Hey balu oh and no interest lego oh goodness gracious they go buddies perfect they are both acclimating to the one hundred and sixty gallon this is going to be insane what is

going on farrell's welcome back to another video here today is the day we're getting these platinum red-tailed catfish right here see them right there and there's

another one over there look how big that one is not as platinum but definitely still platinum and very very big they're getting huge too big for this tank oh and this a

claw knife from there too I don't think I ever showed the claw knife but I gotta call him knife for bit ago just to put into this tank right here the 1/16 was you know we redid

it into like a predator tank I wanted to put predatory fish in here mostly inspired by predatory fins I wanted to do something that was really cool so black sand a really cool

driftwood structure with a bunch of live plants around it and then have all like white or lighter fish inside this tank before we do anything no we do need to make a trip to

home depot because we need to find out a way to hang this light right here this lights really really heavy and it won't sit on top of what I used to have the hold light on

and the old light was much lighter so we got to figure out maybe like we're gonna get would probably and drill the wood into here and then into the wall right there and just

hang it above this is a very very bright light and I believe it's gonna work just fine by the way do you remember when we got these crawfish he's a little blue

crawfish they were like this big made videos on them look how big they are I mean it's incredible look how big that thing is look at how massive they are now they're huge all

of our profits just showing it is good to be home let's just say that look at the white one on top of this right here and the red one is back there you can see its tail right there

you can kind of see its tail he's hiding behind the wood angelfish tiger barb's columbia tetras giant daniel's everything is in here clown loaches cory cats and all that

stuff are in the 90 gallon where george used to be they're all actually inside that would they go in that hole right there and it's dark in there and then I had nick

come over and put the buy shirt into the 160 for me you know the vice sure was in the 90 on before we're trying to get all the big predator fish into this so obviously the

light's not on right now but you can see them right there I cannot wait to show you how big these piglets have gotten and then last week so much right now they're actually

eating youth missouri pig food so they're finally moving on to the youth food they're still drinking a little milk from mom but look at this one what is he doing are you doing

playing with hey maybe just groans so oh I do need to name one of these piglets soon it's just naming a pet that's this important it's gonna be around so much like lulu and bubba

it's gotta be a good name so we're still looking my mom's trying to pick one this time as you know this is baloo hey balu oh and no interest comment down below a name for

the next female pig down in the comments down below on this video why not I got to feed you guys holy moly you're so big the chickens are growing they go oh goodness

gracious they go buddies these little chickens are crazy all right mom's back in now gatita buh buh buh buh oh my gosh this is the first time bubba has ever got muddy oh my

goodness bubba you don't even like the mud you're never in the mud you'll only pick okay it's actually so cool because he's always so afraid of the mud and stuff and he clearly

went in it bubba you gotta let me open the door okay well pig's room we're good to head to home depot i'm glad to see bubbles finally getting all muddy a lot of times I believe

the pigs just do that when it's really hot out they get that cold water and mud on their chest and just keep some cool without further adue though let's go to home depot

two pieces of plywood like this right here see how they're thin long pieces we can cut them and I believe that'll work just in case we're just getting stuff just

in case all right now i'll show you what i'm talking about since it's thin right you can actually slide it under and you got yourself a good old barrier sonoran and

cut this right here i'm going to do like four of them so I bought two of these so one two three four and it'll really hold this lid right here up 17 and a half all right there it

is slip it under and rock solid support there it is that's all it takes right there as you can see perfectly lined up with the tank and now we're gonna do that maybe just

one more time right here to be honest that is what i'm talking about right there we got both supporters right here this top is on as you can see there's just barely even a

slight little tiny entrance there which is pretty good this is open right here because i'm gonna put the canister filter that the platinum redtail catfish have

in their tank right here so that'll pretty much cover up this where all the filtration will obviously go I got the automatic water change right here i'll end up covering all

this up eventually gotta turn this light off in this room oh yeah that's gonna talking about look at that now and just cleaning away by sure is now chilling and guess what as

you can see glass is so clear now bubbler on that side bubbler behind all the wood right there there you go better view with that this looks so much better now if

you're coming and you're sitting on the couch here and yeah that's from the tank overflowing if to like redo the whole baseboard see the mold oh but this is so sick

look at it from afar of you what do you think definitely better than it was before 100% and the red tails aren't even in there yet according to get a bucket put the bucket down

there get a little tiny tube and drip acclimate these red tails into this one hundred and sixty gallon for them to upgrade a tank as they grow so quick who knows even how long

they will be until they grow out of that alright i'm sucking some water out right now from this tank putting it in a bucket so that I can net both these guys out in just a

second but I got to fill this bucket real quick i've actually been waiting to do this for a very very long time feels like come once I believe nick is actually bringing over

a our final oscar as well so in our final clown knife the bye sure and to platinum red tails so everything is gonna be like a light color so far here we go perfect wow I think

it's beautiful holy moly alright we are going to do one at a time I don't want to put both of them in this little tiny 5 gallon so i'm gonna get this table gallon right here

let that fill up and bring this guy over to here for now running to a much better home bigger and better yes thank you thank you thank you and here is our bye no clown night

I don't know if I ever film that little guy but he is he's grown a lot he hit a lot of the time so that's probably why I never even filmed them but i've had him for a little

bit that was nick's old albino clown knife and it's doing good surprisingly these captors have not even tried messing with them probably cuz I feed him so well but this

tank is now completely empty these guys are stoked i'm gonna let it feel a little more over here this guy's getting acclimated as you can see this thing is so key

because now that i'm taking out water to acclimate these fish I can just go for this outside and sit him to bring a host of the window all I do is turn that valve and look fresh

water's coming right in and it'll just fill the tank back up for me it is just so easy alright fellas i'll catch up with you in just a second alright oh yeah by the way

shout out to everyone for senate fan art this place is looking really really good and if you want to send some peola boxes link down in the description addresses think

tommy's ok very time to put the red tails in now let's remove the acclimating tubes look at how beautiful these things are is that incredible this thing's tail is so red I

love it prior i'm gonna get them in from this side but i'm actually gonna put the camera on this side so you could see them and swim in there that is right there there's one holy

moly so long buddy so sick look at you look at the pattern on that fish that is such a beaut they're very chilling than that too which is a good thing you later

buddy oh my goodness look at clown knife by shirt platinum red let me get the light on straight i'm freaking out holy moly it looks so much better so much better in this tank

it's not even funny look at how beautiful that fishes this is insane so now what I think is we got the bottom fish because the bite sure the to plant and read tells and

really the claw knife hides a lot of time it says nighttime we don't really have too much action on top so we're gonna do an albino arowana for sure i'm texan predatory right now

actually and then maybe like one mid water column swimming fish so definitely the outline of where I wanted but what is that mid water column swimming fish you let me know in the

comments down below what should we get it has to be albino of course but this is going to be insane I have now also hooked up the canister filter to this one hundred and

sixty gallon tank here as you see as you can see this whole side right here is really where all the filtration is everything is real neat back here and that is that the one

hundred and sixty gallon that is all i've got for you today if you did go on to enjoy of course subscribe to the channel down below it's completely free hit the bell

so you're notified every time I upload and of course like this video content doesn't look daniel you think we can hit 10,000 likes yeah no probably 15 today's positive

comment shout-out goes out to a me paul you are my favorite youtuber keep up the good work you inspire me to get a pond and it's got five likes shout out to amy and if you want to

under positive come and shout out and have your comment on the screen one is upcoming videos I got to do is drop calls comment down below and that's very possible once

again platinum red-tailed catfish so one hundred and sixty gallon in the wall hopefully enjoyed the video and until next time i'll see you in why is my camera being

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