Top 10 Cheapest Places To Live In Europe

Top 10 cheapest places to live in europe. Europe is home to the cheapest and most expensive cities alike. Last year, europe’s inflation rate was literally at 0%, with prices of most essential goods and services even falling.

While the us dollar gained against the euro, if you held a greenback you would be fortunate as a traveler. Not so much if you had canadian or australian dollars.

So, 2017 would be a great year to review your travel plans to europe, with the cheapest cities being even cheaper. Here are the top 10 cities you can make it happen under a budget.

10: zagreb, croatia, usd 32, 62 a day. Zagreb has over the years earned its reputation as a quiet town, mostly because it is usually a stopover. Croatia is known for its exotic coastline, so zagreb being inland, it did not get the attention it deserves.

The underrated city is beautiful and at the same time cheap to live in. Local currency the croatian kruna is almost 20 weaker than the dollar. With that in mind, meals and drinks cost as low as 140 hkr.

The best and cheapest hotels example the brit hostel zagreb costs only hkr 60 a night. You will spend a minimum $32 a day if you decide to live cheapest in this lovely city.

9: warsaw, poland, usd 31, 97 a day. After the world war ii, warsaw was in disarray. The old town was rebuilt to its former glory just after the war and it is looking good.

You would expect this big city to be expensive to live in, but the figures beg to differ. Food drinks and entertainment will cost you a mere 77 polish zlotych. A good hotel will not cost you more than 35 zlotych a night, and the attractions the city has to offer will not cost more than 23 zlotych.

A quick conversion to usd will result to an average $32 daily spending at a minimum. 8: Český krumlov, czech republic, usd 31, 24 a day. This is one of the many hidden gems czech republic has to offer.

This historic old town is perfectly framed by an awesome meandering river that gives a perfect reflection of the city at night. The city is so cheap the residents would wish nothing changes fiscally for the next century.

At the heart of the town, it will cost you just 380 czech krona to eat, drink and enjoy yourself. A good hotel, like the hostel merlin costs 252 krona per night, while daily average spending stands at just over $30.

7: budapest, hungary, usd 30, 73 a day. Probably the most well-known city in europe on this list, budapest has been a long standing favorite for europeans not willing to break the bank when it comes to living.

The city is known for its exotic sites, castles, cathedrals and hotels. It is cheap to live in budapest but do not hold your breath, or wallet for that matter if you are a tourist.

The hungary forint is weaker than most currencies in europe, so do not be surprised if you fork out a couple of hundreds for meals.

It will cost you a minimum huf 5,000 to eat and be entertained, while transport and site seeing will dent you huf 2300. Daily average spending in the city stands at $30, 73.

6: sarajevo, bosnia and herzegovina, usd 29, 29 a day. Sarajevo might be quiet and reserved, but if you are looking to settle in a city surrounded by mountains with a nice tropical climate, then this city would be a good choice.

It might be remote, but it is slowly getting the modern touch it deserves. It has been popularly referred to as bosnia’s hidden gem, probably due to its remoteness. Hostels will cost you not more than 6 euros per night, transportation stands at 3, 60 euros minimum, while drinks and entertainment stands at a minimum 3, 75 euros.

Daily average spending stands at a minimum $29, 29. 5: belgrade, serbia, usd 26, 74 a day. Since the 90’s belgrade, one of the balkan cities struggled for a long time to rise above mediocrity and attract tourists.

The urban center is well lit at night with ancient, well maintained buildings and streets. What’s more? The city is very cheap to live in.

One of the best and cheapest hotels to stay in, the good morning hostel-belgrade, costs 6 serbian dinar. Meals, entertainment and transport cost a minimum 15 dinar with the few available attractions not costing more than 3 dinar.

Daily minimum spending stands at $26, 74, just going on to prove how cheap it is to live in this serbian city. This is one amongst the top 10 cheapest places to live in europe 2017. 4: sofia, bulgaria, usd 25, 56 a day.

This quiet city in bulgaria offers more than just a cheap experience. You will not see attractions similar to those in barcelona or munich, but you will truly feel the warm and lovely aura of the city.

Sofia is known for its cheap food and cost of living. You will not spend more than bgn 14 on a good hotel, food and drinks will dent you a mere bgn 14 and transportation around the city will not cost you more than bgn 2 per trip.

The few attractions the city has to offer will not exceed bgn 6 to enjoy. Daily average spending in this quiet part of bulgaria stands at a minimum bgn 25, 56. 3: krakow, poland, usd 25, 15 a day.

Krakow has always been a popular destination for tourists. It goes without saying that if tourists are having a good time financially, the residents are having a better one.

The city owes its pocket friendly culture to an organized tax system and good legislation. The hotels and bars are cheap, and the food is great at an amazingly low price.

It will cost you just pln 35 per night and you will not spend more than pln 42 on food and drinks. Poland is a genuinely friendly place to live, the rich culture and awesome climate will make your stay worthwhile, whether you are just visiting or planning to settle.

2: bucharest, romania, usd 23, 42 a day. There is nothing much to write home about when you visit bucharest, but you will more than be financially at peace when you experience the city.

The currency romanian leu, has been doing well of late, with prices of the most essential goods remaining the same, even falling at times.

The cheapest hotel will cost you just ron 25, while the average cost of a meal is rom 43, 50, owing to the fact that the produce is locally soured. Drinks will cost you an average ron 12 and transportation around town will not cost more than ron 5.

In simple terms, with just $23 a day, you can experience the best bucharest has to offer. 1: kiev, ukraine, usd 22, 84 a day. One of the most remote places in europe, kiev has been one of the cheapest cities to live in, thanks to its low population and high income earning potential.

Inflation rates hit an all-time high in 2016, but it still remains the cheapest, especially for tourists. The hryvnia (ukraine currency) plunged but kiev was least affected with the prices of goods remaining almost the same.

The cheapest hotel will cost you just uhr 83 while transportation around the city will not cost higher than uhr 8. The most expensive meal will dent you uhr 288, and to view the attractions the city has to offer costs an average uhr 10..

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