And today we are here with megabank call your own shot bang again the way this works is you call how much your shots worth and bank there's 15

points on the board if I miss I get 15 points you know is you can hurt yourself in this version of things because we're going to a thousand

today and that's a big number the winner is gonna have a big pride anybody lebron jerome accenture a lot of new lakers jersey the god I

hate it though the way we determine the order order matters a lot things we're gonna be shooting preachers if you miss a free-throw difficult pick

a spot obvious purchase spot but if you want to go after it specific person so making the free throws allows you to do that i'm gonna

play risky all right whoa yeah hey listen I want to show you guys exactly what i'm looking at don't come right here come right here I

wanted to see exactly what i'm looking at morty i'll be at 290 if I miss this one i'm gonna put up to 25 oh what do you got now gosh 375 I

had 320 i'm gonna go for i'm gonna go for 30 it's a weird one no one's done 30 yet come on 350 do you have just one over 20 103 5200 again 575

now i'm gonna go with a 50 bomb I really gotta make it like putting the pressure on me is only good oh you know i'll put up a 50 bomb let's

go do it again megan is too much points i'm jesse i'm gonna do a ten i'm gonna keep myself alive in 150 wasn't one out open up a hundred

something going down now mac I hate these times now 775 is where I got right things so bad at 900 like a hundred and twenty-five let's go

please look cash for cash yeah yes i'm gonna do 40 all right you know i'll put on 50 so if I miss a 50 here this might sound crazy I want

to get this win I have 500 I don't make too many shots so I got to get these guys out now 50 50 60 on the board 125 all right i'm gonna go 50

again I got 975 I don't want to get out just yet i'll match that i'll do 10 actually the most heartbreaking noise ten from the grass oh I look

for 70 so i'm gonna do ten again just say for now it's bomb time two feet deep screw days over please make this don't do this tyler don't

do that am I gonna go out with a bang bang score check eighty seventy four eighty all right you know what thank the lord I got seven thirty

okay alright twenty-five I can't make a spy's trickin no game oh I will go to ten i'm disappointed in myself I have 240 and I have 750 i'm

gonna go to 240 oh my god let's get it what do you got I have 750 i'm gonna go 10 oh what are you out yeah 110 no let's go 140 get them out of

your coach 250 well guys I hope you enjoyed this video call your own shopping next time of course we're gonna try to get zack chris and any

other people we can try to get an even bigger game maybe even a bigger prize pool to a bigger number if you guys enjoyed this video leave a like

below comment who you want to see in the next one subscribe over here if you haven't you can check out the first megabank over here or one of

my other real life a flow videos up here and peace

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