Steph Curry FINALLY REACTS To Kevin Durant Leaving The Golden State Warriors!

Steph curry finally speaks out about kevin durant's departure from the golden state warriors stay tuned to find out what he had to say about his former

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fumble fam if you haven't already after three seasons and two championships including two finals mvps kevin durant said adios to the bay area kevin durant

decided to take his talents back where it all started in his home state of new york as a member of the brooklyn nets unfortunately for the nets and fans they

will have to wait a year before they see katie's suit up at barclays center as a member of the nets stitches injury he suffered during the nba playoffs

katie went down with a torn achilles and the recovery time for the injury is predicted to be between nine and twelve months however the nets haven't

officially ruled him out for the 2019 2020 season the nets still have a chance to have a successful season even with katie riding the bench during a

free agency the franchise was able to sign kyrie irving and added big man deandre jordan to the roster who actually had his best career in free throws

this past season good job of dj no more hack a dj I like it ready to do that with my clippers so we know how excited the nets are to gain katie but how do the

warriors feel about losing him well immediately following katie's departure the warriors organization announced they would be retiring katie's jersey

even though he only spent three seasons there he did help the golden state warriors with two championships it means the miami heat retired michael

jordan's jersey and michael jordan never played a minute tour miami i'm sure we can all agree draymond green isn't bothered by katie's exit after the two

had a little spat or a dream on to let katie know the warriors won without him and they didn't need him anyway steph curry was recently had an event and

was asked about kevin durant and had to save this beauty every agency is everybody has a decision ever have a choice you want to find your happiness

wherever that is beating the nba's everybody has that decision at some point especially the guys that deserve it like katie at the end it's a free agent

so that also took a moment to reflect on what the team was able to do with kevin durant on the roster which is a part of the reason why his jersey is being retired

after only three seasons with the team three years of restraint following appearances once alone we accomplished a lot as a group he ended by saying

this again I like to look at what we accomplished and focus on that and be extremely proud of this run that we had and now we're going to have to recreate

it in terms of what it means going forward steph kind of seems a little sad that katie is leaving but what do you guys think about the warriors this

upcoming season where will they land in the seating in the western conference for the playoffs is the warriors error actually gonna be over now let me

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