You guys know that feeling at the end of the summer when the summer is ending and you start getting that feeling like oh man school is starting up again I totally

remember having that feeling when I was in school now I didn't hate school and I was actually pretty good in school even but I still have this uneasiness with school I

didn't necessarily like it I wasn't super excited to go to school or anything like that I honestly thought it was a bit of a waste of time even in university I would just

skip so much because the courses were kind of pointless I could have just read the textbook or looked it up online or whatever and I would have learned just as

much as being in that lecture but over my 30 years of life on this planet I have realized that learning is super huge but the real question is do you need to go

to school for that so do you need to go to school to get a profession to be successful to have a career well that's fairly easy to answer and first you need to ask

yourself do I need to go to school in order to do this so for example do I need to go to school in order to be a filmmaker well the answer is no you don't need to go to

school and then the second question needed to ask is is it gonna make me a better filmmaker and if we're talking about film school then we can probably say yes

so for some professions you need to go to school let's say you want to become a lawyer you're gonna need to go to school and get that piece of paper so you can be

a practicing lawyer but there's a ton of professions where you don't need to go to school and pretty much all of the media creative areas are in that sphere you do not

need to go to school in order to be a filmmaker or photographer or whatever but that doesn't mean that school is necessarily a bad thing either you can learn a lot

and you can make a lot of friendships connections people who you're gonna collaborate with later on in life it's just a good safe space to practice and learn

but then we need to take it one step further and that's to ask is this the best way of using my time and money or is there better use for my time and money than school so

here we're really talking about college or university where you're really trying to get a profession and I would argue that college university is not necessarily the best

use of your time and money at least for somebody like me I went from knowing nothing about filmmaking to shooting for companies like nike all from just learning online

through the internet that's it i've never sat a day in a classroom for filmmaking and that's true of a lot of even the highest level filmmakers they haven't gone to any

school everything i've learned is from the internet and by doing learning with other people so yes you could spend thousands and thousand tens of thousand dollars

maybe even a hundred thousand dollars on school and for years going to all these lectures and going to school or maybe there's a better way maybe you can use all that

money and all that time and just learn from the internet invest in equipment and projects when you're starting out and really learn by doing and the internet because

really there are so many resources online right now you honestly don't need school for any of the creative fields nowadays but what you do need is a drive

to learn now learning is the biggest key here it doesn't matter whether you go to school or not you need to learn it's the only way to become successful and to find

your place and get a profession and to stay there also you have to keep learning learning never stops some people need school to give them that more rigid

discipline environment to learn whereas if you're not a school well then it's all up to you you have to have the motivation to learn and not be lazy but if you're

dedicated and motivated like I was you really don't need school to teach you filmmaking either way if you go to school or not you should be learning on your

own as much as possible really taking initiative for yourself because that's really the only way that you're gonna learn in the end you can go to school and

learn absolutely nothing if you're not interested and you're not into it at all school and being young in general is such a good time to just figure out what

you're good at and what you enjoy doing and once you figure out that one thing that you really enjoy doing and you're also good at then it's game over it's really

easy to stay motivated and just start learning whatever the method of learning is whether it's school or the internet or whatever you will start learning at all cost so

to become a filmmaker do you need to go to school no definitely not is it bad no not necessarily but there might be some better ways of spending your time and money

but the key thing is to start learning start doing it now don't wait for school or anything else start now alright so let's say you did want to start learning right

now what are the best resources to start learning from now these are just a few of my favorites but there's tons of resources number one we have no film school it's a

really cool website it has everything to do with filmmaking everything from new tech defined the scenes of hollywood films it just has so much good information

on there I highly recommend no film school I check it all the time number two is skillshare and they're actually the amazing people that sponsor this episode

skill shares are really cool platform with just tons of courses I think it's over 15,000 courses on all sorts of stuff so it doesn't matter if you're interested in

filmmaking or graphic design or photography there's so many courses for you to learn from and it's ridiculously cheap compared to let's say if you're gonna go to school

and you're probably gonna get a better education in a lot of ways if you just watched a whole bunch of skillshare videos I highly recommend putting in some money into

your learning experiences especially if you're not going to school and paying all those tuition fees so a site like skillshare is perfect it's super cheap and

you're gonna get a ton of value for your money there's definitely a course for you no matter what you're interested in and the best part is right now the first

50 students are gonna get a free two month membership to the website so there's nothing stopping you from learning right now so number two is skillshare go and

check them out right now link is in the description number three is my friend peter mackinnon's channel he puts out all sorts of amazing tutorials on photography and

filmmaking and editing and everything else in between most of you are probably already watching his videos but if you're not make sure to check out peter mckinnon

he has a lot of really good information and you're gonna learn a ton number four is a channel called film riot they've been doing this for a real long time I don't even

know how many years but i've been watching their youtube videos for a long time and they have really cool information it's a little bit higher level information I

would say they're really trying to make narrative shorts and I think they even want to make future films later on so if you're interested in more of that

narrative filmmaking film ride is the place to go they also have tons of other stuff on their channel you're gonna learn a ton from them so definitely check out film

riot and the number 5 is shane's inner circle so shane hurlbutt is this dp from hollywood he's dp'd all sorts of movies and he has this thing called the inner circle

which you subscribed to I think it's around $20.00 a month and he puts out basically tutorials and behind the scenes of his shoots and all sorts of stuff

and it's really high level stuff so this is really if you want to be a serious professional filmmaker I highly recommend shane's inner circle it's kind of

like you have this one-on-one relationship with a really legit hollywood dp so you're just gonna learn a ton of really high level stuff so this one isn't for the

beginners but if you're really into filmmaking and you want to be a professional I highly recommend shane's inner circle so that's just a few of my favorite resources

but there's so many more and don't be afraid to put some money into these for example shane's inner circle I subscribe to it and it cost me a little bit of money but

it's really worth it and it just forces me to keep learning and keep learning and innovating myself so I don't start falling behind either and I can keep up with

the times and remember i'm not telling you that you should not go to school or school is just a terrible thing all i'm saying is that you need to think about all

your options and figure out what's the best option for you and don't worry so much about what society tells us we should do that you should you know finish high school

and go to college and get a stable job there's a lot of different ways that you can make a living and get a profession for yourself and not all of them require for

you to go to school in order to be a part of that profession and it's also an encouragement for you guys who for whatever reason can't go to college whether you

can't afford it or whatever is stopping you you do not need to go to film school in order to become a filmmaker or you don't need to go to photography school to become

a you can learn so much online right now and just by doing and working with other photographers or filmmakers you're gonna learn so much and you're probably gonna

make some money along the way and getting paid to learn is the best thing I love them and to celebrate back to school and because I want to help each and every one of

you become a better filmmaker or photographer i'm putting everything on sale back-to-school sale is starting right now the lutz the presets all my teaching

courses everything is going to be on sale so if you've been checking out some of those make sure to get them right now now is your chance you're gonna get a really

good deal on those so back-to-school sale everything on sale for the next couple weeks all right let me know what's your favorite resource to learn

from right now comment it down below hit that like button subscribe to the channel and guys enjoy the filmmaking process and go get some of those travel fields

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