This is My Biggest Fear EVER....

I'm gonna get myself one of these tiger salamanders are in the smaller stage right now the massive pond here in the front get the heck out of here we're gonna get over some fears or

what that what is going on curls look where I am sodo place is wild i'm actually shooting the intro the day after what i've shot so far in this video because I forgot to

shoot an intro so if you are new here by the way i'm paul ferro welcome to the channel we were out of aqualand this is aquascapes headquarters here in chicago and i'm gonna show you

around but more the less show you around it is water garden weekend and there's a lot going on here like thousands of people here so i'm gonna send you back to yesterday when I

filmed a lot of this can you believe that a single man named greg woodstock fungi pays taxes on this building every single year no obviously it's business and his business pays for those

taxes but i'm just i'm trying to get to is how big it is literally zero though why am I filming today and that is because water darter weekend is today remember if you remember

last year I was here doing water guard weekend is there anybody here mind blowing on time flies but there's like a thousand people outside right now waiting in line so i'm

gonna roll a clip of everyone just coming in as you know i'll show you all these studs because they got a lot of new stuff since blossom i've been he has plants see watch i'll

show you outside it's why this place is sick this is all indoors if you've never seen me filming off my land this is gonna be a very very cool video egh wanna well as a matter of

fact is gonna be cool either way but i'm just saying it's gonna be even more cool because you've never seen any of this you wanna though look at that we're out the front doors look

how many people are out here unreal all the way down he doesn't like be in touch anyway as you can see this literally the aquascape products are just everywhere they're literally

everywhere she got and I believe everything's on like sale yeah sale hundred bucks there's literally every obviously product in the books here right now every single one

what is it this right here is a dog peeing yep they even have that i'm gonna get myself one of these it's a show before they sell out by the end of today literally everything is

gone everything's off the shelf so i'm gonna get myself more aerators I need some more good look they have free fish over here too not even kidding watching we got free fish over

here free fish wow look free little tiny baby koi so when you come you even get the chance to get a free fish you get the gist and there's a ton of people and everyone's just

grabbing stuff left and right it's almost like black friday like a black friday so it's pretty much what it is but for fun just look at all this stuff golly $2 $3 for these bottles I

mean i'm sure they're like fives ten bucks online let's go check out where the bigger koi fish where you actually have to pay for them let's go check out that spot a massive pond here

in the front but look at these beautiful koi fish so dope you guys are pricey I see koi fish maneuvering around people but trying to film these koi oh yeah imported goldfish here

these suckers are beautiful that one right there that one I like that one 35 buckaroos we are what are we doing greg this is water garden weekend this is our biggest sale of the year

it's fantastic because there's so many young people here and there's so many people that maybe can't afford a professionally built a procedure all the like the

bottles of like like chemicals yeah it's like dollar bob it's the stop it's stuff that you know is it just perfect for happiest to get in the habit it's our 18th year doing this

it's just so fun I love talking to all the people and there's a lot of your fans here so when I was here I was here last year and I feel like there's more people this year always it

always drugs everything out these things these guys are so cool little water dogs these are actually tiger salamanders they're in their smaller stage right now don't underestimate

those little tiger salamanders they look like this when they get bigger and they also literally still eat worms anything throughout the rocks that you baby you wrote in so

they're pretty cool I got to be honest I lived here once again I probably have a snatch a couple of those put them in my pond and watching them grow but they look beautiful when

they're big those won't last either so anything here that's left over that's when I just go crazy and see if it could fit in my luggage but there's so much to do here I mean there's

all sorts of stuff see I ain't doing anything like this and nothing like that what the heck is that thing uh-huh there's a tailless whip scorpion yeah I know interest i'll touch this

guy though i'm burning my hey no don't bring them out hit the heck out of you we're gonna get over spears or what I gotta face my fears in harry potter face your fears paul oh god oh

my god no no no no no no no no look at the face on that thing they just wants to pinch you comment down below if you would ever hold one of these let me know and now you're gonna face

your fears with one of those hissing cockroach I don't think I might i'd be as scared I think that's more scary than the hissing cockroach well let's get some bigger one in

and I ain't touching tarantula i'll tell you that i'll touch a big hissing cockroach I don't mind that I ain't touching a tarantula I probably caught him I caught him what the heck dude

that's actually cool I think people are just tweaking out in the comments right now you know many people have like like literally fears of like cockroaches and then you know

entirely misunderstood people see things on movies things on tv and that's where they get the fear there's really no reason to be scared of these things at all they don't have

any way that they could bite you right nope no yeah there's not really important to be scared of them always hissing at me to a spider now no I don't message her and says yeah

yeah i'm a hundred percent yeah I did that I did the cockroach yeah my aunt cochran transfer no way cuz that could bite you oh golly no the no this is wednesday well guess your date

is it's wednesday and it's probably the last wednesday you were alive as she's walking around webbing will come out of her spinnerets and stuff but yeah I do mostly large roaches

i'll give her mice here and there as a to vary up the diet but I would love to put that in my friends room yeah and just watch his reaction yeah here we go nuts that's actually pretty

cool just not something I would hold no I get that yeah spiders get people something you know a bunch of snakes here yeah I got ahold of big snake on here no like that here these burmese

python what's up eazy-e oh yeah I bet you people that don't like snakes are awful tweaking out right now neons in this tank this is so sick and it's actually algae starting to girl

like on the driftwood and on the rock here last time I was here is just a new fairly new tank I believe amazon river basin in peru and they go by the theme angelfish in here so

dope and then over here what do we got the tooter river in india some giant dino's right there I love this the plants go right into the water insane really cool and then over here

of course our african cichlids in the congo river in africa and we got african cichlids super super cool water is crystal clear and uh that's the three tanks that you first see

when you walk in over here I didn't know what was in here first until I saw in the bottom right hand corner is abu mata mata looks just like a log right but then you come over

here and you can see if I let me focus real quick you'll see its face see the eye i've got an arrow pointing to both eyes the long little pinocchio nose and that's the mouth and pretty

much their whole entire defense mechanism is act like a leaf sit on the bottom in the mud fish rooms over by launches itself out of the mud and absolutely destroys the fish or

whatever wants to eat got a carpet python right here see the carpet python rolled up oh yeah skink just sleeping in the mold absolutely out cold I believe that the blue tongue

skink I don't oh yeah there it is blue tongue skink all sorts stuff going on do you remember last time I filmed this lizard use about six inches now you know he's uh yeah a lot bigger

than six inches crazy how much these things grow little water monitor and half the tank is land and the other half is water and this was actually I mentioned it multiple times but

if you're new here this is dwight howard's tank that the tank the show on animal planet built form dwight howard moved and greg happen to be the one to buy the fish tank which is

pretty cool it's all those story behind that dude i've got to get myself one of these things i'm absolutely addicted this ain't even sponsored either so boost it if you're

watching you know your boy there's so fast it's incredible i've got to be going like 30 right now look at this oh this thing is actually so fun I feel like katie nice that i'm sure

wow there's a lot of turtles in the fish bottom now i'm back out here by the freakoid thursday and these are free koi fish and look how cool some of these are look at this one

that's incredible these are all free all these are free oh platinum we got a platinum for free all white back inside and to be honest man this was really just a vlog this is

nothing crazy I didn't really have to like the video based on the title and thumbnail like I normally do I hope you enjoyed i'll be back home soon to do our normal videos if you did

enjoy please drop a like truffle let's see if we get it 10,000 likes on this video of course we can june 22nd of this year I will be here in chicago at aqualand and we're gonna

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to make this less confusing here let me break it down for you june 22nd that's the day right june 22nd june 22nd aqualen we're having a camp everyone's invited of course

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for you today I thought i'd throw in another giveaway where eddie gave away two puns we have both winners already chosen tomorrow is kyle's build that's one of the pong winners

that we gave away up on to and it's an incredible story so stay tuned i'm definitely making a full video on that obviously for real though that's all I got more of

definitely a laid back vlog video just trying to showing you guys around and what i'm doing hopefully enjoy and until next time i'll see next

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