And welcome to game three softball series and benny this is the ball reason for this game it's called a chicago ball 16 inches it's a huge ball you can't hit it very far we're

not gonna be using our gloves no gloves today people throw your gloves down none if you have gloves all good you know we're playing banning you in the last two games I get the first

pick I want a nd oh chicago and yeah I figure chicago ball chicago and e right nice maybe going out for brock slater of course he's dish kershaw oh card shop eric have you ever played

chicago ball never have but I have eaten deep-dish oh nice rocko game oh game great chicago ball player I assume renee renee have you ever been to chicago sir no sierra will also

play well at chicago ball short c short see you have a lot of power but can you hit a ball over this fence a chicago ball it's hard at the ball far more try pop a cap the glitch in the

game fire ball has large muscles captain america captain america papa cap son jeff spy boy hello spidey I got this arts very artistic man art what's the best painting in maiden

last 2 weeks cowboy jeff right in a miniature horny riding a miniature horny but what is always a horse ok got it good job christmas sweater oh sweater he loves christmas mo bo

mobile ally oh ally a lumpy blast who's gonna win who's gonna win danny forgot his brush but he's using a lumpy to brush off on played his son his favorite things were about to

begin game 3 of the art scene so paul says jeff on the mound pitching to sierra oh it's fair ball and play safe wow that big ball is crazy this chicago ball is crazy jeff pitching to

benny now oh he said come on yeah no gloves in chicago ball I told shop i'd give him 500 bucks if he had a homer over the fence with this chicago ball that's not gonna happen that's two out

gabe now and see how far he can hit 100 grand ball off the tip of the fingers and say if it's your save a second christmas sweater pop up on the move no you got a cold for it oh man

yeah the run scores here they were pay attention in any way one nothing bene two outs and good yeah three outs one nothing been a fire ball one short see jeff 3 and e for lumpy five art six

renee seven i'll go eight rocco nine mobile ten fireball we went to chicago last september we didn't play any chicago ball there have you ever played chicago we did urinate off the

sears tower though remember that oh that's true that was from a very high height and that ball was hit hard off of benny's hand and that's a single for fire ball short see now try and

hit a long bomb hit it far sierra on the move foul shorts he badly wants to the homer wow hit that far and foul you're not as strong as brian urlacher shorts you know trying to hit the ball

far and he did hit it pretty far and that ball is going to the fence almost that's gonna be a homer yeah you're scoring and we're up to 2 1 save nice job short see jeff now looking for a

homer back to back and that's gonna be probably an outs yeah one out andy now chicago ball chicago andy hits it to right cap on the move drops it fair ball safe at second and going three

and save a third easy triple lumpy now oh very well especially for that big ball and out and no one covering home so that is three to one bobby all right two outs three to one bobby lee

trying to get more run man and good play and save first time playing chicago ball for rene let's see what she can do she had a pretty hard probably gonna be a third out though

and it is and not wasn't gonna be four outs though pitching change now bobby crosby on the mound cowboy jeff on commentary here comes cap ready he hits it up the middle oh rocco has the

ball throws it out nice play rocco all right now we have ally who's been sick for a while now oh ally hits it hard hits it the third base oh nice catch by shorty two outs now we have the

dangerous pop like cap but by cams it up the middle oh there goes fireball trying to reel that sucker in that's my favorite team and my favorite team to chicago your favorite teams the

mariners yeah your favorite teams the mariners are they gonna win this year yeah are they gonna win the world series are they gonna beat the dodgers in the world series 100% for sure I

knew I liked you that's right you heard it here first folks to us now spidey up to bat spidey yohe it's a real good shot right annie going to always try to go tomorrow 100 for the

one to out sierra of the bat oh she hits it right all right up the middle there you go yeah take it oh tiger oh is it oh no not out save you jumped straight leer yeah they always

dangerous bending up the bed now oh he it's all wanna play by heart oh highlight-reel he's the real thirty-day look at a to easy this is harry harry coming back to you i'm

back from the dead ladies and gentlemen robert crosby is at the dish give me a beer now that is an out I think a great guest appearance by harry carey there that's fair that

balls going a long way ciara stops it and why turn going to say mo b o mo bo gabe is gonna make the play and save barely team bob you up 42 looking for more fireball it's one deep sierra on

the move oh drops run scores five to two a bobby short c has got a lot of power hit it for sierra trying to catch it no no it's hard to catch that chicago ball especially without a

glove and the bases are loaded jeff now with the bases loaded pulls it and gets by everybody moves up a base and we're up 6 to 2 now a grand slam would make it 10 dat sue right now o at that

four run run run she caught it oh my gosh great catch by sierra and a run doesn't even score check her fingers for that stinky cheese face is still loaded for lumpy oh it's a will but

that's gonna be three outs hey nice catch there kid hey yo 6a to bobbie shop oh it's it's ep awful fire ball he gets that ball and each other though shop out no luck on that oh i'm

farting up a storm here gabe up to bed now you got the air paws on look at them why you got to do it to us oh he's popped fly to andy andy bobbles it and he catches it throws the first

tricycle shop no christmas sweater now trying to hit a christmas ball right down heat andy corral's it all right dodger films aviation enthusiast what kind of flying vehicle is that 62

bobby cap up now cap hits it right to shorty shorty corral's that one easily throws the first trying to double up sweater no gets past our sweaters taking second there you go alissa's up

to bat now look at her she chased that ball past shorty nice hit by elisa 63 bobby papa cap up now papa cap high fly ball to mobile cashes in what a catch by mobile atta boy mobo i'm up

63 trying to get some more now oh is that gonna be caught by a shop it is one out and a hug hug hug renee now it's it's right yo he makes the play good play cap to out henry carrie back

with you ladies and gentlemen cubbies down 6 to 2 to the expos this afternoon and there is a fly ball it's gonna get down it's gonna get down shop picks it up throws them no he

does not throw to first and robert crosby is on base rocco at the dish I think he's related to rocky balboa and that's a buck that's a ball down the line it's down the line robert crosby

he's easy he's rounding third base here he comes home here's here's the throw he is safe ladies and gentlemen nice job robert of cause we have a beer on me hurry carrie here is mo

ball with the dish I still don't know what that means and that's a ball hit into I feels right in the ovaries and it's gonna get down on a young lady unable to come up with it young lumpy

at the dish now that's a bouncing ball it's on the ground shop up with it and he throws the out 83 bobby crosby up spidey on the map oh he hits it up oh fireball carouse that one again sierra

at the plate looking for a home run trying to hit that she goes up alright too bill buckner fireball cross that once again early mvp candidate benny at the plate look at him free with oh

with the oppo hit right back fireball sierra takes to benny takes one eight for bobby crosby still up shop former mvp older current mvp hits a high fly ball right to andy and he catches that

one eight for bobby crosby gabe hits a right to rocco rocco nonchalantly as cool as the other side of the pillow ally will you ever get over your sickness hey lots of bratwurst in

there huh alright is it right there is it right there is it right there is it this one is it that one shop on the mound fire bought the play he hits one far end deep right gabe gave tries to

one-hand that one oh dell beckham style but he does not have the skill set for that there you go a little kid tell your tell your parents that I was good ain't no problem beautiful day

for a chicago ball my packers usually beat chicago but that's the neither here nor there here right to left field at sierra sierra gets that one nice single by short see all right

here's a cowboy up to bat right now this is a chicago indie hey look at that oh you really ripped that one luc longley oh look at that solid single scoring fireball alright i'm back

winning nine to four feeling good about life spidey not good score buddy we're up 10 to 4 with that one here's a lumpy at the plate again and there's a bouncing ball hit on the ground uh

captain comes up with it not only you say batman is safe expose on top of the cubbies 10 to 4 here here's the pitch on the way bobby kharazmi he is to shortstop that man is not able to

come up with it but he fires to first and that is a double play ladies and gentlemen the run scores sandburg comes in from third base i'm up 11 to 4 that's homer probably he's got a lot

of speed sierra though cut it off so it's not gonna be a homer save it's a good run scores 12 to 4 bobby mo bo mobile should be three outs and it save run scores 13 2 for bobby team

bobby is number one best team in the world at chicago ball and there's a good example of long as we can hit the ball like that although it was corralled for three outs alright guys

we did exactly what the rays did I came in in the opener bobby now closing this sucker out oh i've got patches that one score now 13 to four cap is up to bat bobby crosby number

one best team in chicago boy here right shorty andy and he crawls each I throw him out first oh no so close top nine bobby looking to close at our ally at the plate alley hits a solid

hit right to short see two more outs for the win bobby crosby talking a lot of stuff benny let's see if he could back it up right to center field and he's chasing after that one andy

throws it into third base shorts across that one save 2nd and 3rd millions of bobby crosby fans shaking in their booth because they want to close out shorty chuckles not one

throws to first all right axl oh nice play by art little shaken up on that one but it's ok here we go one more out for the win by v cross b number one theme in chicago boy hits a right

bobby crosby oh he drops it but that was he on a run rihanna chicago ball winner yes winner winner chicken dinner two games to one now in the on exceed series it's team bobby finally

gets our first win player the game and the winner of this ball is me bobby crosby has hit the like button subscribe tell your friends buddies know what we are going to see you lobo

in game for ya

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