Scottie Pippen's Wife Larsa REPLACES Him With 27 Year Old NBA Champion Eric Moreland!

The gorgeous large epiphan moved on from her champion ex-husband scottie pippen to a younger nba champion but who's the new guy what's going off on the

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curious if robots can date humans larsa pippen is the ex-wife of nba legend scottie pippen if you can already tell by the last name the two were married

for 20 years until they had a divorce two years ago scottie accused larsa of sleeping with rapper future behind his back and that ultimately led to the

split larsa has been since seen on real housewives of miami after some of her recent activity on social media all signs are pointing to larsa dating

2019 nba champ eric moreland whoo yeah man I even realized he was on that squad to last I remember he was on the pistons with blake griffin

and those boys but then I looked at one of the most famous pictures of the last year's playoffs hey up there is right there looks like he really

contributed to the raptors win no jokes aside the dude is still a champ and now he's reportedly dating larsa pippen the two have liked and commented back

and forth on each other social medias which led to these rumors and they seem to be true after moreland posted a picture of him holding the trophy larson

not only liked the picture but also commandeered congrats babe and that more than anything confirms it the two were also caught together at an

la spot called warwick and according to sources they were very close the entire night now the age difference might be a little steep since he is

27 and lars is 44 but have you seen her nobody's concerned about no damn age difference in this situation now for scottie he has some words on

eric's teammate or possible x teammate kawhi leonard contrary to reports by almost every viable source scottie pippen that kawhi leonard

won't even give the lakers a look once free agency begins on sunday the lakers recently created 32 million dollars of free cash space and intend to

bring in a third star to join anthony davis and lebron james but scottie doesn't think that third star will be kawhi he said this yesterday on the jump

I don't even think he's gonna give him love a look you know you got ad there you got lebron and you got a guy this rising as a top player in our game I don't

see him taking a back seat for those two super songs while leonard has quickly gained the badge of the dynasty breaker after dethroning the he dalls

back in 2014 stopping their chance of the three-peat and now the throne of the warriors this past season doing the exact same thing in both

instances he was named finals mvp and now the argument is that kawhi may in fact be the best player in the league we don't know too much about kawhi

but pippen may have a point when it comes to his pride so what do you guys think of eric moreland and larsa pippen s new relationship also you

agreed with scottie or is he just trying to prevent another team being arguably better than his 90s era bulls let me know in the comments below so

your boy chris and i'll catch you guys in the next video

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