Basque Country BLOOPERS

Marko. Putting on women's tights. Wouldn't be the first time. Ok 3. Don't do that. Oww! Oh f***. It just s*** on my hand.

Wipe the poop off your hands. Let's go. You've got to have good form. Don't use your back. Use you legs. Right? Just like squatting.

Ready? Oww! Well guys, as you can see, we are in yet another incredible place. No big woop, you know. Of stunning booty. What? Stunning bootie! You can see what i'm thinking about.

Natural bootie. Stunning bootie. Stunning, natural bootie. Jazz hands! Check out these pants. These are my party pants. Yeah, yeah. Dude, did you fart again? You did! Don't.

Wtf, man? It's the medieval ages! I don't care. We're in a f***ing cellar, bro. Very few things in life as embarrassing as embarrassing yourself on national television.

What you doing there, alex? Gram-hammer, bro mark is worried about the wind. That wind. Cause i'm all about that cheese. About goat cheese. Not cheddar. Estamos. Umm.? Doing your part? Always got to water the plants, bro.

Don't forget or else they die. Major key. I love my plants, man. I love you. Major key my lions. And my tigers, man. And my tigers.

There's been a ship wreck. You don't know where it's gone. Why are you speaking like a scotsman? I don't know. Don't f*** with me, dude.

We're driving in the rain. What's up, bro? I'm traveling light. Traveling light. Vamanos! Si señor! Una copita! Una copita. Super facil. Sencillito son las cinco de la tarde, ya es la hora para probar venga tio vamanos! Por favor, bajese del gato why are you wearing that? Because i'm a champion, alex.

That's why you don't have one on your head. So " txapeldunak" that means the champions. A glass of wine, mi amor? Why of course.

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