Found iPhone Underwater in the River While Scuba Diving!

What's up guys jake here today we're back down the river to see what else we could find while scuba diving we actually got super lucky yesterday and found a

missing iphone and even a potential human bone if you guys missed that video I have a link in description below definitely check it out I think it's

definitely worth a watch but today we're gonna get back out there to see us we could find but jabba thumbs up if you guys want to see another video like this in

the future i'll make a deal with you figure break over 20,000 likes on this video i'll upload a video here at this location tomorrow as well so we'll do like

a double upload so that's that i'm gonna get out there hopefully find some more cool stuff i'm just excited to get back in the water oh my goodness

that's the data for a minute we just got on scuba diving found some cool stuff I definitely think some my favorite things to do down there is like look at all

the big catfish I actually saw one as big as me I pointed out to you guys i'm not too sure if you can tell like how it truly big it is underwater but I guarantee

that thing is pushing over a hundred pounds and it scared the crap out of me I was like nope i'm not going that way i'm definitely going this way so my

favorite things to find are definitely just the trash like I don't like fun and trash but I love getting it out of the water and it's just some of my favorite

things to do down there but for treasure wise like this is definitely my favorite atom of the day I found a super old iphone stuck in between two rocks

is like sandwich I pulled it out and just like super super crusty and moldy and you can definitely tell us been down there for a few months the sad part is though

like I always loved giving this stuff back to the owners but this one right here is completely destroyed and there's no way i'm gonna be able to figure out who

this belongs to you or anything like that but still pretty cool that I found an iphone down there if you guys know what generation number iphone this is let me know

in a comment section below i'm not too sure what number iphone I found but i'd be cool to know for sure you know so let me know if you guys know well that said if

you guys enjoy these type of videos make sure you guys leave this video a big thumbs up also don't forget to subscribe if you guys are new I love for you guys

to join me on my next adventure but thank you guys so much for watching i'll see you next time

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