grab the first attempt but then he's up quickly that's why they do all that sort of training but devry well and a free

header inside the box you make luca van t gets us back underway well played it short to brasov h and now he lets fly side netting well and that certainly rippled you're right

but it's just wide of the post what's a strike that is cuadrado I think in terror our gonna have to adjust here because allegra has change things and ronaldo like a

rocket to equalize for youbut out played out thought outsmarted but right back in it well the response of champions and ronaldo just comes on to a beautiful back hill for

miroslav spinach it's into his path and what you do know about the great man step over from paris edge can't believe he hasn't scored he has to score sure can sell oh doesn't go

with a man it's all gets beaten all ends up but the ball just wouldn't quite come down enough for paris hitch putt you expect someone of his ability certainly from there to hit

the target at least now ronaldo in space he rolls it across it so close mateus pereira what an impact that would have been absolutely ronaldo gets in this channel as it comes

across and brousseau at the far post but it finishes one lana's their favor otter makes his way the data be d'italia rarely lets you down a sense of occasion high-class and it

finishes into one juventus won you

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