Top 10 Cities with Highest Quality of Life in USA

Top 10 cities with highest quality of life in usa. From the west to the east, north to the south, every country has a different race, lifestyle, religion and quality of life.

Usually, the well-developed countries like united states of america, canada, germany and more are known to have the highest lifestyle. And often than not, they brag cities showcasing the beauty and development of the entire country.

According to the quality of life survey made by the numbeo, it showed the cities in the united states showcasing the life of its citizens. From its historical sites, museums, national parks, beaches and tourist attractions to the rocky mountains, stunning lakes and breath-taking views, good people to great food and pleasant climate, usa is, indeed, a great place to live.

With the primary purpose of helping the government and major companies appoint representatives and employees on different positions. The survey aims to compare the top 10 cities with highest quality of life in usa, take a look at this.

10: atlanta, georgia (168.57). The most populated city in georgia, atlanta is the cultural and economic hub of the atlanta metropolitan area. It has about 447,841 populations, and the city was founded in 1837.

After the civil rights movement, atlanta gained its distinction making it the primary center of transportation of the southeastern united states, atlanta feature’s its numerous railroads, highway, and air shipments and considered an ‘alpha’ or ‘world city’.

The city’s economy is deliberately diverse with dominant sectors such as logistics, professional and business service, media operations and information technology. It is surrounded by rolling hills and thick tree coverage.

9: phoenix, arizona (176.28). Also known as the gateway to the grand canyon, phoenix is the leading destination for golfers. While other cities are struggling with the snow and the frostbites, the locals in phoenix enjoys the season just like the typical activities done during summer and musical concerts.

It seems like winter is the best season to spend the rest of the year doing outdoor activities. Due to the scorching heat of summer, the people stay at bay. In the winter, you can spend your time shopping, golfing, or relaxing in the spas.

Enjoy picnicking and swimming with the family. Don’t end the day without hiking on camelback mountain. 8: portland, oregon (181.45). Named after the city in maine, portland is visited for its first-class farmers market producing seasonal products and mouth-watering fruits, vegetables and freshly caught salmons.

The city topped with the microbrews which complement the essence of tucson. Roam around the town with a bike, hike near the waterfalls nearby, enjoy various outdoor activities and visit the shakespeare in the park.

In the summer, the city hosts the waterfront blues festivals and the grand floral parade which unites the tourists and the locals to watch the parade. 7: austin, texas (181.67). Located in central texas, austin is the fourth most populated city in the country.

Among the largest 50 states in the us, austin is the fastest growing city and the second largest state capital in the country next to phoenix. As of 2014, it has about 912,791 populations making the city a cultural and economic center of the austin-round metropolitan area.

Austin was named after the ‘father of texas’ and the republic’s first secretary of state, stephen f. Austin. Throughout the 19th century, the city grew leading to being the government and education center after the establishment of the texas state capitol and the university of texas at austin.

In 1980; the city also became the technology and business hub. 6: denver, colorado (182.53). The capital and the most populated municipality of colorado, denver is also called the ‘mile-high city’ due to its elevation.

It is exactly one mile above sea level making it one of the highest major cities I the united states. Denver is situated in the south platte river valley on the western part of the high plains and east of the front range of the rocky mountains.

The globalization and world cities research network, denver is a beta world city. Its economy is based on its geographic position and its relation to several of the major transportation systems of the country.

Since the city is the largest city within 500 miles, it has become the natural site for storage and distribution of goods and services to its neighbouring cities and states.

5: boston, massachusetts (189.02). A former historic county seat of suffolk county, boston has an estimated population of 665,884 making it the 24th largest city in the united states. It is one of the oldest cities in the country since its foundation in 1630 by the puritan settlers from england.

It is known as the scene of numerous key events of the american revolution including the boston massacre, the boston tea party, the battle of bunker hill, and the siege of boston.

Today, boston is among the cities in the country that are mostly visited by tourists and visitors. Its land reclamation and municipal annexation have contributed a lot to the progress of the city.

Boston features its first old public school and first subway system. It is packed with many universities, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. 4: minneapolis, minnesota (190.50). The county seat of hennepin county, minneapolis is the 14th largest metropolitan area in the united states of america.

It has about 382,578 populations making it the largest city in minnesota. Along with saint paul, both city mainstays the second largest economic hub in midwest, next to chicago. Minneapolis lies on both coasts of the mississippi river and north of the assemblage of minnesota river adjoining saint paul.

Hence, the city is abundant in water, wetlands, lakes, creeks and waterfalls. In its history, minneapolis became a flour milling capital and the center for timber. Today, it is primary the business center intervening chicago and seattle.

3: san diego, california (191.94). A major city in california, san diego is situated on the coast of the pacific ocean in southern california and adjacent to mexico. It has about 1.3 million population making it the eighth largest city in the country and the second largest in the state.

The city is known for its mild-year round climate, natural deep-water harbor, wide beaches and its long association with the us navy. Recently, the city was known for the evolution of its healthcare and biotechnology development center.

In the history, the city was the home of the ‘kumeyaay’ people and now the seat of san diego county. The city is also the economic hub of the nation as well as the san diego – tijuana metropolitan area.

2: seattle, washington (196.09). A west coast seaport city, seattle is the seat of the king county. Since 2013, the city became a fast developing major city in the united states. In the history of the city, logging has been the first major industry before it became the commercial and shipbuilding hub and a gateway to alaska in the 19th century.

After the world war ii, the depreciated economy of the city started to return to life due to the partial contribution of the boeing company making seattle the center for aircraft manufacturing. In the 1980s, it became a technology center wherein different major companies like microsoft and amazon evolved.

Some software, biotechnology and internet companies also contributed to the rapid increase of the economy. 1: sacramento, california (199.92). The capital city of california, sacramento also the home of the government of the sacramento county.

As of 2014, the city has about 485,199 population making it the sixth largest city in the state. In 2002, the civil rights project at harvard university conducted for time magazine named sacramento “america’s most diverse city.” The name was derived from the name of the sacramento river.

The city is the home of the california state university – sacramento or more commonly called sacramento state or sac state which is the largest university in the city. The drexel university sacramento, university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law and the uc davis medical center are located in the city..

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